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Warzone Mobile is around the corner, and ahead of its release. I've received exclusive information from Call of Duty and Activision to share with you guys today about some pretty interesting things that Warzone Mobile is doing. I'm really interested in the game personally, and I'm looking forward to streaming it because it will take Warzone to a wider audience with more accessible options.

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And ahead of that release, I have some exclusive information that's been shared with us about how War Zone Mobile is going to work. And to take that one step further, after the initial release of War Zone Mobile, they will actually be synchronizing. With the PC and console variants of the game and going straight into season 3 so there won't be a separate seasonal system for war zone mobile it ties into the seasonal structure, of Call of Duty generally, but it will still have some of its own exclusive content and own updates to the game in the interim, but for the major seasonal releases any new weapons that release in Call of Duty on PC and console will release on war zone mobile and that's how the system is going to work so on top of the dance getting Reg changes within war zone mobile whenever something changes or releases seasonally for the other Maps or something changes and updates you should see that update appear in war zone mobile 2 to a certain extent, there are some other technical things that are occurring that fans of the console and PC variants are going to enjoy on war zone mobile they've added an fov slider, there is also the ability for slide cancelling which is now returned, and they've added improved controller support so you'll be able to play with a controller on war zone mobile you'll have the similar movement system to Modern Warfare with slide cancelling.

And all of that is tied together with an FOV slider as well, so on top of the introduction of seasonal content, the dance changes, and the improvements they've made to make the game feel a little bit more aligned with Modern Warfare 3, there were also a couple of mobile-specific changes that they've also thrown in, which I think are really interesting, and for those of you who are familiar with mobile games, some of these are actually really promising.

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So to start with, the settings in the game have a shareable code and synchronize across all of your devices. The social system, for example, with War Zone Mobile, is a shared social system as a Call of Duty account, so if you play War Zone Mobile on an iPhone and then switch to a Samsung, your settings will remain identical, or if you switch between gaming on the go with a phone and gaming at home with a tablet.

You enter that code in your game, or they copy and paste it from their phone. Discord, whatever it so happens to be, is hit enter, and you get the exact same settings as the person who would share the code with you, or if there's somebody else's settings you want to try out, the same principle applies.

On top of that, with most mobile games, there is the ability to customize how certain button presses or screen taps work, and that's pretty cool, but this goes a step further in Waro Mobile because they've also added customizable. Huds as well. One of the things I find least attractive about mobile games are the Huds, which are overwhelming because they're compensating for the fact that you're on a mobile screen.


Well, there's lots of various different controls, but in W Mobile, that isn't the case. First and foremost, obviously, you have the ability to play with a controller, so you won't need all of the various touchscreen buttons available. Second, you can actually customize the HUD, and any HUD element that's on your screen has options to either hide that HUD element entirely Or make it a more minimalist variant, or have a full-blown variant of it.

For example, if your weapon switches in the bottom right corner, you can not only move where that element appears on the screen, but you can also make it minimalist or minimize it by only showing one weapon and then the other weapon when you switch to it, negating the need to have both weapons visible on the HUD and taking up extra space.

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So pretty much every single HUD element in the game is going to have the ability to move the item, turn off the HUD element entirely, or make it more minimalist to reduce the amount of screen space that it's consuming, which is really cool. War Zone Mobile is also trying to take things a little bit further in terms of graphics and frame rate performance.

Depending on the device that you have, there are going to be a variety of graphics options and FPS options, but for those of you using the latest iPhone devices with A17 chips or anything with an M1 chip and above on certain iPads, for example, you will have the ability to use a peak graphics mode, which maximizes the graphical Fidel as much as it humanly can and also produces the highest possible frame rates, but whether or not you use Peak Graphics, which allows full 1440p, resolution, textures, and things like that If you're just using any other device that doesn't feature that, the game itself will also be using a visual streaming system similar to the texture streaming that you see on Call of Duty generally.

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And what this means is that the more you play the game visual streaming will progressively make your game look better and better over time so after five games of War Zone mobile and then 10 games of War Zone mobile, the game progressively builds a visual system where those assets and textures stream into place in ways that make sense and are more efficient both making the game look better whilst reducing the overall performance impact that visual streaming generally has and there was a real emphasis on making sure that this game is as optimized as humanly possible going forward naturally some phones and some tablets are going to be more powerful, but it looks as though they're looking to support.

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More devices are on Peak Graphics, and because of the way the visual streaming system works, allowing the assets to be streamed into the game and textures to be streamed into the game, it means that in time it's a futureproof system as well, because more devices will have more powerful processes to run Peak Graphics, and the visual streaming system will assist them in doing so and allow the game to look better on more devices as they roll out in the future, so this is really interesting to see.

I'm really hoping for a priority on frame rate, but it's nice to see that the visual elements of the game are going to look pretty clean depending on the device that you're using. The game is releasing with three core modes as well; there is Battle Royale, which features 120. On the vians map, there is Resurgence, of course, for Rebirth Island, and then finally, there is Mobile Royale, which is a condensed, faster-paced version of the Royale experience.

Today Call of Duty gave me exclusive access to information with Warzone Mobile, they have made some serious improvements to Warzone Mobile for its release that I can share with You Today.
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