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Z1620 I'm super excited to bring you a article today on the events in MW3 zombies that are new, so it's going to be farming the skulls. This article is going to break down the best strategy I have found so far to farm the skulls that come from the armored zombies, not the light-armored zombies. The armored zombies are typically in Tier 3, however.

Let's get to the article. All right, so the first thing I wanted to mention is: has anybody purchased the Black Cell Battle Pass for season 2? I have because I was super excited to check out the operators they have in the black sale. The one on screen right now is definitely one of my favorites. I'd love to know either way what your thoughts are on the black cell in the battle pass.

Now the first thing we needed to do into this match today was, of course, get to pack two because the strategy I'm using takes place in Tier 2, so we spawned in and grabbed our very first contract here, which was a cargo one of my favorite ones to do in Tier 2, so we just quickly zip in and we're going to grab our cargo truck and head off and complete this.

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I'm just quickly trying to gather up enough points to have my weapon double-pack-punched. With the awesome cool down on the pap 2 Crystal schematic and the pap 3 Crystal schematic. I had both of them on cool down for this game and nothing in my stash that I was able to use, so we had to do a couple quick contracts to go and get to pop two money, so here we are grabbing our second contract, which was a bounty check.

The cash register had some cash in there to help us out, and we just went over here and got a mangler. We're using the RAM 9 legendary pack one with Napom, if you guys are wondering. I've got a weapon guide for all of Ram 9 and how it works inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies, so here we are taking down a mangler.

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This is going to get us to almost two dollars, which we need to just make the strategy a lot simpler. You can do it with pack one, but with pack two, it's just a lot simpler, so we're going to run over here and grab our last contract we need before we head off to Pack-A-Punch, this Ram 9 to Pap 2, so that we can get going and start farming our skulls for the event because the skulls are only dropped from armored zombies, not the lightly armored zombies or Light Armored zombies you find in Tier 2, and you're certainly not going to find any armored zombies in Tier 1, so the armored zombies themselves do spawn inside of Tier 3, the high threat zone.

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If you're uncomfortable with running in Tier 3 and shooting zombies to collect, those, armored zombies skulls then there is a method here I'm going to show you guys that you can get it done inside of tier 2 so we're going to quickly stop off of the Pack-a-Punch machine we're going to pick up our Pack 2 on the ram 9 and then we're going to head off to the storm so this is the strategy here you want to find the storm on the map and the key is to have the storm inside tier 2 so before you equip any of your Pack-a-Punch, your tools or any of your perks or anything like that the first thing you want to do when you spawn in the map is check to see where the storm is and make sure it is in tier two so then you want to get yourself probably pack-a-punched cuz you're going to be staying in tier two for the entire time so get to pack two and then you want to come over to the storm and the zombie IES that the storm craer crawler will.

Summoned inside of the storm will be armored zombies. Now when the armored zombies come outside of the storm, they're no longer going to be tier three zombies; they're going to be tier 2, so your pop-two weapon will be able to deal with it very simply, and what you're looking for is right there. That's what you want the storm crawler to be doing, because then he's going to be summoning.

His zombies and all the zombies he summons will be armored, so farming the skulls for this event is quite easy. At the end of this match, I think I had close to 150 skulls doing just this. Now I did go in another match and I was able to complete over 200 in one match, so in theory you need 600 skulls to complete that portion of the event, and with this strategy in theory, you could have this complete.

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I mean, if you were really lucky, you could probably do it in two games. I've had about 260. There's going to be an armored zom, and they're going to be dropping the skulls, which makes this really quite easy, so I'd love to find out from you guys if you have any other strategies that maybe I don't know about yet for farming the skulls.

I'd love to be able to share that and help everybody out once again you just need to run into, the storm you don't even have to shoot just run around a big circle and you'll gather up a bunch of zombies in there there's going to be some of the armored ones and if the storm CER is not summoning them then you can shoot him a few times and that should help him to start summoning some of those armored zombies for you but again it's a very simple strategy you're just going to run into the storm, make sure the storm is in tier two my recommendation is you get at least epic and a pack-a-punch tier two so that you can make easy work of this and then as you can see as the armored Zombies come out of the storm.

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They go down from there. You know the tier three zombies inside the storm, and they come as tier two zombies once they're outside, and you know sometimes at the end of the game you'll get people that come over and they want to kill the storm crawler or storm crawler. I can't remember what he's called anyway, so another player came up here today, and H killed the storm crawler at the end of the match, which wasn't a big deal.

I picked up the 5K gold skull, went to Xville, and managed to pick up a couple extra dog skulls while I was on my way out. And just filled with that, and I think you can see I got about. 140, 143, and skulls, so it wasn't a bad run. I had another player there with me for a good chunk of this match; we were both farming the skulls from the storm, so that's why I missed probably about 50 or 60 of them, and I would have been around 200, but that's it.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed it, and we'll catch you guys in the next one.

Grab a jug and don't go down. In this video I will cover the best strat I have found for farming the skulls for the new event for MWZ mode inside of your modern warfare III game. Let me know what rank you are in the comments. The MW3 Season 2 The New Zombies Meta.
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