News - How To Unlock The Warzone Mobile Battle Pass For Free. Blackcell Explained

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I'm going to show you exactly how the war zone mobile battle pass does work because it is slightly different compared to C mobile and also I am going to show you how to get it for free but keep in mind it is going to be a massive grind so yeah let's get into it so first things first the war zone mobile version of the battle pass is the exact same as MW3, and version on PC and a console but it does have a few extra rewards five to be exact on war zone mobile, okay so if you go over to buy the battle pass you are going to see three different options of the battle so we have the base version for 1, 100.

CP and you do get 100 plus rewards plus 1, 400 CP you do get extra then we do have the battle pass bundle version for 2, 400. CP and all that is different here is you do get 20 tier skips and then we do have the black cell version which is about $30. I believe that over here, you can only buy it with actual money, but you do get a ton of rewards.

You get both previous sets of rewards plus 18 extra unique rewards as well. It's a pretty good deal if you like black and gold skins, but yeah, we'll come back to black cells and a normal BP. Later in the article, let's first discuss how to get the BP for free. Okay, so if you scroll through the BP, you're going to notice that you can get C points for free at the following tiers: tier 56, tier 66, and tier 96.


This equates to 300 free CP every single season, which means if you save up 300 CP every season, you'll have enough to buy the battle pass after four seasons without having to spend any money whatsoever. Okay, so now let's discuss the difference between black cells and normal BP. Okay, so to keep it simple, the normal BP consists of 100+ rewards and costs about $10.

So a bit more than card mobile, and then for black cell, you get all of those rewards plus 18 additional rewards in a bundle with six rewards, 20 tier skips, and an additional 1,100 additional CP, but it comes at a hefty price of around $30, which is quite a lot now. It is pricey, but you do get quite a lot for what you're spending.

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It's actually not a bad deal. The rewards consist of the following: 11 reactive characters and six reactive blueprints with tracers and kill effects, which are redesigned versions of the base BB blueprints and characters. For example, here we have normal Rick Grimes and then here we have the black cell version, so essentially for every main BP item there is an alternate, black cell version of it, and like I said, the six black cell blueprints you get actually do have tracers and kilif fixes, which the base BP blueprints don't have, so that's definitely a bonus.

Besides those rewards, you also get an operator bundle, which includes a character. Being John Doe two more Trac around blueprints a wora mobile exclusive blueprint and 1, 100. Have a great day, and I'll catch you in the next

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