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The day we've all been waiting for is finally here. War Zone Mobile has officially dropped to every single region around the globe, and with this new beginning, ICI is giving out the top five best weapons coming from a former Cod Mobile Pro. But before we get into the article, a huge shout out to War Zone Mobile for sponsoring us today.

And let's get straight into the action for the very first weapon that's going to be starting off our top five list. We have the ram 7, which is an actual assault rifle introduced to War Mobile and actually got a recent buff, leading it to be on this list. The good thing about this weapon is that even though it's an assault rifle, it can actually compete against other Clos range weapons, such as SMGs.

But just like every other good gun in the game, it does have its disadvantages. One of the main and only disadvantages that I see with this weapon is its recoil, and the reason why is because anything from close to mid-range is pretty easy to control, but when it comes to long range, the Recoil P gets kind of hard to control even for myself, which leads me to start bursting across the map, which is what I would recommend for you guys to do if you guys decide to use this weapon.

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It is my current go-to build, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it as well. For our number four spot on our top five gun list, we have the Ram 9, which, in my opinion, is pretty much the brother of the Ram 7, but the difference between these is that it is an actual SMG. Which means, close to mid-range, it absolutely shreds; when it comes to long range, it has little to no chance of winning any fight no matter what the gun may be, so be aware of that, and if you guys do decide to cross-map somebody long range with this weapon.

I promise you it will not work out due to the fact that the recoil is kind of hard to control, which I guess is one of the similarities when it comes down to the RAM 7 and RAM 9 being brothers, and if you guys want a great build for this weapon, it will be on the screen right now. Coming in at number three, we have the HRM, 9, and it is for good reason that this is for all those players that only like taking close-range gunfights and love the fast play style that War Zone Mobile has to offer.

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This is why not only does it have a high fire rate, but it has excellent handling, and the mobility on this is pretty much comparable to the CX9. Before it got banned in Conod Mobile, you guys wanted the best build for this weapon that made sure that you got the most out of its mobility. This is the one that I would recommend right here; it is one of my favorites, and it makes me super fast, which I obviously enjoy when it comes down to playing MP.

Coming in as our second weapon for our top five list, we of course have the xrk, Stalker, which is actually a sniper. Now you guys already know this, but I'm not a main sniper for any games that I play, but for some reason, whenever I pick this up, it just makes sniping so much easier. It's one of the few snipers in War Zone Mobile that has the ability to make one shot no matter what the case may be, and if you thought that wasn't enough, this weapon right here also gives you the ability to customize it in any way you want, no matter if you're an aggro sniper, a passive sniper, or a mix of both.


The two main disadvantages that I do see with this weapon is the fact that the reload time and the slow handling speeds, can make it so there is a chance you end up getting caught off guard and dying but besides that everything else makes up for it due to the fact that as I mentioned earlier it has a one shot potential, so if you guys want the best bu for this weapon it is going to be on the screen right now which leads us to our last and final weapon for our top five guns list, so for the final gun that's deserving of being in our top five guns list we of course have the MTZ.

556 And here's why: not only does this have a fast fire rate that can help key up against other ARs and SMGs, but it also has a low recoil, which means you can use this weapon at any range, no matter if it's short, medium, or long, without any disadvantages. And on top of that, it also has a fast kill time, especially for an AR, which is absolutely absurd.


This weapon was so good to the point that the CDL League, which is the competitive league for console Call of Duty, ended up banning it from being used in any competitions, so if that doesn't convince you. I don't know what to keep in mind. This was in no particular order; I just gave what my opinion was on the top five guns list for this season.

The BRAND NEW release of Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile is finally here! With the release of this game, I will be showcasing the TOP 5 BEST Guns to use in order to become the best on the battle field. If you want to become the player in warzone mobile make sure you guys continue watching for more tips tricks.
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