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I'll show you all of that, but first I'll show you what it says in the patch notes. It says new content is coming in season, a new story. Mission Dark, Ether Rift, and a set of schematics are on the horizon. Check out the Call of Duty blog for details on what to expect. Later in season 3, Then they fixed something with the ether shroud; there was like a visual bug, and then they removed the ability to apply ether tools to vehicle turrets.

They said, Yeah, you can put the tools on, but it doesn't increase the damage to the vehicle turret, and you're wasting your tools, so they stopped people from being able to do it. The next issue they fixed was with the vr11; they addressed an issue that prevented the vr11 from transforming warlord bodyguards into zombies, and then here's the Nerf we knew was coming: the Jack purifier.

They decreased the amount of damage that the Jack purifier does to Elite and boss enemy types; they went on to say that the Jack purifier was overperforming. With the previous tuning against more difficult enemies, you think that with this new tuning, players can still utilize the attachment to manage large groups of lesser enemies in all threat zones and use different tactics to engage more difficult foes.


I just went in to test the purifier to see how bad it is now, and I'll show you guys what the results are. The last thing in the patch notes is about challenges: Prestige. Challenges unlock new prestige calling card challenges at each level of prestige reached, and you can select up to five challenges to track, including any from across the game.

The patch notes didn't mention anything about Tombstone. I didn't know if they were going to just Nerf this thing into an oblivion or if this thing was still worth using before the patch; we were indeed melting Elites interor. With the flamethrower, you could kill a mega abomination in under 10 seconds and still have ammo left in the flamethrower, and you didn't even need to hit any critical spots on the mega abomination; you just fired that thing anywhere at it and you were going to kill it, but now after the patch with it being triple pack-a-punched and legendary, you have to use all of the ammo in the flamethrower, and you can only take about 60% of its health off right here.


I stopped the game, and as you can see on the bottom right, I'm out of ammo, and it still has 40% of its health left. If I were to guess how much they decreased this damage against Elites, I would say maybe 50%. It seems to be at least possible that it could be even more so as far as regular zombies go.

This thing is still absolutely destroying, and it's doing a really good job on like these basic Elites here, like I just wrecked this mimic. No problem; this Nerf didn't really hurt this weapon because you're able to kill everything else so easily. Still, you may need two people now with flamethrowers to kill Omega or go refill your ammo, but it's not a big deal.

Here's a tier-three mangler kill. Obviously, contracts will be harder, but I feel like you're not going to notice this nerf at all unless you're going up against a mega-abomination. I do personally think this Nerf was appropriate; the flamethrower was way too op, although a lot of fun we knew was not going to last.

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The next thing I went in to test to see if it still worked was the solo Tombstone method. And I am surprised to say they did not patch this or change this in any way. This one is where you open that portal, run to the bad signal trigger that goes back through the portal, and then run out of bounds.

Close out the game at the appropriate time, and you'll save everything and save your tombstone. I'm a little shocked they didn't patch this, and I'm wondering if they're doing that on purpose because they know people are going to lose their freaking minds when they do. From what I can tell, this is the last known possible Tombstone solo method.

After this, it may be gone for forever. We'll have to see what happens midseason; that's when we're getting all the zombie content, the new storyline, and the new schematics. Like, that's when this might be gone for good, but yeah, right here, if you leave the match at the right time, you're going to keep all your stuff, keep your ether blades in your lethal spot, and when you go back to your tombstone, you will still be there with all the items and your money.

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The next thing I wanted to test was the mule kick glitch, which doesn't have a lot of popularity, but some people use it to turn their insured weapons into contraband weapons and stack them up. This also lets you hold three weapons in the game, and you go to one of these safes with the raid weapon stash and down yourself and interact with it at the right time.

When you revive, you'll switch weapons until you have an empty slot, and that is the third weapon slot, where you can go pick up any gun off the ground, out of the box, or off the wall. I just did this morning; that's the footage you're seeing here, and this still works. It's not patched; the next one is the underwater bike.

God Mode glitch: if you have a blood burner bike, you can launch yourself into the air and dive into the water, and you can drive underwater without drowning and shout out to tag 935. He and I were in one of his live streams weeks ago, and we found this, but we never posted it. As long as you get enough height, you can dive underwater, and we like to use that area in the north part of Tier 3.


The next one I checked is the Outlast unlimited spawns glitch, where you just activate one of the Outlast contracts and then wait for that progression bar to get to about 93%. Then you cancel the contract, and what happens is that the game thinks the contract is still running, and it will throw a ton of zombies at you still, and those zombie spawns will be rapid and stay unlimited as long as you don't go too far away from the building, like if you go two blocks away and then come back, yeah, it may kill the spawns.

I tested this, and it still works. I'm really surprised they've never patched this. This next one is about how to keep your ether blades and your containment level when leaving the game. I just hover over the closed game, and as soon as I see that teleportation, the screen That's when I close it out.

When you do this, you don't lose any containment levels; you'll keep what you had when you went in or whatever you've earned when you were in there, and you also keep your ether blades in your lethal spot, and you can take them back into the next match. This is for people who just want to keep their blades and their containment levels but not worry about Tombstone, because with this method, obviously, you can't keep your Tombstone.

Season 3 UPDATE PATCH NOTES Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Purifier flamethrower update and the Tombstone glitch update. Plus I show all the glitches that got patch and the ones that are still working in Zombies. Purifier Flamethrower Update.
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