News - Mastering Warzone Mobile: The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Settings (no Lag, No Recoil)


Welcome, guys, to another fantastic article. In the last few weeks, I tested all the settings and found the best ones, so you don't have two today. We are going to cover all the settings, from graphics to sensitivity, and I have a few secret tips hidden in the article, so make sure to stick around till the end if you want to have the best gaming experience possible in War Mobile.

This is the article made for you, and now let's go. Let's start with the gameplay settings: weapon a to pick up, a to pick up starter handgun, and weapon AO quip are tuned on for the weapon not to pick up options. I have set it to initial slots; you can also choose by class. In that case, weapons are picked up according to the priority list, which can be configured here.

The turn to damage assist is off. I want to have the freedom to tune my camera as high as I want without any automation interfering with it. The auto-pickup option is on; auto-manual is off. Basically, if turned on, it will automatically allow you to climb over obstacles, such as walls or barriers, when you approach them while sprinting or moving forward.


This feature is designed to streamline movement and maintain momentum during fast-paced gameplay. However, I prefer to disable auto-manage because it can sometimes trigger unintentionally. Leading to unwanted actions like climbing over an object when you meant to take cover behind it. Turning off this option gives you more control and requires you to manually initiate the manual action.

The parachute is set to manual for me; this is a lot faster for a few reasons. By controlling when to open your parachute manually, you can minimize the time spent gliding in the air, allowing you to reach the ground faster with great control and precision. Manual deployment gives you better control over your landing spot and tactical flexibility.

For example, if you notice a lot of players heading to the same location, you can decide to pull your parachute later or adjust your landing spot midair to avoid early fights, stealth, and surprise. By controlling your parachute manually, you can land more quietly, reducing the noise and visibility of your.


Landing, Climb stairs buttons Auto-Cruch and Tob Corner assistance are off. I can stress enough that less automation means more freedom in controlling your operator. How to equip armor is off. I keep this off because I want to manually equip plates when I think the time is more appropriate. I keep the viral stick on analog and the sprint to stand on, and this is one of the most important settings because while in a clutch or PR position, you simply need to move your joystick forward and initiate a sprint in order to turn up.

This is a crucial setting, especially because it makes moves like snaking or dolphin diving much easier to perform. Also, it allows you to act more quickly when engaging in a fight, escaping, or moving around the map. The camera rotation mode depends on your personal preferences. I can play on both, but I'm more comfortable with a fixed one, especially because of the size of my screen.


Fixed means that your camera rotation is the same no matter how fast you swipe on your screen. I suggest the accelerated one to people using phones with a smaller screen: ads. Fire and throwback buttons keep them off because they can mess with your aim weapon. Mount Movement exit is on, and the exit delay is set to short, allowing you to react more quickly if needed.

Weapon trigger is set to manual fire out to fire an object off out to fire range limiter off, the single shot fire Behavior is again up to personal preference. I like to have it on top, aim down, and, when firing is off, snap ads. This allows me to react more quickly if needed, but again, this setting can depend on your gameplay style.

If the melee-off sprinting door bash is set to 1, you will automatically break two doors while sprinting instead of opening them. Manually for the load, I like to have this off, which means I can interrupt the loading process with actions such as sprinting or changing weapons. This is important mainly because of the reload cancel move, which allows me to interrupt my reloading by simply switching weapons.

warzone mobile

This is super helpful in case you need to act quickly and keep shooting while engaging in a fight. Equipping armor is off. I want to be able to interrupt my plating in case I need to escape quickly while I'm plating or shoot at the enemy. Equipping all armor plates is on. You will automatically equip all the plates until they are full, but don't worry; you will still be able to interrupt the plating if needed by pressing the fire button or switching weapon weapons.

Aim assist on okay; listen if they are telling you that they're playing the game without aim assist; 99% of the time they are lying. Trust me, everybody is using it because it will greatly improve your aim. My advice is just to sometimes turn this off for practice. Getting familiar with playing the game without an assist can only benefit your skills in vehicle control.

warzone mobile best loadout

I like to have this one set up on arrows because it's way easier to control the vehicle that way compared to the stick. I don't use Gyro, especially because I'm playing on the iPad, plus I have a bunch of cables attached to it while I'm streaming, making it even more difficult for me to handle. However, Gyro is available, and a bunch of customization options are present in case you decide to use it.

If you play on the controller, you have the option to turn the inverted vertical look on or off for the outlines. I keep them all on so you can spot your squadmates and enemies more easily, and now let's move to the interface. On the left fire display, all is on the fire button, while out of fire is off, showing Amo inbr and multiplayer set to integrated.

The hit marker display is on, the size is set to small so it will not interfere with my aim, and the transparency is set to one. Let's now move to the movement part, setting the Sprint lock to floating and the Stance to split. Even if minimizing unnecessary buttons on the screen is often beneficial, the extra PR button in this case is super useful.

warzone mobile best sensitivity settings

Fix The joystick and inverted cameras should both be off to enhance gameplay fluidity and control regarding alerts. I prefer having as few on the screen as possible; therefore, I have the resupply and reload cancel alerts tuned off. However, if you're new to the game, you may find both alerts useful, especially the reload cancel one, which notifies you every time you correctly perform a reload cancel by switching weapons while reloading.

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