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My name's Hypnos, and welcome to a brand new MWZ article. For those of you who don't know. So with the season 2 update a few days ago, we received two new weapons, one of which was the Ram 9 SMG, which we already reviewed, and the other one is the BP50 assault rifle. Those of you who played the original MW2 back in the day will remember this AR as the F2000.

I personally loved this thing back in the day, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying it out. If you guys have any suggestions for other weapons you'd like to see me check out, then drop a comment below before we get into the build I'm using for the BP50. I just want to take a moment to thank Mitch Coactus for sponsoring this article if you're interested in unlocking the interstellar and Borealis Mastery camos or you just want to play in easier lobbies to quickly level up your weapons and unlock them.

Or if you're a zombie player just interested in unlocking all the schematics, go ahead and check out Mitch Cactus. That's insane so the damage output is definitely great on this gun. Of course, we got Deadshot Dairon, so we can just keep spamming that aim button and that shoot button, so yeah, we're just going to be ripping through everything.

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Look at how quickly we killed that mangler. We have this mega-abomination right here. Start lighting this guy up. See how quickly we can take him out there. We go, and one of his faces is already destroyed. So yeah, the damage output is great. Mobility is really good too, considering it is an AR.

Let's keep lighting him up with a good amount of ammo too. Reload speed is kind of slow, but it ain't too bad; we can deal with it. We're not going to get into any trouble in the dark ether because of it. Set those, critical. There we go, almost halfway dead already. Nice laser attacks coming in; let's hit those criticals halfway, Dead.

Beautiful, he's only got one face left. Let's hit those critical points. Nice, let's come back here. We can actually get on this little umbrella thing here, and that's going to get him to open up those critical spots. It's also going to get him to hit us with a laser attack soon, hopefully. Let's see if it does.


We're out of ammo. A man threw that blade, and we made him beautiful. No issues taking him out; I got a raw crystal off that all right. So there is a bounty contract right up ahead, so I'm going to make my way over there. Hopefully, we get a mega-abomination as our target. We saw how well this thing performs against groups of zombies.

Tier 3 zombies in general are a joke with this gun. Just look at that, so yeah, let's see how it performs against bounty targets. And there we go; we got the contract. Let's see what Target gives us, and it's a mega-abomination. Let's go, Beautiful, and he's going to be way back there, all right, not too far.

Let's quickly kill this disciple. Just look at that kill speed, man. This thing's crazy good. I was using this thing in multiplayer just to level it up, and I'm not joking, man. I don't play a lot of multiplayer, but I dropped a 70 bomb on my first game playing multiplayer for the season, and it's been a couple weeks, so yeah, this thing definitely performs really well.

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Mega Abomination is right up ahead. Start lighting him up, beautiful. Throw that real quick. Nice, he's going to start charging towards us. I think there's another Mega further back, and there is okay, so we got two Megas in the area. Let's come back here and throw that. Blade, my we're getting hit with two laser attacks simultaneously, let's back up beautiful we need to get some distance here this is going to be hectic it's all good though so light up our Target for now, we'll see if they can kind of damage each other with their laser attacks if that makes any sense, so whichever one hits us with a laser attack I'll just go behind the other one, so yeah we'll see that in a second here my just look at how quickly we ripped through that Mangler, jeez, all right let's get that reload back up a little bit again laser attack coming in, ah H we're going to go down it's all good though it's all good got that extra self-revive let's use that real quick, there we go almost got stuck in there wasn't trying to go down again let's throw that blade whenever we get it back nice, bonus points right there we do need some ammo though we're in dire need of ammo let's come here and jump down to this side try to avoid that laser no dang okay let's use that self-revive.

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Man that was our last one no way okay we'll just play a bit safer now fighting two megas at the same time is definitely not easy man, all right let's rip through this group here just so we don't have to deal with the zombies at the same time there we go, now let's get that reload, laser attacks coming in from this one let's come back here there we go okay so this Mega is about halfway dead, nice let's come back here the other Mega is hitting us with a laser attack so let's stand here that's actually going to damage that Mega as well, nice throw that blade, this Mega's almost dead let's get that reload missed out on a few Critical Hits but it's all good should be able to get the kill any second here let's keep lighting him up there we go come back here pick up these bones, might as well.

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Nice, all right, let's come back here, wait for that laser attack, and now let's focus in on it and come on just a few more shots. There we go, got the kill on the normal Mega. Now we can just focus on our bounty target. It's going to hit us with a laser attack, which is nice, so we can get those criticals.

There we go, throwing that blade, just an Epic tool off that, and a mortar strike. Okay, nothing too special; let's keep focusing on that one. They quickly picked up these bones. We're maxed out, but we can still get a couple. There we go. Let's light this guy up. Get that reload space glowing so we can get those free criticals.

Nice, all right; he's almost halfway dead. Let's climb up here. There we go. Hopefully, he hits us with a laser attack here. Soon, all right, that face will be glowing. Now there we go. That's a laser attack I wanted to do. See, I ran out of ammo; let's go pick some up. We're running out of ammo pretty often with this thing.

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I can't lie, not sure if that's an issue with the gun or me just forgetting to pick up Ammo. There we go, letting slide him up one face destroyed; that's the second base we destroyed, actually, so he's only got that middle face left. Get that reloaded. Let's come back here and throw that blade. But we're completely out of ammo, boys.

Let's come back here. There might be some ammo laying on the ground here somewhere. Hopefully no, man, okay? Luckily, we have some zombies back here that we can kill. Come on, drop some ammo for us, man. There's no ammo at all, and Mega's up there. What the hell? Okay, let's get up there real quick.

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