News - Warzone 2 Zombies - This Gun Melts All Bosses. Easy Solo Tier 3 Strategy

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Someone by the name of Fun You suggested a handgun from Modern Warfare 2: The Basilisk. Now we all know how overpowered the Aikimbo snake-shot tiars are, but let's see if the basilisks are any good. If you guys have any suggestions for weapons you'd like to see me check out, then drop a comment below before we get into the build I'm using for the Basilisk.

I just want to take a moment to thank Mitch Coactus for sponsoring this article. If you're interested in unlocking the interstellar and Borealis Mastery camos, or if you just want to play in easier lobbies to quickly level up your weapons and unlock camos, or if you're a zombies player just interested in unlocking all the schematics, go ahead and check out Mitch {554}.

They have over 10,000 reviews on their Trustpilot page and are the safest and most professional Call of Duty service out there. Be sure to use my code Hypno for 5% off. So the build I'm using for the basilisk is as follows: we're using the akimbo rear grip, so we have double firepower. The Bryson match-grade trigger for increased fire rate and trigger response time the Revo LSD 7 mw laser for increased hip fire accuracy and sprint fire speed, we're packing a 10.5 in.

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F Tac Arrow barrel for increased damage range and movement speed, and last but not least, snake-shot ammunition. We made it to the Tier 3 Zone, and as you can see, we got the basilisks, two packs of 3. Let's quickly pick up this bounty contract right here. I did not mean to pick up that electrical tape.

There we go. Let's see what Target gets, and it's mega. Nice, okay, and it's going to be way back. Is there a WonderFizz on the way? Okay, let's quickly stop at the Wonder Fizz back there just so we can get Deadshot Dakir and a few extra perks, and then we can fight off that Mega all right. Let's just quickly grab those perks, and there we go.

We are ready to fight off the mega-abomination. We have a disciple right here. Let's quickly get that reloaded. Mobility is really good, and reload speed is decent. Considering we do have speed cola, let's quickly hit a few shots on the disciple. Yeah, damage output seems to be pretty good. It's not as good as TI, but it definitely gets an 8 out of 10 for me so far.


Hit those extra criticals, and there we go. Disciple's almost dead, and there we go. Discipline is dead, beautiful, quick, and easy, and there we go. Mega Abomination is right behind these buses. Let's quickly hit a few shots to get his attention. There we go. A laser attack is coming in. Let's hit those criticals, and one of his faces is already destroyed, so yeah, damage output is definitely great on this thing.

Let's quickly take out some of those zombies. There we go. Mega Abomination couldn't dive into us, throw that blade, and hit those extra criticals; it almost took off a quarter of Mega's health bar, so I'm definitely impressed by this thing. It's not as good as the TE, which is kind of unfortunate, but it's definitely performing pretty well.

Stir that blade, nice. Get the reload. There we go. Can we hit the criticals? Nope, we're going to have to move out without going down there. We go, beautiful. Let's get the reload real quick; we're already reloading, Hit those shots, nice. Come on, Mega, we need you to hit us with one more laser attack here.

mw3 zombies

Come on, he's about halfway dead already. Yeah, damage output is crazy. Let's bring him back here. There we go. Hit those shots and throw the blade. Very nice pick up some of those bones, beautiful. I definitely hit the halfway mark. Now let's reload. There we go. A laser attack is coming in.

Let's get those criticals. Another face is destroyed. He's got about a quarter of his health bar left. Yeah, so far, this thing definitely gets a solid 8 out of 10. Let's back up here. There we go. Keep hitting those shots. I still have a fair bit to do. I think I'm about halfway done in total.

Let's pull back here again. He's got about a quarter of his health bar left from laser attacks coming in, so it's going to be some free critical hits. Come on, can we finish him? probably not almost, but beautiful. Let's quickly dodge that. There we go, kind of dodged it nice, so even when you're not doing critical damage, you're still taking off a fair bit of his health bar, which is pretty impressive.

mw3 zombies best gun

Let's pull him back here, beautiful. Quickly get that reloaded again. Man, he's so close to dying. Is that blade going to finish him? No, okay, a few more shots, and there we go, getting the kill quick and easy. Got a sentry gun. Why not an Epic tool? a extra self-revive, which I'll take mortar strike, which I'll leave in there, and the Epic tool, which I will leave there as well, so pretty decent loot.

so far is there another Bounty contract no all right I'll hang around here for a bit; if we don't get another Bounty contract spawning in, then I'll probably just do a sport control contract or something. But yeah, we'll see. There we go. The Bounty contract just spawned back there. Let's go grab that car, and there we go.

We made it to the contract. Let's pick that up. See what Target we get, and it's a Mangler. Okay, not too bad, not too bad. Let's quickly run into that rift and make our way over there, all right, Mangler? Let's finish this guy off. There we go. Keep hitting those shots. Hopefully, we can crack him soon.

mw3 zombies classified schematics

I think we just did it there. We can hit those critical points now. Very nice it almost took off a quarter of his health bar. Very impressive let's throw that blade again. There we go. It's about halfway dead. Nice, let's throw that. Beautiful, focus on The mangler is again very nice. I got about a quarter of his health bar left, and it took a bit too long to shoot there, which was kind of weird.

Let's get the reload. A very nice bunch of zombies are coming our way. Let's quickly throw a decoy; we're going to replace those with Casmir soon anyway. Let's hit those extra shots, man. He's so close to dying. Come on, and we got it quick and easy. See what's in here? normal sigil, yeah, I think I'll leave all of that in there.

mw3 zombies dark aether farming

All good, all good, right? Let's see if there is another Bounty contract. Yes, there is one that just spawned. There's a team nearby, though, so I'm not sure if they'll pick it up, but if we're lucky, we can grab it. It, ah, they took it all good, all good, right? I'll go ahead and buy a station real quick by a couple Casmir, and we should actually be ready to go to the Elder Dark ether.

I think that's all we have to do. Just buy a few Casmirs, and we'll be good, all right? There we go, got the Casmir we needed, so we have two self-revivals in total, we have three Casmir, an extra large bag, two extra large bags actually, which I'll keep in my tombstone for the next time I load in, and the Elder sigil.

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