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Someone by the name of the Buddha suggested an LMG for Modern Warfare 2: the HCR 56. It's been a while since I've used this bad boy, so I went ahead and slapped a build together, and it absolutely shredded in the Tier 3 Zone and in the Elder Dark Eternity. If you guys have any other suggestions for weapons you'd like to see me check out, then drop a comment below before we get into the build I'm using for the HCR 56.

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They have over 10,000 reviews on their Trustpilot page and are the safest and most professional Call of Duty service out there. Be sure to use my code Hypno for 5% off. So the build I'm using for the HDR 56 is as follows: we're using the Brew and Q900 rear grip for increased sprint to fire speed and ad speed; the Schogger TTF 3 Riser Comb for increased ammo reserve and ad speed; the Bruan mx9 stock for increased ad speed and sprint speed; we're using the 20-in.

call of duty modern warfare 3

Bruin s620, Barrel for increased ad speed and movement speed, and last but not least, the 100-round mag. We made it to the Tier 3 Zone, and as you can see, we had a bunch of zombies behind us. We got this bad boy from Pack 3, so let's see how quickly we take out this whole group. And yeah, we are absolutely ripping through them.

We also have an insane amount of ammo. Just look at how quickly we're killing that disciple, man. This thing is insane. I'm loving this gun. I absolutely love it. There is a mega-abomination further back. We do have that Bounty contract right next to us, though, so let's grab that first, and then we can go kill that Mega and move on to our target.

Let's see what Target gets. It's a Mangler; okay, not bad, but I would have preferred a Mega. But yeah, let's go kill the normal roaming Mega back there first, and then we'll move on to The Mangler after. There we go. Let's start lighting up the mega he's going to charge into us. Let's move over to this side here and quickly throw that blade.

call of duty mw3

There we go, a laser attack coming in. Let's hit those critical points. My, just look at the damage output right there; this thing's insane. Let's quickly pick up some of their bones back there, move over to this side, and get a bit of distance. We've got a disciple coming in too. Let's drop the energy mine real quick.

There we go. Pretty sure we killed the disciple almost. Let's move over here. There we go. There's like three disciples around here. That's crazy set those criticals on the mega. Mega's more than halfway. Let's light up that disciple. There we go, a laser attack coming in. Set the criticals on that, Mega.

Come on, just a few more beautiful. Now we have to move. I don't want to go down yet. Nice! Let's keep hitting those shots on the disciples back there. Mega decided to charge into us, and she got this disciple right here. Let's try to shoot his arm. If we can't, we'll have to back up here. All right, let's get some distance.

cod mw3

Beautiful let's keep focusing on the mega for now. Yeah, even when you're not hitting the critical shots, you're still just ripping through the guy. I'm loving this gun. Mobility is really good too, considering it is an LMG. Let's grab insta kill real quick. I got the mega. Let's take that disciple out there.

Yeah, this gun's insane, man. I'm loving this all right. Mangler, all right, and The Mangler is right up there. Start hitting a few shots at the guy just to get his attention. He is going to fire up that arm. Cannon, let's move over to this side. Yeah, we can't hit it from this angle. Let's get in a bit closer.

There we go to see if we can hit those critical shots. Beautiful broke his helmet so we could get those head shots. Now let's move back here and keep hitting those critical points. I mean, yeah, just look at how his health bar dropped earlier. See if we can get his health bar to show up again. Yeah, there we go.

mw3 zombies

He's about halfway dead—more than halfway dead. He had about a quarter of his health bar left. Let's hit that arm. Cannon almost, Beautiful, see if we can take out those zombies while we're at it, and we did very nice, and let's throw that blade there, and we go killed. The mangler is quick and easy; yeah, I'm loving this guy, man.

There we go, see what we got here, an extra self-revive, which is great, so we don't need to spend any money on self-revive, and yeah, those normal tools I'll leave in there to see if there's another Bounty contract. Then, oo, I got this old roaming Mega right here. Shoot at his arm, Cannon. There we go, destroyed that hit those head shots and killed him already.

This gun gets a 10 on 10 for me. The insane amount of ammo damage output is insane too, and mobility is great; reload speed is super good too, especially once you have speed cola. Just look at that, yeah, perfect gun, and a bounty contract spawned right next to us. So let's grab that. Hopefully we get a Mega Abomination this time, and disciple would be all right too, just to see how this thing performs.

mw3 zombies best gun

But yeah, let's see what Target we get, and it's a mega let's go perfect, and he's going to be back there. Nice, all right. Start hitting a few shots at him. Very nice charged right into the US. Hopefully, he hits us with a laser attack. Okay, let's get those criticals. Let's throw that blade.

Dang, I almost went down there all right. We can't take advantage of that laser attack. It's all good, though we'll have to get into a good position during this fight. Let's throw that blade again. Very nice see if we can pull him over here. Maybe if we get up here, that might work. Dang, he got up here.

Jeez, there we go. We destroyed one of his faces. Throw that blade. Nice laser attacks are coming in. Let's hit those. Criticals, beautiful another laser attack is coming in. And very nice; he's about halfway dead already. Let's get that reload, throw that blade, and hit that final face. Nice; it's more than halfway dead.

mw3 zombies classified schematics

He's got about a quarter of his health bar left. Let's keep hitting those. Shots, nice come on, this spot is great; it just triggers that laser attack constantly. Yeah, I'll have to remember that spot, that's for sure. See what's in here? I got a large bag, which is very nice. See, what's in the reward?

Rift an extra three plates and an extra large bag. Yo, that's crazy, okay? I'll have to drop something eventually. I like to keep large bags. Let's just drop one of the large bags. Ah, he's not going for it yet. Set those criticals. All right, we'll have to jump down. Nice, let's get some more of those criticals.

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