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Back in ATA with the brand new Modern Warfare 3 article here guys, and in this article is on the new season 3 Reloaded update, we're going to be breaking down every single thing about this new update, start times, downloads, and everything about this new content, but brace with me guys, there's a lot of information here, but it says MW3 in War Zone season 3 Reloaded begins on May 1st at 9:00 a.

M pt, 11:00 a. M ct, and 12:00 p. M est in-game timers confirm that Modern Warfare 3 season 3 Reloaded begins in May for multiplayer War Zone and Zombies season 3 Reloaded for War Zone, and MW3 will be a long-awaited content drop featuring a new zombie map and more weapons. Maps, operators, events, and more.

Here's everything you need to know about the early gameplay content and download for MW3, War Zone Season 3 Reloaded. Honestly, so far, guys. Cod hasn't been slacking with all these season updates, so I honestly can't wait to see what's in store for the future, but the release date and download based off the in-game battle pass timer season 3 Reloaded on Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone will begin on Wednesday.

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May 1st. The classified battle pass sector typically contains a new DC weapon and various reward challenges, which to date have only been open since the launch of the reloaded update. Expect the preload to be released for the midseason update around 24 hours before the launch of the new content. Reloaded updates are typically upwards of 10 GB in size.

The first authors break down the multiplayer content as it stands. MW3 Season 3 Reloaded will feature two additional maps for multiplayer. One is the repurpose section from Rebirth Island season 3, which already kicked off with three of the original maps and one remake, marking one of the strongest content drops for Call of Duty multiplayer.

The first map we got here for multiplayer guys was Checkpoint, which is pretty much the olded military base in MWZ and in Ergan. So just like Tank, they made their own multiplayer map out of the big map, and this is the second map. Right here, guys, we have Grime. Grime looks actually pretty lit.

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I can't even lie; this map looks kind of familiar with the game modes we got coming out. We got Minefield, a variant of kill confirmed domination, and a Hardo mine will drop from dead players, which can't be picked up, and the next mode we got is escort payload from war zone comes to multiplayer, as players must escort a M while facing off against enemy operators.

Unlimited respawns are included in both rounds, so this is how minefields are going to look, guys, and this is pretty much how escort's going to look. We're going to have to escort a tank, and the other ones drop when they die. Breaking down the equipment A new tactical EMD mine proximity-triggered mine that sticks to the surface once triggered shoots out tracker devices that reveal enemy location and direction until removed.

A new field upgrade enhanced vision goggles, evg., toggle between normal vision and enhanced vision with intergraded target highlighting, has limited battery life, so pretty much a battery could run out on this, so this is pretty much how the evg is going to look; it actually looks kind of crazy. I can't even lie now.

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Break down the zombie content. It appears the content dropped for season 3 Reloaded of Zombies uses the same formula as season 1 and season 2 reloaded, so pretty much the release of everything that happened in the other reloaded. They're kind of releasing stuff the same way for zombies. This may be the last time we see an update of this nature until at least season 5.

Details about the future MW3 Zombie fourth season will be reported on soon. Now let's break down the dark ether. The Dark Eternity Story Act continues an unknown force of disruption; power has its psychic tendril wrapped tightly around Dr. Ava Jansen the doctor has been lured into a new region of dark ether under this malignant influence, so this is going to be the new realm right here, guys of the dark ether.

Enter the third Rift, face off against the entity, and take on new challenges to unlock the unique schematics. In the new schematics, players will be able to acquire permanent unlocks such as a special gas mask dead wire detonation and a disguise that's pretty much going to be the Sergeant's beret.

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We have the golden mass filter, and we have the dead wire detonators. First off, let's break down the dead wire detonator schematics. Are you still shocked at the impressive electrical damage the dead wire ammo mod inflicts? Then you might want to employ the dead wire detonator and attach it to all your explosive weapons, including lethals and launchers.

Next, break down the golden mass filter schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive long-lasting effect on self-regeneration. The gas mask for the rest of the map matches. This comes in extremely handy for surviving zombie strongholds, and any surprises in the Rifts now last break down the sergeant Beret schematic.

Your outcomes no longer need to be terminal when dealing damag with Zak Hired Guns. Simply Dawn the Sergeant's beret to disguise yourself among the Merks and summon a trusty Merc bodyguard who shadows you to the end, so this schematic is actually going to be crazy. You could disguise yourself with the Merks and stuff that's nuts.

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Now break down the new Warlord rainmaker. The defensive warlord boss will now be on the map. Rain Maker will spawn at Shaheen Manor, and she'll have a Heavenly trap base like a mortar strike and trip mines. When you head to the base, watch out for the mortar strikes and the trip wires. The new season 3 Reloaded comes out, guys.

I'll be providing you with a article on how to find and defeat the new rainmaker. New weapons and events We have two confirmed weapons and events coming with season three reloaded. This is the first weapon, guys, the bail 27, classified in the battle pass sector; that's where you get the bail 27. And the event would be the Cod and Dment, which is the military appreciation month, and then the Devin Booker, which is NBA.

We got an event for him now, breaking on the War Zone content season 3, which has offered one of the largest content offerings for War Zone to date, including a plethora of Rebirth Island features, new game modes, and public events. The first game mode we got here, guys, is Rebirth Resurgence loaded.

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There is rebirth, but when you die, you change to one of your other loadouts. You will also spawn in the match with your favorite loadout that's actually pretty lit. Guys, you spawn in the map with the dopest loadout that you got. I can't even lie; that's kind of crazy. The next mode we got was rebirth lockdown.

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