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Wait, anyway, after loading up the game, you will notice you'll get greeted with the new battle pass, and you're also going to need some of the items you're going to duplicate and try out this Tombstone glitch with. If you're in need of any of these items, you can get zombie schematics from my friend {700}.

Here's your one-stop shop for your zombie: automatic unlocks your Borealis, Camo Plus unlocks all, and max level on everything. The bone collector operator unlocks Mission boosting, and so much more—even getting all your weapons leveled up instantly, including the brand new ones that just dropped—you've got your multiplayer.

Camos. You've got bot lobbies and so much more. They have tons of amazing reviews as well; they're trusted, so make sure you check them out. Anyway, we've got the items we now want to bring into the game to try the Tombstone glitch with, and we're just going to load them in right away. Now we can do it solo or with friends; it doesn't matter.

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I'm going in, and I've actually got my Tombstone from before the update, which is very nice, and this is a new voice chat recording, and moderation is active. I've never seen that before on my screen. I think that's new with the update as well, so now what we're going to do is open up our backpack and use absolutely anything we want because I've got all of this in my Tombstone.

Anyway, as far as I'm aware. I'm going to head over to this location because over here is where I can get myself my Tombstone soda can for absolutely free, so when you get over here onto this building, you will see a crane. I'm just going to pack and punch my sniper real quick because. Why not i'm going to be getting that back anyway, Crystal, so you want to aim in with your magnifying glass, Sniper, and get yourself a free perk from this teddy bear.

Once you get the perk, you can bring it over to your tombstone with you. This just makes it so much quicker to get yourself the tombstone perk rather than having to save up Essence points and go and buy it from the machine itself. Remember, you can use absolutely anything you want within your backpack because you can get the stuff back from your tombstone if this stuff is currently in your tombstone and already at the graveyard.

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That's where we're going now, so we're going over there, and we're going to take everything out of it and we're going to crumble it, and see if the tombstone glitch is working after the recent patch in Modern Warfare 3. I mean, I'd love to test it to see if the zombies would actually end up leaving me alone, for God's sake.

So we're going to actually go over to the tombstone and get the stuff out of it. As you can see right here, we went in, got everything out of the tombstone, and completely crumbled it. Make sure you drink that tombstone. You can tell that you did get the reward earlier with your sniper. I'm just going to use decoys to get the zombies ready for me because that's why I brought them in because it's very useful because everybody loves decoys in this game; it is a lifesaver.

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So I'm using the actual can that I got now as the reward and crumbling it in my tombstone. Now I've got everything I want on me to do the Tombstone glitch with, apart from Essence to open up the portal with the symbols. You'll see what I mean in a second, so I'm going to quickly do a bounty contract so I can get myself enough Essence points to do this glitch with.

Don't worry, you only have to do this once because when you get the essence points, they're going to be in your tombstone. After every single game anyway, every new game you're going to have Essence points in your tombstone, so you only have to do this once. So we're going to go next to the bad signal portal and go into the building and put the correct symbols on the wall, which is going to be this n-looking one for neon.

Yeah, never say that again, neon that was cringe, and now it's the up AO one, and that's looking like something I'm going to stick up your bum if you don't like and subscribe, and then we've also got that one right there, and now you want to do that every single time the symbols will be in different spots on the wall, but that's the three exact symbols you're going to want to pick: Drop your spoon out of your hand, if you have one, and go to your fists.

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Quickly activate this portal, run over to the dark Ether Portal and activate it, then run back to the portal you just made. Do this as quickly as you can. Now, when you get through here, wait until the voting gets to 3 seconds, open up your map, and actually vote. Yes, then you want to run out of bounds just like that.

Now this is just the same as before; obviously, we're on the new update and we're seeing if it actually works, and I'm sure it does now in this game play. What we did here is that I actually failed, and it took me into the dark ether. It did not give me the squad eliminated screen; it just put me on the black screen, then took me into the dark ether.

I did not actually die. Okay, now this is what I found weird, because that actually worked for me. I came in, and I still had my tombstone and everything on me. You'll see that now that I opened up my game, I have everything in my backpack; I've got absolutely everything. The only thing I lost there was my insured weapon slot, but when I go back in, I do have the tombstone.

modern warfare 3 zombies glitches

There, so that's actually really good, but of course if you get the timing correctly, unlike me, and you get the squad eliminated in stuff like that and you get the time in perfect, you will still have your insured weapon slot as well, and you can do this over and over again, and you can still do the duplication, and you can also do the Tombstone glitch any way you want and have fun with it.

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