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And welcome to a brand new MWZ article. Bell to get notified whenever I upload a new article, so someone by the name of Yukan suggested the GS pistol, and we recently reviewed the 50gs. I wasn't sure if he meant the GS Magna or the 50gs, but I definitely know it wasn't the Magna. I usually upload articles of guns I recommend using, but I thought it would be a fun idea to upload a article of a weapon you should avoid.

If you guys have any suggestions for weapons you'd like to see me check out, then be sure to drop a comment below before we get into the build I'm using for the GS Magna. I just want to take a moment to thank Mitch Coactus for sponsoring this article. If you're interested in unlocking the interstellar and Borealis.

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Be sure to use my code Hypno for 5% off. So the build I'm using for the GS Magna is as follows: We're using the akimbo rare grip, so we have double the firepower, not that it matters. The long shot has 50 barrels for increased bullet velocity and range; 50 grams of muzzle for increased bullet velocity; we've got overpressured rounds in an attempt to make this gun usable; and last but not least, a 13-round mag filled with marshmallows.

All right, boys, and we made it into the Tier 3 zone. We got this bad boy from pack three, and as you can see, we're just ripping through these zombies, man. Okay, so of course, at a distance, you're not going to do much, so of course, when the Mega starts hitting you with that laser attack, you're going to want to get a bit closer, so let's quickly run up here and get a bit closer to this Mega.

There we go. Now we can start ripping into this guy and throwing that blade real quick, and we'll kind of bring him back here just to make sure he doesn't end up despawning on us. There we go, got a Mangler there too, and missed out on those criticals. All right, let's throw that Decoy grenade real quick and revive this guy.


He had to do that kind of interrupted testing, but you know I had to pick him up, man. All right, so those Elites have probably despawned by now. There is a bounty contract back there, so let's go pick that up and see how this thing performs against bounty targets. We saw that it absolutely rips through the tier three zombies; you have no issues taking them out, as you can see, so yeah.

I can't wait to use this against Bounty targets and in the tier five zone, and there we go. We got the contract; let's see what target we get. It's a mimic, okay, not too bad, and he's going to be way back there, pretty close to the portal. We'll probably do another contract after this, though, just so we get some more money for some Casmir.

All right, and the mimic should be right here. There we go. Start hitting those critical points on him. Pull this in. Let's get a bit closer. There we go. All right, got to reload, o dang Okay, it's all good. It's all good. I got extra self-revive. We Gucci, no, we don't, okay, that was the only one.

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It's all good, though, all right. Let's light up these guys up there. We will probably use energy mines to clear out some of the normal zombies. Start lighting up the mega, or the mimic; rather, let back up there we go. Mega, Mimic, and Beautiful took off about a quarter of his health bar. There should be some ammo back here.

There we go, got some ammo, nice, beautiful All right, we might have to take out the normal mimic first. Real quick, there we go. Normal mimicry is dead. Yeah, this thing just shreds Tier 3 zombies. Man definitely does well against the leads too. There we go. Let's back up a bit more. It's almost halfway dead.

Come here, man. There we go. Okay, pull this in again to see if we can hit the halfway mark here. Soon, almost come on, hold him back here. Just keep running in circles. We're going to have to pick up some more ammo here soon, and there's some right there. Beautiful, you got the ammo we needed.

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Let's get a bit closer to this guy. There we go, blasting him with those criticals. Yeah, so for the damage output, I'm going to have to give it like an N or maybe an 8.5 on 10. It's nothing crazy. I'd say the normal 50 grams is better than this, but of course it's full auto, which kind of makes it fun to use.

I love guns when they're full auto. Yeah, keep lighting him up there. We go now. We're completely out of ammo. I guess that's not the best sign. Let's pick that up there. Keep lighting up the mimic. Hopefully, we get a few zombies coming our way here soon. There we go. There's a little hellhound just so we can get some more, and hopefully he will drop some for us.

Yeah, this ain't good, boys. This ain't good. We're completely out of ammo now. All right, let's see if we can kind of lure this guy over to a few zombies back here. Maybe come to where you are; we need some ammo boys. There's that Ammo Depot back there, but I think if we pull him all the way back there, he's actually going to end up in D.

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Okay, never mind. He has already died. There we go, and we got to refine the ethereum diagram, a large bag off that death perception, and an extra self-revive. Let's go some good loot, some good loot, so far I'm going to have to rate this gun an 8 out of 10. It's definitely not as powerful as I'd like it to be.

Although you're super mobile, ammo seems to be a bit of an issue. I'll have to test this thing a bit more, but we'll see. Is there another bounty contract? No, okay, there is. However, how much money do we have? Okay, we could buy one Casmir. You know what? Let's buy one Casmir, and then we'll make our way into the Tier 5 zone.

Unless a bounty contract spawns, then we'll go do that. All right, let's buy that Casmir. Now let's see how this thing performs in the Tier 5 zone. Well, see, I think this gun kind of caps out at Tier 3. Yeah, I mean, we just used all the ammo we had and couldn't get the kill on that zombie. I don't know how I'm feeling about this gun, man.

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I can't lie; the normal 50 grams is definitely a lot better. Let's quickly throw that blade. Let's focus on the mega. There we go, laser attacks coming in. Beautiful, let's hit a few critical points. Yeah, so even with Mega's health bar, man, we're not doing an insane amount of damage to him. Yeah, we took full advantage of that critical, and yeah, we only took off a little chunk of his health bar, so I think we'll just go ahead and try to get the contracts completed.

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