News - How To Get The Golden Phantom Skin From Warzone Mobile (for Console And Pc Players)


This article is going to showcase the Operation Day Zero event and also show off the first ever skin that you can only unlock by playing the mobile version, which is transferable over to the PC and console versions. Now let me quickly explain exactly what that means. So if we go to the individual rewards, these are rewards that you can actually grind by playing the mobile version.

We've got the Bloody Reaper here; it says it was designed for War Zone Mobile. If we go into our actual operators and go to Ghost, the two skins that are specifically only available on mobile right now are the Condemned skin and the Bloody Reaper skin. It says designed for War Zone Mobile, meaning that this right now will only be on War Zone Mobile.

You can't transfer it over to any other game like we normally would. Let's say this skin is connected. If it has that connected symbol, it means you could use it on any version of Call of Duty that they've got for War Zone, such as the PC console and mobile. So today is a special day because we actually have our first ever connected skin that is going to be connected across all platforms.

golden phantom skin

I would say about 9. I went on my fiance's account, and actually she didn't play the game at all she maybe played a few matches but she was able to claim all of these rewards, as you can see in this recording, so all you got to do is just claim them, it's super easy and it'll be on your account make sure when you do link your account it's the right Activision account that you're linking that you're playing on the PC or Xbox or PlayStation version of the game so there we go we've got the golden Phantom skin we're going to equi it right here and as you can see because it is a connected, skin.

You can see the little symbols at the bottom. The connected symbol is a very specific symbol. So now that we have that skin, we could go to the PC version and actually have that skin all right. So here we are on the PC version of Call of Duty HQ. Let's go to the war zone, and let's show off the skin that we just got on the mobile version of the game.

golden phantom skin warzone

So let's go to the operators. This is the first ever skin, by the way, if we go to Scorch. Any of these skins that I have even the Kong armor that just came out it is cross progression or you know connected meaning that this skin the any of the Warhammer collaborations, these skins I could actually use and I have been using on the mobile version so I just want to emphasize how cool this connected feature is so let's quickly go over to ghost you afraid to the dark so this is kind of crazy as you can see the two other mobile exclusive Skins are not here they're only designed for war zone mobile as of now like I said around 95%, of the skins that are in this game you could actually use because they'll be connected to the mobile version but it might not be 100% so that's why I'm saying 95% because as you can see we're missing two of the mobile skins that I had but.

For the first time, we have a mobile exclusive. Golden Phantom Ghost Skin, on the PC/console version that you can use, and it is an absolutely free skin that anybody could get right now by downloading War Zone Mobile and linking the Activision ID account, whatever you got to link. I think it's just your Activision account.

how to get the golden phantom skin in

Whatever you have linked to your Activision account, make sure it's linked, make sure you're using it in the mobile version, and then you claim all these free rewards and they're connected to the PC console version, which is so cool, and it's the same thing with the battle pass. The battle pass is cross-progression as well, so I play War Zone Mobile, and I earn these three tokens.

Anything that you see here, I've earned from War Zone Mobile. I haven't played the PC console version this season. I've earned all this stuff on the mobile version, so these are the three tokens I've gotten, and I'm just grinding on the mobile version. I'm a mobile player even though I have a full PC set up.

I got a PlayStation 5. I have all that stuff. I'm still a mobile player, so it's really cool to see this cross-progression because I love it. And another thing is that season 2 is going to end in two days when season 3 releases. It's going to be releasing for War Zone Mobile as well, which is so cool, so all the stuff that's releasing in season 3 of War Zone is also coming to the mobile version as well, which is insane.

The community unlocked the Golden Phantom Ghost skin and this is the FIRST mobile exclusive skin that is connected to all the other games.
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