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I honestly want to remember that we started it off by playing some games on mobile, finishing the individual, and receiving rewards for Operation Day Zero. Then I passed the baton to Vardi while he clutched up with a bit of a halftime show while I stepped away for a meeting. I guess you know more about that meeting as of tomorrow morning, but then I came back and went ahead and covered the season 3 Battle Pass blog post and the Blacka Gameplay trailer, so I appreciate everybody out there who was patient with all the shenanigans. Earlier this morning, but also as a huge reminder, we have plenty of brand new content going up over on detonated dcom for those that want additional coverage of multiplayer War Zone, zombies ranked, and even War Zone Mobile, plus we have plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

Tomorrow is about to be crazy.

Tomorrow is about to be crazy.

A bit of a recap of what's going on tomorrow with the launch of our third season, As of now, I want to say 9:30 a.m. Central that should be when we end up getting the patch notes for our third season then about 90 minutes after that at 11:00 Central which is 12:00 Eastern that'll be the official beginning of season 3 we'll get the launch of our new battle pass we'll see a bunch of new content in game and I'll be covering all of the week one challenges to unlock brand new aftermarket, parts with that we'll also be seeing the beginning of the Godzilla xcong.

For the Battle for Hollow Earth XP event, I'll be covering all those rewards as of tomorrow live on stream and even in some separate articles.

Early season 3 gameplay event!

Earlier this afternoon, right as the battle pass marketing began, an embargo did lift for a very specific crater event that happened. I think it was early last week in which select creators were flown out to Dubai, and they were actually flown out to the exact hotel that the multiplayer map Six-Star is based off of.

It looked like a really cool event where they got to play season 3 outside. They got their hands on the brand new six-star multiplayer map. I did react to a bit of it on stream if you guys were tuned into that, but in case you guys didn't see that, I will leave some links.

Season 3 preload released today

Season 3 preload released today

But just this morning over on Battl Net a 27, Gab Preload did pop up for Modern Warfare 3's third season. I believe this is beginning to roll out in select regions for PlayStation. As I always cover, the preloads for a brand new season only come out for Battl Net and Playstation; they typically don't end up dropping for Steam or Xbox, but there's a rare occasion where sometimes that will happen.

But for those out there on Steam or Xbox, expect the preload to go out right as the content does end up dropping tomorrow morning at around 9:00 a. M pacific, which is 11:00 Central and 12:00. Easter, but PlayStation Size did go ahead and report that the official size of the game itself should increase by about 8 GB.

If that doesn't make sense to you, that's because yeah, you're going to be downloading a 27 GB patch, but that'll end up shrinking certain parts of the game while increasing others, bringing us to a total file size of what appears to be 151. Gigs I know that's crazy, but obviously give or take a few gigs depending on what platform you're on; it kind of fluctuates from platform to platform, but it's in around the same ballpark for PS4 and PS5, every series of the Xbox, and then for Steam and Battam Net as well.

Now, I will not be shocked if, with the release of the preload for season 3, somehow content does leak out. Reddit. Discord, etc.

The cheech & chong tracer pack

The cheech & chong tracer pack

Nobody should be seeing anything to do with season 3 until tomorrow morning, but Never say never in our brand new battle pass blog post, but I did go ahead and preview some brand new store offerings for season 3. And some of these bundles. I know we talked about a little bit in previous articles, but more information was provided here, as you will see first off the Tracer pack Cheich and Chong, which will likely end up costing upwards of 2400 Cod points.

I wouldn't be shocked if it cost about $3, 000, though you get two operators, of course, voiced by the infamous actors that played them in the Chichin Chong movie. You're going to see three weapon blueprints featuring still smoking tracers, and up in the Smoke Death Effects, you're going to be seeing blueprints for specifically the MTZ, the HRM 9, and even the hay maker.

You're also going to get a finishing move; you're going to be seeing a large decal, a sticker, weapon charms, and even a loading screen.

Stoney sloth 420 tracer pack

We then have the Tracer Pack Stony SLO, a very funny one that's obviously going to be released to celebrate 420. You're going to be looking at the slothy operator skin for Price; I didn't expect this to be for Price, by the way, that's pretty funny, and you're also going to be getting a large decal weapon sticker, an animated emblem of the let or rip weapon charm, as well as an additional 1 hour double battle pass XP token next up the catosaurus.

Codasaurus ultra skin tracer pack

Codasaurus ultra skin tracer pack

Ultra-skin Tracer pack. We got a glimpse of this in some previous season 3 marketing. Again, we don't have any prices for any of these bundles or, hell, even release dates, but there's still a decent amount of information in this blog post about what's featured in the bundles themselves. So when it comes to this operator skin, it'll be for Riptide, and you're going to be seeing a carnivorous dinosaur head and a reptilian, camouflage-type look on the operator skin.

You're going to be seeing two weapon blueprints featuring slash damage tracers and some reptilian rupture death effects. You're also going to see an animated weapon charm, an animated calling card, an animated emblem, and even a large decal.

Big brain ultra skin tracer pack

Next up, when it comes to this bundle, I'm actually looking forward to this one.

We got a glimpse of it in the recent season 3 gameplay trailer. This is the Tracer Pack Big Brain Ultra Skin. The only issue with this bundle will be the specific weapon that this pack does feature, as you're about to read. So you're going to be looking at the Mind Operator skin for Corso, held up by the cybernetic body parts with a half-length cap.

You're going to see two weapon blueprints with super gooper tracers. The first one is the Brain Breathe Sidewinder, a battle rifle featuring Jack Thunder LMG aftermarket parts. It's not the best weapon, but you're also going to be seeing the cranial Carver Striker 9 SMG. That's not that bad, but that first weapon—I don't know about that one.

Now you're going to also be looking at a large decal weapon sticker, a weapon charm, as well as a battle pass tier skip token.

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