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Welcome to another article where we're testing all of the weapons inside of Modern Warfare 3, including the Modern Warfare 2 weapons, to see just how viable they are inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Today, I wanted to find out about the event. It's very odd that in today's article we'll be looking at the TZ.

762, and I'm super excited to check out this article. So if you guys are new around here and you like to see how weapons perform inside of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you are definitely in the right place. Make sure to subscribe and turn on the bell notifications so you don't miss any future uploads for myself on Modern Warfare 3 Zombies as well.

I have a ton of fun over there; we play custom zombies and all kinds of different stuff, so without further ado, let's get to the Mt. Z article today, all right, welcome to another article. Here we are. We're going to be spawning on the map with our MTZ. 762, and we're going to be putting on just our perks, so we're not going to be putting on any of the ammo mods, no pack-a-punch, or any weapon.

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Rarities at all to begin with, like we always do to start off our articles, I also brought in a few other goodies: the mags of holding, my ether blade, and my golden armor plates. Now I brought the mags of holding in because the weapon we're using today is a battle rifle and it had a small magazine, so I wanted to bring in the mags of holding to try and combat that, although, as I always tell you guys, you certainly don't need the mags of holding for this weapon to be used; it definitely just helps out with reloading.

So we spawned in and we grabbed our first Bounty contract of the match in Tier 1, and I wanted to go take on with, you know, no rarities, nothing on the gun, just the 762. MTZ, just bas as is, and you know, as far as zombies in Tier 1, definitely, I find that like any weapon in Tier 1, you're going to be able to handle the zombies, certainly not a problem at all.

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The Mangler was here, and you can see I was definitely getting some damage with the critical hits on this gun, so that's something that's awesome to see. I was excited because it's always nice to find more weapons that are definitely going to be usable in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. I don't like getting stuck with just one weapon, so having a bunch of different weapons is always really nice, and I could tell that this one was going to be really strong just from this bounty contract alone and the critical damage I was seeing when I started off and started hitting the critical shots with this MTZ 762.

I mean, it's going to hit pretty hard. It's a battle rifle, so they technically and usually hit pretty hard battle rifles, but you can see that once you get the criticals going, you're just melting them right here, so that was pretty awesome to see. We finished him off right there, checked out our loot, got a self-revive, and got a perk out of the deal, which was pretty good, so the next thing we had to do was go off and find ourselves another Bounty inside of Tier 1, which we did, and then before we go.

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I want to put on legendary and Napal so that when we get there and pick up our Bounty contract, we are stronger than we were in the first one. I wanted to see just what the difference was going to be, so we picked up a mic and a mimic. Sorry, this was our second bounty inside Tier 1. Now we're legendary, and we have napom bursts and holy smoke.

We just melted this mimic, like my I was super surprised I had a feeling this was going to be something good it did pretty good damage and being a battle rifle I knew it was going to be pretty strong so we got Tombstone out of that which was nice so then it was time to head off and get ourselves pack-a-punched to tier one with legendary and Napal, to see just what kind of power that would bring and on my way we had a player go down pleading for help so he was right by the pack machine and I noticed he was inside of the Spore building so I went and Pack-a-Punch first we put out a decoy and revive the player in need as I like to do you know stop whatever I'm doing and help out a player if they're pleading nearby, it just sucks going down and losing all your stuff so we're always trying to help out I think we should all be doing that if we get a chance anyways.

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As there's no player versus player in this mode, it's always good to help out. So now it was Pack-a-Punch legendary with Napon burst time to pick up another bounty inside of Tier 1 and see just how fast we could totally destroy this bounty. I had a feeling that this mimic was just going to get totally deleted.

Now this area inside Tier 1, just on the edge of Tier 2, seems to be super busy. There were just a lot of zombies, so you can see the crowd control with this weapon. After we checked out the reward, we took out the mimic there, like nothing flat, and that was awesome. There was nothing in the loot I wanted there at all that sucked, but you can see crowd control is definitely not a problem, like we just totally mowed down every single zombie that was near us; it just wasn't even an issue.

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They're dying so fast, honestly. I don't even think their death animations are playing like they just turn into a smear, so the next thing to do is to head off into tier two, find ourselves a bounty contract, and see how packed one legendary with napom burst on the MTZ. 762, Will do, against a bounty inside tier 2, so we picked up a mimic.

Bounty here, and you can see I was already doing almost half damage down before he even managed to grab me. He grabbed me and threw me. I continued just to fire at him. This really wasn't much of a fight, to be honest with you. He threw me once I just separated myself to get some distance to re-engage, and once I did, I was able to finish him off, so very strong inside of Tier 2.

Even if you just pack one, you'll be good using the MTZ 762, so if you're looking for something a little bit different, maybe try this one out. We went and put on my Pap 2 Crystal, so now we can check and see what a Pap 2 legendary napon burst MTZ 762 will do against a Tier 2 Bounty, so we picked up another mimic.

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seem to be getting a lot of mimics this run, but you can see like we just mowed him down. He grabbed me once, and then that was the end of that. He managed to die. So, super strong. If you're looking for something to change up your gun play, change up your games, and just have a different weapon.

Overall, I would suggest the MTZ 762 for sure. Now we have to head off into Tier 3 and get ourselves triple-packaged with the legendary tool and napon burst to see just. How viable is this weapon inside Tier 3? How strong is it? So what's the first thing we need to do? Try and pick ourselves up a bounty contract, which we did, and our first bounty was a mega-abomination, which is good because I wanted to see how strong this thing was, but this particular location, since season 2 reloaded, has added the new Rift that is right over there.

Grab a jug and don't go down. In this new series I will be going through all the MW3 MW2 weapons as well as after market parts and kits then reviewing them for the MWZ mode inside of your modern warfare III game.
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