News - Warzone Mobile Season 3 Update. Fixes, Big Issues & Everything New. Huge Update

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War Zone Mobile just received a huge update introducing a wide variety of new content, including a new battle pass, weapons modes, events, and most importantly, fixes. However, the big issues remain for many players, so let's get into it, starting with the new content, and then we'll discuss a few fixes and problems towards the end.

Okay, so let's start with the new map, which is going to be rust from Modern Warfare. 2019 it is not the most recent version, but yeah, it actually looks pretty decent, in my opinion. But I'd be lying if I said it felt smooth. The game is still very inconsistent; for example, it starts very nice and then it drops off and just randomly starts to lag, but yeah, happy to see rest in the game now that for modes we finally have plunder, which is like a large-scale version of Resurgence, but you do have unlimited lives.

The mode is all about collecting money, but most people just try to go for high-kill games. Other gameplay content does include UAV towers being added to Rebirth Island as well as buybacks coming to the game later in the season. Now for new weapons, we do have four, including the FJX Horus, available at Tier 40 in the BP.


A versatile SMG with a fast rate of fire, good mobility, and recoil control. We also have the Morris sniper rifle from Advanced Warfare, which for some reason is not available right now in Warfare Mobile, but it will come later in the season. Most likely, we also have a punch knife known as the Gladiator.

Available at Tier 75, and last but not least, we have the Battle 27 assault rifle, which will release in the midseason. Now, just like the Moris, it's originally from Advanced World; it is designed to increase his fire rates over time while you hold down the trigger. I think it does look cleaner, so we have a recruit section, which is the first event, and we have a store section.

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A Gear Up section, which is loadouts and customization. And we also do have a promotion section with stuff they want you to see; however, there is also going to be another button known as the keep button, which is for lucky draws. And yes, they are coming out this season. In the background, you guys can see our first look at the first ones coming out, and in my opinion, don't buy them if you are going to spend money; rather, buy the new bundles coming out this season, which you guys can see in the background.

They're also very nice, and they cost like 1 of the price of a lucky drw, so it's much more worth it, and in my opinion, to spend $100. Anyway, let's check out the first event of season three, which is known as the recruit, and it pretty much works the same way as the previous event, which was the Day Zero launch event, so over here we have to earn EP to earn a bunch of different rewards.

There's some stuff, for example, emblems, weapon stickers, and A Chum, but we also have a pretty NE-looking knife, and we also have a basilic handgun skin, and then we do have a very nice husk operator known as Ghostly, which I actually like quite a bit now. Besides that, we can also earn these Bruiser badges, which you guys can use in the event store to earn more premium rewards, for example, Mace Pinnacle, which you guys can see over here.

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actually a pretty cool version of him with a free Mace skin. I'm not going to say no, and we also have this MCW, skin, as well as gold and black, and we do have a tyr, skin as well. Okay, we have a Cho-up gold skin that looks pretty neat. We have a charm, King of the Beasts. We have an emblem as well, which you guys can see over here.

A sticker as well and a calling card as well, so essentially this event store. I believe, stays here for the whole season, but this section, being the weekly events, does reset every single 7 to 8 days, giving us a new mini weekly event. So cool stuff anyway, guys. Now let's discuss fixes and optimizations and whether they really did anything.

Okay, so we have Android optimization. The issue is that some Android devices were misconfigured to use higher default settings than intended, and the fix is just the default settings for Android devices. Then we do have graphics that took longer to load than expected, resulting in low-fidelity graphics in early matches, and over here they say more assets are loaded in before the match begins, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game.


I will say the graphics actually do look better, but not much, and then we have crashing graphics. Corruptions and disconnects, so the fix is a bug causing many vehicles and bu stations to spawn, which impaired game performance, and this has been resolved. Also, if you are disconnected, they have added a rejoin feature so you can jump right back into the game, and that does work, as I have tested.

Then we do have device temperature, and I'm not going to read all that because it's still a huge problem in the game. I mean, I played one game of rust, and my phone started to overheat. Some people I did see on Twitter were just updating the game, and their phones started to overheat, so this is still a huge issue in the game; it has not been fixed.


Yeah, it's still a big problem in many ways. I actually think it's worse this season than it was in the previous season, which is just kind of weird anyway. Next, we do have graphics, so the issue is that Wars of Mobile uses streaming to load graphics as you play. This dramatically reduces the game size and the download size for players, but players with poor internet will experience lower-tier graphics.

The fix is that more graphics will load in before the match begins, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game, so yeah, we have discussed that already, and then we do have the default FPS set to high for some devices, resulting in thermal and performance issues. Here, they adjusted the default FPS settings for low- or medium-tier devices; then we do have game play difficulty, and the issue is that more real players lead to more difficult games.

In most cases, most people are going to tell you, No, it's kind of like that meme. It's the same, but it's different, but it's still the same. The game still has a lot of issues. The graphics do look slightly better—very slightly. The game's performance doesn't feel better in some cases. I would say it's worse.

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Finding a match now is super difficult. The last one took me, like, almost 10 minutes, and my ping was just ridiculous, so that's a new issue with overheating. Still very much there, if not worse, FPS issues still exist. There are some improvements, but a lot of the main problems that most people experience are still there, and well, the game still remains unplayable for many people, from what I have seen on Reddit and Twitter as well.

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