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all mw3 guns

Backing at it with a brand new Call of Duty article here guys, and this article is on Modern Warfare 3's full weapon list, and I'll be breaking down all weapons that are going to be in Modern Warfare 3 and it's for the zombies multiplayer and also war zone, but it says here Modern Warfare 3 is scheduled to release on November 10, 2023, featuring a plethora of new weapons combined with the entire collection of weapons from Modern Warfare 2.

The MW2 weapon list includes every weapon category, which amounts to the content available during the launch and future seasons. This is the list of every upcoming primary, secondary, and special weapon in Modern Warfare 3. There's a whole bunch of weapons that are coming out for Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 2 carry forward content: with the launch of Modern Warfare 3 in November comes the carry forward ability from Modern Warfare 2, and it stands that over 77 different guns will be transferable. From the previous title into the new one, players will have the ability to progress levels and camos for all MW2 weapons inside of MW3, but not vice versa.

all mw3 weapons

War Zone will also have both game sets of weapons through Battle Royale and Resurgence. By the end of the Modern Warfare 3 life cycle, there'll be over 100 weapons available to use. That's actually going to be nuts, guys—over 100 weapons. Jesus Christ confirmed the weapon launch date. These are all the weapons confirmed for the launch of Modern Warfare 3, but let's start off with the assault rifles, and guys, I'm going to be breaking down these guns pretty fast.

I'm not really going to be reading the description of the guns, like if this is high velocity and stuff like that. I'm pretty much just showing you how every gun's going to look in Modern Warfare 3, but first off, guys, we got the SVA, 545, then we got the MTZ, 556. Then we got the Hoger 556, the MCW, the DG58, and the F-556.

Now on to the battle rifles. We have the bass B, and we have the sidewinder. And then we have the MTZ 762. I couldn't get a picture of that, and I don't know why this is the only picture I couldn't get of any gun on the SMGs. We got the striker, we got the WSP Swarm, we got the AMR 9, we have the WSP 9, we have the Rival 9, and we have the striker 9 on the shotguns.

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We got the Lockwood 680, we have the Hay Maker, we have the Riveter onto the LMGs, and we got the Polyot 762. We got the DG58 LSW. We got the Hoger 26, and that's pretty much the G36C. Back in the day, I got the bruan MK9 and got the tack eradicator onto the Marksman rifles. got the KVD enforcer, got the MCW 6.8, and got the DMR 56.

I got the MTZ interceptor onto the snipers. I got the cat AMR. The longbow the KV inhabits onto the pistols got the core 45, the retti, the tyr, the wsp Stinger onto the launchers, we got the RG l80, and I'm pretty sure the p is going to be in the game, but I don't know if that's going to be like a transfer from MW2 to the game that's going to count as one of the launchers onto the melees.

We got the gutter knife, and then we got the corit, all right guys, breaking down the aftermarket parts. Six aftermarket parts are available immediately at the launch of Modern Warfare 3. These can only be equipped with their respective weapons that have reached the maximum level. Future aftermarket parts will be released throughout the preseason and during the postseasons of Modern Warfare 3.

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Any additional aftermarket parts that release after the launch window will be available through the weekly challenges menu. Once your weapon has reached its maximum rank, the aftermarket parts obtained through weekly challenges will then move on to the armory challenge menu at the end of each season for aftermarket parts.

Guys, first off, we get the Jack Raven kit; it's based on the MCW. Second, we get the Jack heretic carbine kit; it's based off the MTZ. We also get the Broad Mother 45 kit; it's based off the WP9. Then we get the Jack Annihilator; it's based off the polyot 762. Also, we get the XRX ipv2, Conversion Barrel's based off the core 45 handgun, which makes it into an SMG.

Also, we get the Jack Ferocity Carbine Kit; it's the Retti handgun; it also makes it into an SMG. This is pretty much the complete list of all MW3 weapons, guys. As you can see right here, there's going to be over 100 weapons in the game. This is nuts. The first side is the MW3 weapons, and the second side is the MW2 weapons.

modern warfare 3 guns

There are more weapons that are really out in MW2, but by the end of MW3, there's definitely going to be more weapons than in MW2. And every gun I already read to you guys was on the list, so you saw exactly how it looked. The only gun that you didn't see how it looked was the MTZ 762. This is literally every single weapon that's going to be in the game by the launch and also before the preseason starts.

Also, guys, you can pause the article within the end; it'll literally show you all the 100 guns that are going to be within Modern Warfare 3 and transferring from MW2 into Modern Warfare 3. We'll be breaking out every single thing that comes out for Modern Warfare 3. Peace, back got a b i, and she

This Video Is On Modern Warfare 3's Full Weapon List, There's Over 44 New Weapons Coming Out For MW3 And Will Have Over 100 Guns Within Mid Season Of MW3 To Use. Hope You Enjoy This Video.
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