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Here are 15 minutes of advanced tips and tricks for Modern Warfare Zombies. Tip number one: as soon as you spawn in the game, you're probably going to want to take a look at your Tac map the TAC map can seem pretty overwhelming with as much detail that it shows however if you notice as you scroll backwards, less and less information is actually shown if you scroll all the way back only xville locations and other players in the storm will be shown if you scroll in a little bit further, you can see Pack-a-Punch.

S and all Mission contracts, and then a little bit further you could see all the vehicles, all the Aether nests and mercenary camps, and all that sort of stuff too, as well as perks, so if you're in that tier three area, you need to know where the nearest xville is. I always like to start running, open up my Tac map, scroll all the way back, and I can see exactly where these XVs are going to be.

One of my favorite things in this game has to be death perception. Death perception allows you to see things through walls, including loot crates as well as enemies. This is going to be incredible. As you progress through Modern Warfare Zombies, for example, taking on these Aether Nests can be really tricky if you don't know where all the spores are, but with death perception, you can go in knowing exactly where your plan of attack is going to be.


Once you've cleared the Aether Nest, this is the next tip. Every single time you clear an Aether Nest, you are guaranteed one of these large Aether caches, and within these caches is a guaranteed ammo mod. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a specific ammo mod, there is no guaranteed spawn for any specific ammo mod in terms of what to loot here in Modern Warfare Zombies.

It can be kind of overwhelming. But there is some strategy here. I found that these duffel bags usually have a gun and some good loot in them. There are various things, like fridges and cabinets, with high value. Items that you can sell at buy stations and registers, like this, always have essence in them, and anything else infused with these Merc caches is always excellent.

If you want to pack-and-punch your weapon but you want to keep your good-looking camo on it, there is a way to do that. All you need to do is melee the pack-a-punch machine and then pack-a-punch your weapon, and you will retain your regular camo. The cool thing is that this also works with these Aether crystals; you just need to use the Pack-a-Punch machine.


And then apply the crystal. It is also the best way to get regular gas masks, and if you look at them enough or if you hunt them enough, you can see some durable gas masks, but those are more rare. This is clearly a big map, and moving throughout it can be pretty tedious at times. However, especially in this area of the map where there's so many cranes and buildings, you can utilize these zip lines now.

You'll notice that if you try to ascend, there's this little animation that you get stuck in right away. Normally, that's not that big of a deal, but in Tier 3, or if you're low on health, that could be the difference between life and death. So in order to skip that animation, all you need to do is jump and then hit your Ascend button.

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If we jump and ascend, boom, we automatically ascend really quickly. If you're already midair and you see another zipline you want to ascend, you can slow down and mid-flight. Attach yourself to that zip line and ascend on this building, which also works for horizontal zip lines as well. But what's also really cool is that even though these zip lines and these cranes right here are boxed off, you wouldn't think you wouldn't be able to fit well.

You can fit right there, but even though you think you can't fit here, you can teleport in between these grates and zip line up like this. Just like that, now this area in particular, of this map right here, the city part here, and this map in particular. It's really special because this is a Modern Warfare 3 an original Modern Warfare 3 map called OverWatch.

This also houses the Pack-A-Punch at times, but this has consistently been one of the best areas to loot. There's usually a ton of these crates, a ton of the Merc caches, and even a good handful of the ethereum-infused. Merc caches, look at that; there's one of them right here, and that's got death perception in it.

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Sweet i'll take that there's also these weapon lockers over here, which usually has some pretty good weapons, so many of these mer caches right here I've got like three four of them just in this room now there's not a whole bunch of good loot in it this time but I always try to make boom there you go there's a self Rive right there but whenever I'm in the neighborhood I always just try to stop by and loot what's here because it's usually pretty good speaking of good loot one of my favorite activities has to be infested, strongholds.

As you could see with death perception, it's really fun to just come in here and try to attack all of these cysts, just like we did with the Aether Nests. Now, these infested strongholds, as you can see, have the highest chance of spawning a mimic, which can be difficult to take out sometimes, but this is also a great place to get a whole bunch of enemy kills here, and as you're going in and out of this, you may notice that your gas mask is getting a little low.

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Well, if you go find yourself an ammo refill, not only do these refill well let me show you let's throw a decoy here not only do these refill your ammo but it also refills your equipment, as well as your gas mask so what I like to do is I like to run in here kind of find some cyst shoot a couple Cy because once you shoot a couple cysts you'll hear a noise more enemies will start spawning in and then when that happens I like to throw a de, decoy to get me some time so I can focus on the cysts a little bit more get another game plan going seeing where I'm missing them and we cleared it now I love the infested strongholds, because not only do they give a lot of zombies but they also give you some pretty half decent loot as well you can see there's a lot of these Aether infused chests right here which usually have ather tools, and some more zombified, oop and as you can see.

Sometimes they can be mimics too, so be careful. Even after you've cleared it in here, we've got another monkey bomb and some elemental pop, which is nice. Some of these smaller ones, we've got H, we've got stamina up, that's good, and we've got crck revive in here, so we got three perks just from this alone.

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Death perception is also great for seeing really nice loot chests in an area that you might not have previously traversed. And as you can see, my goodness, look at that loot chest that's got a three-plate vest, a kill streak, a self-revive, and a gold riot shield that is a f. So we just cleared an infested stronghold.

Here are 15 minutes of advanced tips and tricks for Modern Warfare Zombies. Let's not waste any more time.
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