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Whether you're looking to dodge bullets like a pro, destroy your enemies, or just add some style to your game play, you have come to the right place. Today we are diving deep into the art of movement, covering essential techniques like snaking, slight cancelling, dolphin diving, drop shooting, and a notorious YY trick.

Get ready to elevate your game, confuse your opponents, and secure those WIS, so gear up, lock in, and let's get. Moving and snaking in a war zone mobile is a technique used to minimize exposure to enemy fire while behind cover. This move involves quickly transitioning between the prone crouching and standing positions to make yourself a harder target to hit while still being able to observe and fire at enemies.

Essentially, you should move from prone to crouch, then sprint forward to stand up and repeat the movement. The faster the movement, the better, and remember to have the option Sprint to Stand turned on. Additionally, you can incorporate some left and right movement as well. Another method is to take advantage of the SP to stand option by skipping the Crouch button simply with the pr position.


Sprint forward to stand up, then move backward and simultaneously press the prone to lay down, and just keep repeating the process. This method might feel different and could take some time to get used to, especially when mastering the unique timing between moving and changing. Positions, slide cancel.

When you slide, you must wait until the slide animation ends before you can shoot again, which can be risky. Slide canceling helps here by cutting off the SL slide early. You can stand up or shoot right away to do a basic slide cancel. Sprint or tactical sprint, then slide and quickly hit the jump or prone button to cancel the slide, or you can sprint, slide, and immediately pull the joystick back for even a smoother slide.

Consel utilizes slide-cancelling on mobile to cover open spaces. Quickly move around corners, approach or retreat from enemies in an unpredictable pattern, and smoothly engage in or disengage from COM scenarios. Usually, when I'm moving on the map, I like to tactically sprint, jump, slide, and slide.


The key settings to optimize slight celling include changing your stands to split and turning the spring-to-stand option on. Dolphin diving in war zone mobile The dolphin dive is a technique that allows players to dive forward into a pro position while running. This move is particularly useful for quickly changing positions.

Move around corners or escape enemy fire can also doin D to, Doors, while. Dolphin diving is also the fastest method to recharge your tactical sprint. Simply sprint or use a tactical sprint to gain momentum and press the pr button while in motion to execute a dolphin dive. The best thing is that you can perform this dive in various directions, including backward.

The dolphin dive serves as an effective method to surprise enemies and rapidly move to cover or dodge incoming attacks. However, it's important to know that transitioning to a PR position greatly reduces your mobility. Therefore, it's essential to choose the right timing and situation for your dive to avoid any risk.


If incorrectly diving C results in enemies appearing behind you, leaving your Expos and potentially leading to your elimination, you can use the dolphin dive to move to Windows efficiently, adding an element of PR or allowing a quick escape. Execute this by sprinting or tactical sprinting towards a window and then pressing the pr button to dive through it.

Ensure that you have built enough momentum before attempting this to make it effective. Dive shoot Many players enhance their mobility by combining the dolphin dive with the parachute deployment, known as the dive shoot mechanism. This technique allows players to cover great distances. Faster by initiating a dolphin dive before opening the parachute, you can extend your fly distance and accelerate the parachute deployment effectively by passing the initial animation for an optimal.

Effect: Drop shooting in the war zone mobile Drop shooting is a tactical move where a player transitions from a standing position directly into a PR position while shooting at an enemy. This technique is designed to surprise opponents and reduce your hitbox, making you a more challenging target to hit while in ads and shooting at the enemy.

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Simply press the PR button to perform a drop shot due to the fact that there is a delay while advertising the best and most efficient Drop shots should be done by hi-fighting first, then quickly switching to ads while pressing the prone button. This method maximizes efficiency and response time and can be combined with jump shooting to confuse enemies even more.

This tactic proves most effective in close-range combat, where a quick change of position can greatly disrupt an enemy's aim. Drop shooting is particularly useful for surprise attacks or as a last-ditch defense effort when directly cutting into an enemy's side. However, be aware of the drawbacks; it greatly limits your mobility, leaving you vulnerable to flank attacks or explosives.

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Jump shot: this technique involves jumping while Heap is firing or shooting in ads. To further confuse enemies, try jumping to the left or right while shooting. The primary goal of the jump shot is to make your movement unpredictable, making it more difficult for enemies to land accurate shots on you.

However, be mindful that while your enemies may struggle to hit you, your own accuracy will likely decrease during the jump. It's a trade-off between making yourself a harder target to hit and maintaining a precise aim. Additionally, be aware of becoming too repetitive with your jumping; frequent use of this move can become predictable, allowing sharp opponents to anticipate your actions and counter your moves effectively.

Now I will explain to you reload canceling and the YY trick for both of them. For maximum effectiveness, I suggest fast hand-to-hand or faster weapon swapping. Another key setting for both moves is hidden in your HUD. Click on your weapon slot button. Go to variants and choose minimalist, and for the alter-fire type, choose the button.

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Reload and cancel in war zone mobile Reload canceling is a technique where players interrupt the weapon reload animation by simply switching to their secondary weapon. This can be incredibly useful. For example, when you're in a fight and you don't want to wait for your weapons to finish reloading in order to continue shooting, as those reloading seconds can be deadly, this method allows for a quicker run in combat without waiting for the entire reload animation to complete.

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