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All right, so the first thing we're going to need to do in order to be able to open up the dark Ether Portal is to do the Act 4 Story Mission. So before you start your game, make sure you go into Act 4 and equip it. It is available to everybody, regardless of what act you're in. Once you've done that, you want to come to this location on the map and teleport into it.

The dark ether I highly recommend. You get pack-a-punched, geared up, and ready for this. It is a two-tier area, although the spawns feel like tier three, a high-threat level with a ton of elites. Now, when you get into the dark ether, you're going to have four objectives to complete you're going to need to fill sols, at each of the four locations they are marked on the map as you can see with the yellow markers so you know which ones to go to You're simply going to go to the location, turn on the portal or whatever it is, and fill it with sols until it is complete, and then it's going to give you a part that's going to fly up into the sky.

You won't be able to grab it, so you get a dog collar, a pill bottle, a CTV, a camera, and a diary out of what appears on the altars after you fill them with souls. So you want to go ahead and get to all four of the locations in the dark ether you know and use your tacticals. Be smart, be careful, make sure you're staying alive, and keep moving.

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Definitely, decoys are good if you bring them in. You can help keep yourself free for a few seconds to breathe while you're in here. So what you want to do is, as you can see from my team here, I've got two teammates; they're at the one. Seal The Ether seal and they're filling it with Souls right now I was unable to get in just from the sheer number of zombies so I just ran away but this is definitely something that you guys can be looking for, when you're going into the dark ether just pay attention be careful make sure you guys are running healing or so you can get each other up the Downs are going to happen so just be prepared for that and you should be fine, all right so you can see in this clip here what the seals look like they're just a concrete pillar it says activate seal so you'd push action on it when you walk up to it and it'll activate the seal for you now while you're killing around the seal this one is the fire element you can see the Ring, of a fire and flames that are around the seal.

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Are or each of the ether portals, sorry, doing for you? They're getting the four parts from the lady, so you walk up to your seal and hold action like I just did to interact and turn on the seal. Now you can see this one. It is the frost blast, so you can see the icy ring and the smoke around the edge, and that's where you've got to fill up your zombies; they've got to come inside that ring for their souls to count, so just make sure you're keeping an eye out for the ring so you know where to get your zombie kills from, and then just continue.

To kill zombies to fill up your ether seal, once you're done filling up your ether seal, the ether seal will stop getting filled with souls, and you will get a part that'll pop up out of the ether seal, so in this one here it is going to be the last one. It's down on this is going to be the last one.

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It's down at the bottom of the map. This one is going to bring you a ton of disciples. And again, you can see the electrical ring that spawns around the edge, where you need to be filled up the souls, and killing zombies inside that ring so you can see the electrical ring that spawns around the seal like I said on the other ones you want to make sure you're killing zombies within that Elemental ring and their souls will count so just continue doing this until you have filled up The Ether seal, so now that your ether seal is going to be filled up the last one here is going to give you the CTV.

Camera, as you can see on screen, so we're going to go ahead and pick that up, and then you want to make your way to the final objective marker, which says Escape. But before you get their surprise, it's going to pop up and turn into the boss fight that you have to deal with, and this boss is quite strong; he's a lot stronger than the tier three.

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Act Mission boss fight so be prepared he can eat you he can insta down you with his laser he has a slam attack, use your teammates make sure you guys work together and you want to defeat, this boss at the end of your dark ether run and this is going to give you your last one you you've had the seals which is giving you a bunch The Gourmet was going to give you another one that you really need, so just make sure you're paying attention run around keep moving shoot The Marked spots on The Gourmet worm or whatever his name is and that'll do extra damage for him help to get his damage down so just make sure you guys are working together communicate, healing or really helps out here so does your tacticals you know monkey bombs decoys stuff like that to really help keep the zombies off you so you can fire your damage at the worm so now that you've got your.

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Gorm girt, or, however you say his name, The Ether Worm, was killed. That is going to be it for your story Mission as far as the travels through the dark ether for things that you need to progress so you've defeated him that is all you need to move on to get your dark ether on the map the portal open this is what it drops you the worm this is one of the things that you need the other three items that we need we're going to obtain inside of the map yuran, so once you finished your boss fight you want to make sure you of course head out and the worm will spawn in your xville right there so there's the portal for you guys to get out that is the final xville so by going through there you guys will get the successful xville on screen and you will keep all of your loots, all right so the next thing we're going to need to obtain is three items a pill bottle A CTV.

Camera, and a dog collar in order to get the pill. Po pill bottle, sorry, add brain rot to your gun. Come to the ether. Nest has to be an ether. Don't go to an infected stronghold. Tap one bullet into a spot. Then go back up to that spot, and you'll be able to interact with that spot. Inside the Spore is where you're going to pick up your pill bottle.


Unfortunately, my footage of getting that doesn't know where it went; it either got corrupted or I just couldn't find it, so unfortunately I'm unable to show you guys how to do that, but that is, come to an ether nest, put on brain rot, one shot, one bullet into a Spore, hold interact on that Spore, and the pill bottle will be inside.

Grab a jug and don't go down. In this video I show you how to unlock the dark aether rift once and for all inside your modern warfare III Zombies game. Let me know what level you currently are in the comments.
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