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Multiplayer season 3 patch notes

Multiplayer season 3 patch notes

Menu adjusted various attachment descriptions and pros and cons listed in the gunsmith to better reflect their true attributes, gunsmith attachment filters change filter combination logic from an to or selected filters are now reset after each game session remove the redundant locked and unlocked filters filter buttons Now display actively engaged filters for the bug fixes they did killstreak Hut overlays will no longer persist after destruction by storm Ender additional perk slots are now displayed correctly in the kill cam applying certain weapon filters will no longer unexpectedly, kick the player back to the menu improve the alignment of values and columns on the scoreboard.

1.41 cod

Address an issue causing weapon Mastery challenges to not accurately display progress of previous completions, calling card unlock criteria when will now consistently appear upon hover resolved an issue preventing certain emblems from being added to the favorites for gameplay they decreased obstructive V effects while firing MW2 weapons to line with MW3 standards remove variants from ads idle soy allowing a predictable soy pattern and they said our next step towards improving the feeling of aiming across all input devices in MW3, will arrive in season 3 as previously detailed aim down sight Idol sway discourages players from holding their sights for an extended period of time with a constant subtle motion that introduces to slight inaccuracy.

In today's update, they removed variants from aim-down sight-idoy, resulting in a predictable and consistent motion curve. This change raises the skill ceiling and rewards players who take the time to master their favorite weapons. For the progression, they said they added a party bonus XP, allowing players to earn more XP dependent upon the party size.

1.41 cod update

This used to be a PlayStation exclusive: two players plus 25%. Rank and weapon XP three players plus 25 rank XP and battle pass XP four players plus 30%, rank weapon and battle pass XP made an armory unlock challenge for the tribet break muzzle attachment now they did some map updates it says Afghan address an exploit that allow players to hide within Geo near the plane dos house set factions to SP nass and Rangers, resolving an issue causing missing announcer voice lines added spawn points in the store room in TDM.

1.41 patch notes

Domination and Freepoint: For me, they added spawn points throughout the map, and TDM domination and hardpoint removed specific spawn points near the loading dock to prevent spawning in line of sight of the enemies. Quarry addressed an exploit near the Industrial Road that allowed players to exit the playable area shipment renamed shipments to shipment at is now the permanent experience, added Collision to prevent players from accessing an unintended ledge near the drug stash for skid row in hardpoint players can no longer contest destroyed apartment Hill from an unintended location near the window for spard players can no longer exit the playable area through the roof of the red warehouse for tetanus set factions to off for and Task Force 141.

Resolving an issue causing a missing announcement, her voice lines for Vista added Collision to prevent bullet Collision through the staircase, near the marketplace, and Tower and operation Tinman in war mode players will no longer be prompted to use a turn occupied by another player, and players who join a match in progress can now see the control panels during the first objective phase.

For Mo in private match, while the CDL rule set is active team kill penalties will no longer stack for snipers, only LTM mode restricts kill streaks to UAV Advanced UAV and the MGB. And they disabled melee attacks, including fists. Now these are the weapon balance changes we have for multiplayer for the ARs: the ram 7 decrease and neck damage multiplier, from 1.3 to 1x 23%.

1.41 update

The hoger 556, decrease upper leg lower leg and foot damage multipliers from 1 to 85, meaning you now have to land four shots above the waist to get a kill for the MCW decreased headshot damage multiplier from 1.3 to 1.1, with the MCW one head shot will no longer result in a four shot kill DG 56 increased Sprint to fire from 178, to 199 9 so 12%, the S SOA subv increased Sprint to fire time and increased the aim down sight Time by 5% and 7% the basb decreased the rate of fire from 667, to 600 by 10% and decreased The Recoil Center speed by 6% they also did a change to the Jack Outlaw decrease Sprint of fire time decrease the aim down sight time aim down sight rate of fire increase the medium damage and the minimum damage and then they go onto the Sidewinder decrease Sprint to fire time and increase the bullet velocity for the SMGs Ram 9 decrease Sprint to fire from 178 to 147 the amr9 got a 28%, decrease in Sprint to fire from 189 to 136.

cod 1.41

The Rival 9 increased Sprint to fire time from 93 to 110, decreased near medium damage from 27 to 25, decreased medium damage from 25 to 23, and decreased lower torso, lower arm, and hand damage multipliers to one from 1.1 for the HRM 9 increased the Sprint to fire time from 94 to 110, the striker increased Sprint to fire time from 100 to 103 for the striker they did the same thing from 100 to 110 for the wsp 9 same thing from 88 to 110 and the storm the same thing from 88 to 99 so it looks like all SMGs were impacted and then for the shotguns added Long Haul 40 and Wolf Call 300 muzzle attachments to MW3 shotguns for the lmgs, the attack evolver increased Sprint to fire time from 245 to 257.

cod mw3 season 3

Increase aim down sight time and the 762 belt decreased neck damage multiplier and for the 556 belt decreased the rate of fire for the Bruin MK9, they decrease the aim down sight time they increase the Sprint of fire for the raw mg the ads time the neck damage the upper torso, and the leg and foot damage multiplier so looks like that got a pretty big buff the MTZ Interceptor increase aim down sight time decrease medium damage range decrease minimum damage range and the near Mid damage range from 44 to 38 M and then for the sniper rifles xrk stalker increased the aim down sight time the KV inhibitor did the same exact thing and the SPX increased Sprint to fire time as well so I believe they're just doing the same thing for like pretty much all the weapons and then for the handguns tyr, increase the minimum damage range and bullet termination range and that's going to be for the snake shot ammunition for the Stinger akimbo wsps, increase the rate of fire by 25%.

And for the attachments, it says added additional aim accuracy benefit to all heavy bolt snipers. For the four attachments that they showcase, they said the laser is no longer visible to enemies at the hip, the VT Spitfire suppressor increases the sprint to fire speed penalty, the l4r flash hider decreases horizontal and recoil control benefits, and then the dr6 hand stop decreases aim-down sight speed, and the bru decreases horizontal recoil control.

HUGE MW3 SEASON 3 UPDATE PATCH NOTES! Multiplayer, Warzone, Zombies - MW3 Update 1.
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