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War Zone Mobile is removing some key features from games to make them more stable. Let's find out in this article that it's safe to say that the War Zone Mobile Global launch is not going according to the plan of activation at this moment. The game is poorly optimized, especially on Android phones, which are heating up like the sun.

Even though issues on iOS are far less, we can't say the same thing about Android. Even some 2–3-year-old flagships are unable to run this game properly. Many good mid-range Androids can't run this game at a stable 60 fps. So what issues were addressed today? The number one incorrect disk space error is now fixed.

This issue was mainly occurring on iOS devices with plenty of memory space, showing the error that there isn't enough space to install the game, so it's now been addressed and fixed. The server lag error is fixed now, so according to the patch node, server lag and connection issues are fixed now. I haven't tested this personally yet, so I can't vouch, but my experience at Verdansk was horrible; until yesterday, games were rubber banding and servers were getting terminated; after that, only Rebirth and Mosh Pit were playable.

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Another thing I want to address in this article is that the matchmaking system is totally broken. Me and my friends haven't gotten a single match at our local server or the nearest servers, even though the Ping is not showing. I can say from my war zone PC experience that we are getting matched up in 150 Ms or above.

Number three in the fix note, too many vehicles spawn, is fixed now. I haven't seen this issue yet, but they addressed it, so it was probably happening, and they say they can handle 12 real players. Number four—this is a big one. They removed the option to rejoin a match, so the rejoin option causes the game to crash.

What do I mean, and how so? Remember, guys, if you get disconnected from an ongoing match, you can't rejoin the match again. That feature is disabled for now. Now let's check the issues that have been discovered or the fixes that are in progress and yet to come. First is high-resolution assets taking time to load on Android; yes, it's an issue even flagship Androids are facing.

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Whenever you're getting close to some object, only at that time does the game load the actual texture of that object. When you're just 10 meters away from it, it's getting blurry, as if you are playing it at the lowest settings. This is also causing the fps to suffer, as it's loading the high-res texture in the game, so this issue is addressed and about to get fixed.

Second, in the upcoming update, the enemy outlines are removed for server performance. They removed the enemy outline at global launch because it helps a player see an enemy clearly. They removed it because it was causing some serious server issues, and they are searching for a way to enable it again without causing the server to lag.

This is a big feature that was removed silently. Third, in the upcoming update, we might see an increase in player health. They think the time to kill is too low now, so they are buffing the player's health and causing armor damage, which takes time. Fourth is just saying the same thing as the patch note: they are going to reenable the pre-join feature, which got removed today.

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Fifth is an investigation of what they are investigating; they are searching for the reason that is causing the game to suffer on many devices, mainly Androids. Yes, on some Androids, specific to some brands, the game is acting differently. I know some of the OnePlus phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are unable to run the game at stable 60 FPS, but at the same time, other phones with the same processor are able to run it at 120 FPS.

Sixth is a funny one; they wrongly released the game for low-end devices, causing the game to show an error of an unsupported GPU. Yep, this happened on the Play Store. I think they did this on purpose to hype up the game by showing the game is available for low-end devices. By doing this, they gathered some limelight in the mobile gaming community.

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When they were in the pre-registration phase, many gamers thought that their low-end devices could run the game, also because pre-registration was available on their phones, but only on some low-end devices. The game was showing as unsupported, which it should have been, but now we know that even Flagship can't run this game properly, and the last addressed issue is that on some devices, the UAV scan radius is inconsistent, so they're trying to fix it, so that's it.

These are all the issues that will be fixed or are going to be fixed in the near future. The issues that you are facing right now—did they address them? For more war zone contents, you know what to do. Just hit subscribe. Until then, take care. This is an AI-voiced Prime

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