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Welcome to another article in my series where we're testing every single weapon inside of Modern Warfare 3, including the MW2 weapons aftermarket parts and conversion kits, to see just how viable those weapons are inside your Modern Warfare 3 zombie games. Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays, it's my favorite day of the week for MW3 because they update the weekly challenges, so this week we have a Jack Ravager kit, which is a conversion kit for the BP50 assault rifle to turn it into essentially an SMG.

So in order to unlock that, you have to get five of the weekly challenges completed in order to unlock the aftermarket conversion kit, so we went ahead and unlocked the five weekly challenges, as you can see on screen, so we needed to use an SMG for three of the challenges, and then I needed to use an assault rifle for two of the challenges, and they had to be done in a medium threat zone, so I went ahead and got that finished up, and as you can see, we got all five of the weekly challenges completed on screen right there, so that unlocks the Jack Ravager conversion kit for the BP50, and as well, there's a new event.

The Vortex VI Rust Mainframe event: this is the camo you get at the end of it. I'm pretty excited to unlock that all, so today we're going to be taking the BP50 with the Jack Ravager aftermarket conversion kit, and we're going to be testing it out in all three zones, doing bounty all the way through.


So if you guys are new around here and you like to see how weapons work inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies, make sure you subscribe and turn on the bell notifications, so you don't miss any future uploads for myself on Modern Warfare 3 zombies as well. Without further ado, let's get to the BP50 Aftermarket Jack Ravager conversion kit article.

Today, all right, we're going to be spawning in with the BP50 assault rifle with the new Jack Ravager aftermarket conversion kit that just came out today for Wednesday. So, as we do when we spawn in with all these matches for testing out the weapons, we're going to put on our perks and make no additions to the weapons, so nothing to make it any stronger or anything like that.

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I do have mags of holding and my golden armor plates today, so stick through to the article to the end to find out how this weapon performs with mags of holding for sure. I was super surprised to see just how much critical damage was coming off his health bar, so this was super awesome to me. I did run out of ammo in the middle of my fight, so I had to disappear and go get some more, which is why the mimic had a little bit more health when I came back to re-engage, but you can still see nonetheless that the critical damage with this aftermarket conversion kit is absolutely amazing.

We have nothing on the weapon; it is white. Rarity with nothing, no ammo mods, nothing at all, so that was a very, very easy Bounty, and at this point I'm super excited to start getting into the you know more and more with weapon to find out what it can do with this aftermarket conversion kit number one.

I was already noticing movement. It was definitely a lot faster. We did visit Pack-a-Punch there, melee the machine to keep the camo on this weapon, and then we're off to pick up our second Bounty here inside the tier one Pack-a-Punch, white. Rarity No Ammo mods, and what a difference! This Mangler stood no chance, not even a magazine, and I was finished, so I would definitely say this Jack Ravager Afterm Marker K version kit for the BP50 is very beefy.

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Just in tier one alone. I was already pretty surprised, so the next thing to do is to put legendary and my favorite ammo P ammo mod napom burst on, and then it was time to go find another Bounty inside of tier one and see what we can do with pack one legendary with napom burst with this aftermarket conversion kit for the bp50 assault rifle, and I was blown away.

Like that, mimic had no chance. I think a couple of the bullets were like almost half his health. So the next thing to do is to go off to Tier 2, and I really wanted to find out what this could do against the Tier 2 bounty. I'm getting my miles traveled in this match today, and I tell you, bounties were on the opposite sides of the map.

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Anyway, so we made it over to that bounty in Tier 2; we picked it up; it was a mimic, and we're going at the mimic pack one legendary, with Naal burst inside of Tier 2, so it's a Tier 2 bounty. And definitely, you could run Tier 2 with this conversion kit on the BP50. One pack, for sure. You won't need to double pack in Tier 2, and even with an Epic tool, you'll be just fine.

Prior to this run. I ran it with Epic, and I was destroying Mega Abominations, so definitely something you can do with this is run it with Epic. Pack-a-Punch, and you'll be melting stuff inside of Tier 2, which is pretty awesome. So the next thing to do was to go off and pack and punch our BP50.

Jack Ravager kit gun to Pap level two, so we visited our pack machine, got Pap level two on there, and then it was time to grab ourselves another Bounty contract and see what this can do inside tier 2 with a Pap 2 contract. Pap 2 weapon. Sorry on the tier two contract, so I was really curious to see because, like, the tier one was definitely viable, so I was curious to see what Pap 2 would do inside the tier 2, and holy smoke, this gun just melts.

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absolutely melts, like almost everything in front of you just completely gets melted. It's unbelievable the next thing to do is to put Pack-a-Punch 3 with the crystal we brought in on the BP50 with the Jack Ravager afterm marker kit, and then it was time to head off to the Wonder Fizz machine and pick up the rest of our perks.

So we went and did that, getting the rest of our perks. Now it's time to see what Tier 3 has to offer, and what can we do with a Triple Pack-a-Punch legendary Napom burst BP50 with the brand new aftermarket conversion kit Jack Ravager on there? So we went and picked up a bounty contract, which was a mega-abomination.

I was happy about that, but I was not happy about the location. You guys know if you've been watching my articles. This area inside Tier 3 is, I feel, one of the busiest and most intense areas in all of Tier 3. For sure, there's just always a ton of stuff coming at you now. Having said that, this BP50 with the Jack Ravager aftermarket conversion kit that's available today just destroys Tier 3, like it absolutely destroys I didn't really feel too concerned about dealing with crowd control or a bounty contract.

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I didn't really have any worries about any of that. I felt bad for that player. I will not join teams when I'm doing a weapon testing article. I like to test them solo and see how it performs, so unfortunately I wasn't able to, you know, get that player into my team today, but there's the bounty contract down inside the busy area, so it definitely wasn't much of an issue.

Grab a jug and don't go down. In this series I will be going through all the MW3 MW2 weapons as well as after market parts and kits then reviewing them for the MWZ mode inside of your modern warfare III game.
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