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Jabole is here with a brand new War Zone Mobile topic article. It's been a minute since we've talked about the game and even made a article here on YouTube, but we are back, and we're going to be going over the season 3 update of War Zone Mobile, which was supposedly supposed to fix a lot of issues with the game.

The first thing we're going to be looking at here is a Reddit thread. I actually posted this over on my Twitter account. This one is really interesting because this person is claiming that their iPhone battery health has gone down significantly since playing War Zone Mobile. This is a big deal because battery health usually does not go down over the course of weeks; it usually takes months, sometimes even years, for the battery health of an iPhone to degrade so much that it actually becomes a problem.

This user is claiming that they had about 97% battery health on their phone before playing War Zone Mobile, and then just after about a week of playing the game, it has gone down to 90. That is a significant amount of battery degradation in such a short time frame. Again, this usually takes months and months and months and a bunch of charging cycles and stuff like that to actually happen, so if this is true, then this is a pretty big issue.

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Someone said that they just checked theirs and that before they were on 91% battery health, and now they're only at 82. Another user went ahead and tested this on their iPad Pro, saying that they had 90% battery health before War Zone Mobile and now they have just 80%, so a basically 10% battery health loss in just two weeks, or so there's a lot of people in here basically saying that they have noticed, at least a couple percent battery health degradation, in their phones or in their tablets, some users as high as 10%, like we just saw with the iPad Pro example.

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And so, overall, this is true again. I keep mentioning if true because there really is no way to actually prove this unless someone sat there playing war zone mobile for like a week straight and then checked the battery health of a phone, but if this is true if these people are not lying and if they are actually telling the truth then this is a very big issue because once your battery health is gone there is no getting that back, like once it's gone it's gone and the only way you're going to get battery health back is by completely replacing the battery in your phone which is obviously going to cost a good amount of money, now like I mentioned I posted this over on my Twitter account and it got a lot of attention like usual whereas some people were even saying that this has actually happened to them for example, here I can see that someone said that they have 87%.

Battery health started degrading from 100% ever since the War Zone Mobile Beta came out. Now, it's important to mention that he mentions the War Zone Mobile Beta. Obviously, he's not talking about just the global release, which is in the last two weeks. It seems like he's been playing it for quite some time, but still, this is a very massive decrease in overall battery health.

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Someone said that theirs was at 98, and now it's at 93, so that's 5% battery health loss in just 2 weeks. Overall, this is a pretty significant issue, if it is true. Now if I had to give my personal guess as to why this is assuming that this is true The reason why I think this could be happening is because of the overheating problem that exists with War Zone Mobile.

Obviously, when a battery gets really hot, that is not good for the overall battery lifespan, so the fact that this game basically keeps your battery hot and your phone hot at all times while you play it, of course, isn't going to be good for the overall battery health. So if you're just plugged in and you're playing War Zone Mobile for hours and hours at a time every single day, your phone is basically going to be warm that entire time, and that could potentially be the cause of this whole issue again.

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I need to stress it that this is not 100% confirmation that all of this is true or anything this is just me reporting on something that people are saying in the community and stuff now going past that obviously optimization is still a big concern with war zone mobile we were expecting some optimization, improvements in the season 3 update and unfortunately, it doesn't really look like we've gotten too much improvements on that front they have released hot fixes and updates that have supposedly increased performance and stuff but most people are still reporting the same issues that they had you know the first day that the game globally released, and in fact some people are even experiencing issues on some of the highest end devices as we're going to see in this tweet here from the seven worlds gaming he says even some of the best devices are having issues with the game ier this is not your iPad My iPad Pro 2020 can run games that have much better graphics without any issues.

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Wars and mobile gives, the game itself can feel so great and clunky in the same BR match, blah blah, basically. This is a clip that he went ahead and posted of Ferg, who, of course, is like the biggest War Zone mobile content creator, basically quitting a stream mid-game because his performance was just getting so bad on his iPad Pro that he just couldn't play, so we're going to go ahead and look at the actual clip here just so that we can see just how bad his performance got and how it actually got him.

Killed, my yeah, so right there you can already see might be this mode chat, his frames are already dropping like crazy, the reason why, and it does end up getting him killed. I think he does respond, and then I think it gets him killed again. Weird, it is important to note that this is the new plunder mode on Verdansk; it could be like he just mentioned it could be this mode, but it is important to note that this is still an iPad Pro and this is the performance you get.

I can't i can't play anymore. I'm just going to call it a die. Yeah, I can't play. And he's playing with one of the top-of-the-line devices, arguably the top-of-the-line device that you can get, and even he is experiencing these performance issues, so there is really no defending this. This is a game that isn't in beta anymore.

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This is a game that's, you know, running on a 5-year-old Android that cost 50 bucks back in the day or anything. This is the top of the lens's top-of-the-line specs. This is a game that is globally released, and this is the performance that you can expect, so it is kind of crazy. Unfortunately, the season 3 update so far has not fixed all of the issues that we were hoping for.

We're going to have to wait and see if they continue to improve the game, but honestly, right now it's not looking that great. That's going to wrap it up for this article, guys.

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