News - Warzone 2 Zombies: Navigating Tier 3 With No Weapon

Gear needed / tips

Gear needed / tips

So I'm creating today's article and kind of the strategy guide to show you that you can enter Modern Warfare zombies and enter Tier 3 without having a single weapon. Here are some quick tips for entering this game mode without any weapons. You want to make sure you have the following perks: You want to make sure you absolutely have death perception, because that's going to help you find those higher-value crates around the map.

You want to have a juggernaut. You want to have stamina up, and I do recommend the PhD Flopper because when you're killing dogs or if the dogs get close to you and you kill them, you can go ahead and tolerate and not get any damage from the actual fire that they give off. Now, decoy grenades are going to be your guys's best friends here when doing this challenge or just in general in this game mode.

Also, throwing knives is something I highly recommend, but if you have the Ether Blade. I would definitely use it because it absolutely kills any zombies no matter what level you're in, whether it's level one, tier one, tier 2, or tier three zombies. It's going to be your best friend and savior when going without any weapons, but if you're like me in this beginning and you're like my Carlos, I don't have any perks; I used them in my last game.

Not to worry, you can do a quick cargo contract in tier one or in tier 2 to get a quick 2, 000, 3, 000 Essence, and what you're going to go ahead and do is find the actual death perception vending machine on the map, go get death perception, and then you can navigate your way into tier 2 or tier 3, and you can also take advantage of the free death perception.

Easter egg in pop-off power It's in the E2 F2 area where you have to climb the tower, navigate, and glide with the parachute in between all three rings. Just looting and doing contracts without any weapons and utilizing what we find in the actual game mode, again.



This is all based on RNG, but you can survive Tier 3 with absolutely zero weapons. We're going to go ahead and buy death reception, Now, decoy grenades You want decoy grenades the entire time, or else you're just going to lose out on a lot of stuff.

Okay, so we have a decoy grenade. Now we're going to head back to that Rift and enter into Tier 3, so Tier 3 has a lot of different areas that hold a lot of higher loot, crates, and we're just going to use that to enter into and see if we can find higher tier items. We're going to do some contracts, and I'm going to show you guys how you can do contracts with no weapons at all.

It's very easy once you've mastered it as much as the top individuals have in this game mode. Yeah, there is one here, perfect nice, so here's what we're going to do: we're going to need a little bit more decoy, grenades. I don't know why there's gas right here, so we're going to drop this one refill.

Stow, nice, so then we got five decoys, which is perfect. So what we're going to do is, and here's the game plan: when navigating Tier 3, just think about our different zones. You have this area.

Entering tier iii

Entering tier iii

Here you have this main area; there's also this area you can navigate through; and then you have this major open area, which is really tough to go through, but we're going to start here. Just looting, now that we have death perception, it's going to make it that much easier going and navigating through this entire area and looking through buildings as, well, usually there's a couple boxes up here, like we have another self-foresight.

I heard a box here, and now we're just going to navigate this entire area. What is that electric drill? I've never seen that in my life in this game mode, so we're going to drop down, see a couple of boxes, yeah, see one in here too, second window, so we're going to come up, here excellent, so this is what we want.

cod mwz

Here's the cheat code. The current circuits are going to be your best friend when navigating through this entire area. My look at that—I mean, I technically found it If we can technically find it, we can use it. We're going to use it. We found the scorcher. We're going to use it in this game mode since we found it.

We're absolutely using it. That's going to make this so much better navigating through here, which is huge, to be honest, so here's what we're going to do: Mode I hear the mimic coming up, so now we're just navigating and looking for these boxes, right? Here we're looking for these boxes that have the ather crystals on them, and look at that.

We were navigating, and we found one of the best weapons you can find going solo. Look at that; there's a mortar strike here, but I already have a kill streak, so I don't really need one, and we're just going to kind of float around and see what we can find. I wonder if anybody's been in. You see some more higher-tier items out here through death perception.

I can see the ones with the crystals on them; hopefully those haven't been looted and they have not looked. We have another, rare, tool that just makes it that much easier to navigate through here. I thought I saw one over here. Yeah, I did some more cash and some ammo mods if we needed them, but we don't. It's just totally fine.

Completing contracts with no weapons

Completing contracts with no weapons

So we can do a contract if we want to. Let's do this one. Let's do a bounty contract and see what kind of top-tier items we can get with just zero weapons. We're just navigating here with zero weapons. I always forget I have the scorcher. Now I will say that while using The Scorch in Tier 3, you absolutely have to be careful for individuals doing the cargo mission because you can't absolutely get am look at that a legendary Aether tool so we're going to get rid of our we're going to get rid of one of these so I see another one over here we're going to kill that dog grab this we're going to loot.

Okay, so we're going to go kill our contract again. We have no weapons, but we found a bunch of circuit boards, which is the key to navigating through this entire Tier 3 zone. Having those circuit boards is going to make it so you don't even need a gun or you don't need a top-tier weapon in order to do this, so we're going to come here and use a circuit board.

cod zombies

Let's try to get this disciple's attention. I guess that it is the disciple boom and he goes down, and this tur just protects us the entire time, so let's see what we got. Look at that! We got a Sigil, which I don't really need, but we'll stow it as a rare tool, and a monkey bomb, which is pretty nice.

I am going to need those plates, though. Is that a do that one have crystals on it? It does not mean that one does, though. Wherever that one's at, what is this? Ah, we got brain rot; we got an epic ather tool, so I'm going to toss that over there just so we can grab it, so I'm going to replace it.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Navigating Tier 3 with No Weapon -. In this video strap in because we are entering Tier III with just our hands and I am going to show you MWZ players the high tier loot you can find doing contracts and looting with no weapons - only with the items we find in game.
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