News - Warzone Mobile Global Launch Date. New Asia Region Coming


Hello friends, welcome back to a new war zone mobile article war zone mobile SCH. Studio head Chris Plumber just shared some exciting news about the global launch date and Waron Mobile's future. First, the great news is that Ven Mobile featured my tweet in their official article. First, Chris Plummer explained the game improvement.

As we know, mobile has significantly improved if we compare it from the first Alpha B to the current game. Now it looks more polished with better graphics and texture quality, and the developers will continue to improve the game until its global launch. Chris mentioned that the war zone mobile limited release journey is about to end, which means we are very close to a global launch that will continue to improve too, and where we are now is like, you know, we're at the end of that, almost the end of that limited release journey.

Now let's talk about one of the best things going to happen in War Zone Mobile. We just received the major update for cross-progression between Modern 3 and War Zone Mobile, and many of us are wondering if we are going to receive similar updates from the future Call of Duty title. The answer is yes.


Chris Plumber mentioned that the new update means a new chapter. We can expect similar updates with each new Call of Duty title, like the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty game. This is huge news for War Zone Mobile, and not only for War Zone Mobile. This is huge news for the mobile gaming industry. It means a new chapter update every year with a new PC Call of Duty title.

We've now made our first chapter transition, and what's exciting about War Zone Mobile is that as every new major Call of Duty release comes into the market, you're sharing in that content. We have a connected battle as we look into the future. It's something you can look forward to whenever a new major Call of Duty release comes out.

We'll be able to share that content on War Zone Mobile. What do you guys think about it? Chris Plumber also revealed that Vodafone's global launch is set for spring 2024. As we know, with the official announcement expected in the new year, we finally announced our worldwide launch, which will be coming in the new year, so stay tuned for that.

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We look forward to touching base. When we make our announcement for the worldwide launch date, according to the rumors, the global launch date announcement can drop in January, and the global launch is expected between March and April. But still, we have to wait more than 3–4 months now. The big question is: is any new server coming for Asia in soft launch?

Chris Plumber mentioned that we might go into one more territory before we finally announce our worldwide launch. Now we can receive a new server from Asia, and I just noticed a guy commented on Waron Mobile's official article. I hope we will get the Asia server as soon as possible, and guess what was on mobile?

surprisingly, responded to the comment, and this said it's possible before our launch next year. Keep an eye out for any news, so now there is a hope we can we can we can receive a new server from Asia. So, what do you guys think? That's all for today's article. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like and sub.

Till then, be unstoppable.

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