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Pack-a-punch 2 crystal (invalid test)

Pack-a-punch 2 crystal (invalid test)

Today we're playing three separate games, one with a double Pack-a-Punch Crystal, one with a single Pack-a-Punch Crystal, and one with no Pack-a-Punch Crystal, but we're going to use an operator at the maximum containment level, and we're going to find out just how fast you can Pack-a-Punch to Tier 3 all right.

For game number one, we have a double pack-a-punch, Crystal. Now for the weapons. Rarity I thought the most average weapon Rarity might be rare. Rarity feels like it's pretty common in Tier 2, and it's definitely possible to get into Tier 1. In terms of contracts. I am going to gravitate towards the ones that are a little bit faster; this is supposed to be how fast you can do it, so I'm going to go over here to this cargo delivery first, and we're going to get some bonus points every single time we complete a contract.

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I'm going to throw on my weapon build here. I forget what I'm using. I think it's the base P or the base B. I forget which one it is. I decided to go with that because, well, it's a good weapon, and I need it for gold. I'm also running the chainsaw on it because I think that counts towards the gun butt and the melee kills for the weekly challenges that I still have yet to do, so I'm just trying to multitask and use a rare Aether tool.

Look at that, y'all. Beautiful people really liked the first time I did this test, and I am incredibly excited to do it again. We're already at 8, 000 points, and I think you guys are so passionate about this because the schematic cooldown is really egregious. Sometimes it feels like 3 days for a triple pack-a-punch is kind of insane.

Now, don't hear me wrong here. I very much want a way to decrease that schematic cooldown time, but I've seen some comments that I feel do this game a disservice. Give me one second. I just need to do this real quick. Yeah, this is still pretty buff. I don't know if that's any better if they nerfed it, but no, it's still pretty good.

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It still feels really good. Comments like. I can't play this game for 2 days because I don't have golden armor plates or triple Pack-a-Punch, or the Ether Blade or mags of holding, and it's like, well. I feel like that's unfair. This game is very playable without the highest-tier schematics; in fact, the most valuable schematic in my opinion is the legendary ether tool, and that cool-down is only a day, and as we've seen in my articles, they're becoming more and more frequent in the Tier 3 and dark ether areas.

I'm just saying I don't think this game is super fun. We got it all right, and there's 1,500 points right there for the perfect anti-juggernog recipe. very good now; all we need to do is go to Tier 3. I can already tell this is way faster than what we did last time. Oh, I see a little thing. This is going to be great, but to end off my little rant here, you don't have to wait days in order to play the game just because you don't have golden armor.

It is still very playable with a Tier 2 or Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch, crystal, and a purple epic rarity weapon, and now, especially with these containment levels, we are sitting here getting a triple Pack-a-Punch at. 3711 that is so much faster than what we did before, and this chainsaw is pretty darn good, I would say.

Let me take a look at my notes from the last time we did this experiment. Without any containment levels, we took 16 minutes and 35 seconds to get Pack-a-Punch 3, which is like a whole 9 minutes slower than what we just did, so these containment levels make a huge difference, but how big of a difference is that going to make with a pack-a-punch one. Crystal ?.

Pack-a-punch 1 crystal

Pack-a-punch 1 crystal

yeah, it turns out I was really close to getting this gun gold, so it already is. I am super interested in this because the last time it took us 21 minutes to get Pack-a-Punch tier 3 from this, and if we can slow that down at all, that's going to be huge because Pack-a-Punch One crystals are crazy common now, so obviously a tier one Pack-a-Punch is going to be a little bit harder here in tier 2.


But I still think it's very feasible, especially with a blue Rarity weapon, also something I discovered when I was in the menus. Is the HBT just not here? what in the world there he is okay that took way too much time yeah that doesn't take too long that's still decent for a tier two and just like that we have enough points for double Pack-a-Punch after two contracts, definitely lost a lot of time with that dumb hvt but you know what sometimes that's how the game goes we are quickly going to hop out here and double Pack-a-Punch this guy and now we're right back to where we were last game and all we got to do is complete one or two more contracts or two or three more contracts and we should be good now this is doubly good and something that I definitely forgot about after that first contract we did we had enough for tier 2 Pack-A-Punch because with the 20%, off of the Pack-A-Punch I believe if my math is right, tier 2 Pack-A-Punch only cost 8, 000 points instead of 10, 000, but because that hvt was so close.

I just had to complete it, which means we are still really close to Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch. In fact, there's a really nice ether tool that I'm just now realizing. I might have screwed up the first game because Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch is only going to cost 1,200 points. What did I ruin in the first game?

This might be a weird article for you guys to watch about beautiful people. I might have screwed up the first game; I totally did not take into consideration the discount on the Pack-A-Punch either way. Now that we know we're here, we are only going to need to complete this one last cargo delivery, and we'll be ready for Pack-a-Punch Deer 3.

All right, believe it or not, now we do have enough money to go triple Pack-a-Punch donut mobile. It looks like this is going to be even faster than when we had no containment level at Pack-a-Punch 2. I mean, these containment levels are just better than I even thought they were going to be. This is awesome.

But there you go, 3223, or 3224. Depending on what the article says, absolutely phenomenal, for all of those things are incredibly common in Tier 1, and being able to get more money for all of those contracts and the discounted price on Pack-a-Punch 2 is going to make you do even more contracts faster because you have Pack-a-Punch too.

This is great. Now this next run is going to be the real telltale sign of how good these containment levels can be because now we need to go in with no pack-a-punch.

Containment Levels, released in season 2, give players an added bonus when on an exfil streak and successfully completing contracts.
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