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In today's article, we'll dive into some exciting new content coming in season 4 and season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile, along with what to expect in season 3 of Forza Mobile, set to arrive on April 3rd. Let's get started.

How to download latest test server

is the latest test server update, featuring new content for seasons 4 and 5 of 2024.

It's now live on Android; it's open to all users and can be installed alongside the original version of the game; however, both the Gina and the global servers are identical. The test server links will remain open for approximately one week before closing. It is essential to have a VPN turned on after installation.

Ensure that you are connected to a preferably American server each time you log into the test server. If you're looking for a VPN as a Gear Up booster, you don't have to select a server; just boost it once the installation is complete. The download size for the test server update is approximately 1.8 GB, with an additional 2.8 GB required for installation if you are hoping to use a mythic correlation, unfortunately.

Here's all we have for now. With this test server, why not switch to GE and dive into some war on mobile action instead? Now let's explore some new settings that were uncovered in the current Chinese test server and might be introduced soon into Call of Duty Mobile.

New teammate marker settings

New teammate marker settings

First, we have new teammate settings that have been discovered on the test server. These settings allow players to toggle the visibility of their teammates and health bars and adjust the transparency of these health bars. Furthermore, players now have the option to deactivate both the name and the health bar.

Replacing them with just a blue Instead, two new set settings, f4v curve and action Fusion, have been discovered in the basic settings, although there's currently no additional information available about them.

Mp mode with br classes

In the latest test update for the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile, a new multiplayer mode has been discovered, introducing soldiers on the battlefield.

A new multiplayer mode with Battle Royale classes. In this mode, players can choose from three available Battle Royale classes: shock wave, RND, and poter. Gast, would you like to see this Moree added to the game? It certainly looks so fun and disturbing at the same time. Imagine you are trying to shoot a guy, and he is bewildered and disappears instantly.

That would be so.

New ui changes

New ui changes

Frustrating, New UI changes have been discovered for the daily challenges and event sections. Milestone rewards are now displayed, although details are currently unavailable. The displayed CP values are just placeholders; they have nothing to do with this. The event section has been revamped and is now divided into regular activities, daily challenges, special events, and master challenges.

These changes hint at exciting updates to come in Call of Duty Mobile. Please note that this is a translation, and the section names may be different. After the official launch, you will notice various tasks divided into four weeks released gradually throughout the season. Upon completing this task, you will learn about seasonal tokens that can be redeemed for specific rewards with this new UI change.

A new section called Master Challenges may be added to the game. These challenges could involve tasks such as winning 50 times in multiplayer mode to earn a total of 120 seasonal tokens. So far, there has been no information on when the new UI changes will take effect. Two new score streaks are here to stay, likely to be introduced in either season 4 or season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile.

Rcxd & emergency care package

The first one is the RCXD, a score streak familiar to many from the Black Ops C War. This score streak deploys an RC vehicle that explodes near enemy players. However, it is not yet clear whether the new RCXD score streak will be manually controlled or automatic. Keep an eye out for updates as more information becomes available.

The second score streak that might soon join the game is the emergency C package, which requires a total of 1,100 points when activated. It provides three care packages, each containing different score streaks.

Season 4 legendary guns

Season 4 legendary guns

Currently, it is uncertain when these new score streaks will be added to the game since miners have found legendary grou pins within the game files of the latest Des Ser update for the Chinese version. These blueprints are expected to come in season 4 and possibly continue into season 5. The upcoming legendary weapons include the HBR3 assault rifle called Falcom, A new SKS called Watcher Another legendary skin for the Mac 10 is called CM Dark.

Also, there's a new legendary CBR4, called Gat Gulp, and finally a Type 25 named Laser HED. It seems like the legendary N45. Like, and Throw blueprint will receive an indigo color scheme as the prestige weapon; it is obtainable after purchasing three lucky draws, and this blueprint is expected to debut in season 4.

It is possible that this strategy is intentional to redirect his spending towards Waron Mobile rather than Call of Duty Mobile, but only time will tell how it plays out.

Mythic mg42 confirmed

It is confirmed that the new Mythic blint for the new functional weapon mg42, 2 named debris, will be introduced in the upcoming season of the game.

This also indicates that the new mg42 from Vanguard will be featured in the next season. With the mg42 release, we can anticipate an epic proprint in the season 4 battle pass as well.

Warzone mobile season 3 battle pass w/ snoop dogg

Warzone mobile season 3 battle pass w/ snoop dogg

Now let's switch our focus to war or mobile. In the upcoming season of War on Mobile, we have some exciting content to look forward to, as I mentioned in my previous article. Snoop Dog is confirmed to be part of the battle pass, as indicated by the new Modern Warfare 3 Wars on season 3 artwork from his team regarding weapons.

There's an image circulating that confirms the inclusion of certain weapons.

New weapons teased

In the next season, you can expect to see the most sniper rifles on the left and macros holding the MP9. Additionally, leaked images have surfaced, showing some of the skins we can anticipate, although most of them seem to be bundle content as we are still uncertain about what will be in the battle pass.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the Rebirth Island trailer, we got a sneak peek at several new operators coming in season.

Upcoming bundle operator skins

battle pass

One intriguing image shows a demon. Easter Bunny Operator: It's likely to be part of the battle, but maybe released as a bundle, possibly this weekend since Easter precedes.

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