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What up YouTube It's Miser Company in today's article. I want to give you five ways you can prepare for War Zone Mobile because it comes out in less than a week, guys, and there's things you can be doing right now that will actually massively benefit you when the game does globally launch next Thursday.

Let's get straight to it. So, all right, first things first, if you can get the F, this is not going to count as a tip, guys; it's just sort of like an FYI. War zone mobile has actually been limitedly, launched already in some of the different several different countries so if you're willing to use the VPN or have a different connection with your you know Apple account or Android account there's a lot of different ways and articles out there that can help you actually download war zone mobile early that's obviously going to be the best thing to do that way you can just get a jump start on the game and keep in mind you're probably not going to be able to use everything that you would, that you like get now because you're probably going to have to make a different account to utilize that but at least you can figure out some of these things in advance so that's obviously like a no-brainer thing to do but first one on this list is actually.

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Hear me out. Download Call of Duty Mobile for the first two tips that we're going to give you today. It's going to have to do with Call of Duty Mobile. The reason I'm suggesting Call of Duty Mobile is that it is by far the closest thing to War Zone Mobile. It's literally the same developer, so what I recommend is downloading Call of Duty Mobile because the first tip is to make sure you figure out how you're going to play the game.

You're going to have two fingers and four fingers playing on the controller. You're going to want to make sure that you figure that out ahead of time and get your HUD figured out. As you can see from the gameplay on screen, there's so many different ways you can edit your HUD, and one of the best ways would obviously be to do it on War Zone Mobile, because you can't carry it over from Call of Duty Mobile.


But if you don't have a means of playing War Zone Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is the next best thing, and that way you can really figure out what button layout you want because that's what's going to really slow you down when the game first comes out on the 21st, next Thursday. The next thing is that I want you to be playing Call of Duty Mobile again.

This is part two because I want you to be able to figure out how the flow of the game works again. It's not going to be exactly the same; it's going to be its own engine for War Zone Mobile, but it's the closest thing that we have right now, and it's a really great way if you haven't played Call of Duty.

Mobile before or any mobile game FPS, this is a great way to get a head start on the flow and sort of gunplay. Before War Zone Mobile even comes out, it won't progress your account, which is a tip for actually getting ready to get into, but it'll help you as a player get better for when War Zone Mobile does come out because it does have multiplayer and Battle Royale.

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You can get used to rotations again on a different map, but again, you can get used to similar styles of gameplay. Next up is number three. I think we're on three already, because the first two were about Call of Duty Mobile, and the third one is, as you can see from the gameplay, cross-progression, so if you have War Zone Mobile or you have MW2 MW3.

The newer versions, of course, on either console or PC, will start leveling up your guns. You can actually utilize cross-progression. now Max out all the guns that you want to play with when the game launches on the 21st, and you'll have them ready to go. All the camos you get and all the attachments you get will be utilized in the cross-progresssion ression, which is a huge jump start in the game.

Make sure you take advantage of that, because that itself will separate you massively from everyone else in War Zone Mobile. If you already have your guns leveled up, you don't have to worry about them; you can jump straight into them, Ver. It's a pretty big tip there, so make sure you're utilizing it.

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Next up are going to be some tips and tricks articles of Verdance that are going to be the big map, and a lot of people actually haven't played Verdance before because of how old it is in terms of the game, which hasn't been out a while either, and there's several really good YouTube articles out there on other channels.

I don't have any; I wasn't covering Call of Duty at the time, but there are some really good articles out there from really good content creators that will show you tips and tricks, good places, movement, and rotations. Dr disrespects Nick, Ms. Cloy, and all those guys playing Verdansk. And I'm going to be watching those to sort of figure out and enjoy the content because they're great content creators, but I'll also just remind myself of the layout because I played Verdan.

I think, twice, so that's going to be a really great way of getting you mentally prepared for War Zone Mobile while also just sort of chilling, you know, enjoying content. Next up, and last but not least, guys, I want you to join an awesome community such as mine. Now why do you need to join an awesome community?

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Because the big map will only have trios and quads, which means you can't go in as a solo. You can either just fill in or, if you have a robust friends list, you can actually have people ready to go play with you in War Zone Mobile when it drops. That's something that I'm working on. War Zone Mobile: It's going to take a while to get used to War Zone Mobile before it launches next week, and I will be live on Twitch playing with my community every Sunday.

Monday, and Wednesday, starting at 9:30 eastern time. I'm looking forward to it because when I did play Call of Duty Mobile, and I did mean to say it at that time, we actually had a really awesome community that we built, and it was so much fun. There are so many custom mini games together, like Protect the President.

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