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All right So today's article is literally all about beginners. If you're a pro, you probably want to click off this article. I'm serious if you are a beginner at this game or if you don't feel like you're really good at it yet. I would say this is the article for you. Now let me preface this by showing you some gameplay of me playing after only 2 days of playing this game.

I was invited to play with Ferg, and this is how bad I am. There's the wipe, so in order to become a little bit better because I feel like my improvement has been pretty insane, to get a little bit better. I'm going to show you guys all the things that I did as well as my HUD layout and all my settings, and I do want to give a huge shout out to Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile for sponsoring today's article.

All right So the first thing is that you have to make a loadout. You have to level yourself up, and you have to level up your guns. The best way to do that, of course, is in a mosh pit or shoot the ship. So, what guns do you want to use? What loadouts do you want to use? This is the loadout that every player is using right now.


Literally, everybody is using it. This is the way to go. This is what you should be using in HRM 9. This is literally the Meta right now, and it's very easy to use. The reason why this setup is easy for me to use even though everybody, even the pros, uses it is because you have so many rounds to basically fire out your enemy, especially in close quarter combat, so take a picture.

This is like the perfect gunsmith for this, but make sure. If anything, you at least have that 50-round mag to help you land your shots, and, of course, the other secondary that I'm using is a Ram 7. Everybody's using this assault rifle. Some people use a ram 7 and a ram 9 combo, which is basically the submachine gun form, but let me show you guys the gunsmith.

Take a picture. Use this to replace something and get an optic if you don't like the iron sights, but again, make sure you have that 60-round mag. That's what makes this so important because if you're missing your shots, at least you got 60 rounds, and let me tell you, this is genuinely only for fast-paced players or players who are playing at mid- and close range.

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Of course, you can have a longer range setup if you don't want to play in close quarters, but for me, this has been the easiest way for me to actually learn in the game, especially with this perk package. Make sure you have this one on high alert. High alert is the most insane perk. Basically, if someone's looking at me from over here and I have my back turned around, there'll be a yellow marker that shows you where an enemy is looking at you, and you can have crazy moments like this.

So yeah, that perk is absolutely insane, and there are a couple other things besides. Having a load out, it's the game mode that you're playing. I would highly suggest that you do not play Rebirth or Insanity. When I'm making a article, okay, so anyways. I would highly suggest that you do not play Rebirth Resurgence because that's where all the sweaty players who are already really, really good at this game are.

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That's what they're playing. For me, what worked out best was Mobile Royale and the trios that they've got going on. I know that these game modes might swap up, and the reason why is because not only am I able to learn the map that I barely played on the console PC version. I'm able to learn it really well on mobile, but it's faster than the 120 player, and on top of that.

I just feel like I'm able to practice a lot better in Mobile Royale, which has different endgame scenarios. I get to learn the map differently, and I get to learn hot drops differently, so this is what I've been practicing with, and this is what has been working for me all right. So let us go to the HUD.

Let me quickly tell you there's a couple things here. I am playing on default sensitivity. I haven't touched anything with sensitivity. I can't do auto-fire; I can't do anything like that because, as a mobile claw player, it just doesn't feel right, and then we are using the pr HUD, but I would highly suggest.


Let me see. Yeah. I would highly suggest you look at the different HUDs because in the Pro HUD you don't get the option for the Tactical Sprint, and that's the only thing that's missing on this HUD, but for a beginner, there's a lot of buttons, especially on a mobile game, so this is what works out for me and my hood right now, and I probably will change the execution.


But as a four-finger claw player, this is what works out for me specifically. Having fewer things on the screen is helping me learn the game better, so the less, the better, especially for new players. As you can see, there are different variants. This is something I haven't seen a lot of mobile games do, so we've got the classic This is what a lot of mobile games look like, but you can actually change what you want for a lot of different things with different variants for different types of things, so like ads that fire different types of variants, it basically at this point this is all preference, but I specifically made this HUD and like let me move around and show you guys it so you guys can actually do This is what felt most comfortable for me, and I'm probably going to eventually change it up and make a future article talking about an advanced version like a more pro guide after I have a few hundred hours into this game, and not only like 30 hours, you know, but I feel like my gameplay has improved enough that I can make a beginner's guide all righty anyway, so this is basically self-explanatory.

It's just a custom HUD, and honestly, when I have one more perfect dialed in, I'll be a little bit more okay with it, but for now, let's go into the gameplay. So I turned off auto weapon pickup because, you know, as you can see, there's priorities, so if you're in the middle of fighting someone, you'll pick up an SMG.

If you prioritize that over a pistol, even if you're shooting at them, it'll be like, I want this SMG. So I just turned that off. I might change some of these over time, but we've got the loot auto pickup because that's just fine. Like, I want to auto-pick up Ammo and things like that. I just don't want to automatically pick up weapons.

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That was the big issue this turn to damage assistance. Some things in this game are so new that I've never seen in other games that I'm going to wait to figure them out because, again, this is a beginner guide. You know, this is something that I want to use if you guys see anything at all, if you aren't a beginner, or if you see anything that you're like, Hey, this actually helped me a lot.

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