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Z1620, here today. Welcome to another article in my series testing out all of the Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 weapons inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies just to see how viable they are. So there's a brand new event going on right now, the Warhammer 40K for the Emperor event. Today all right, welcome to another article.

Today we're going to be checking out another handgun. I had so much fun doing the previous one that I decided today we would check out the WSP. Stinger, and you're looking at that in Borealis, and I really do think that camo is absolutely gorgeous on here, so as always, when we spawn in on our matches to test out these weapons.

I'd like to make sure that we're testing to see how strong the actual weapon is before we go ahead, and for Beef It Up. I did bring in some goodies: my ether blade, my armor plates, and the mags of holding. Just because this weapon has a very small magazine, I brought in the mags to kind of compensate for that.

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You can definitely run this without the mags of holding if you guys want to. I believe pack-a-punched you'll have 60 four rounds and on pack-a-punched you'll have 32, so just doing a little bit more, reloading, if you don't bring a MAG to holding now we went and got ourselves our first bounty in Tier One here we've got nothing on it just our perks, no Rarity, no Pack-a-Punch, no ammo mods, and you can see the damage on critical hits was absolutely astounding.

I mean, I was super excited to continue testing this at this point. I was like, Holy smokes, this is really strong, so we went and got a nice self-revive out of there. How does it handle zombies? I mean, in Tier 1, zombies are definitely not an issue. I did realize this when I went to put on my legendary tool for our next tier, Bounty.

I didn't have an ammo mod, and there was cryofreeze. That mimic wasn't much of a problem, and that is horrible. I got a green tool, no wo. So next was to go pack-a-punch, which we did. We got pack one on it. How does it handle Tier 1 zombies? A pack one legendary, as expected, absolutely melts them.

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So the next thing to do was to head off into tier 2, which I had to run into on Merc camp, where the contract was, and just kind of Zippity do my way through there and take out the Bounty contract, which was pretty funny. I don't think the Merks are very happy about that, but we have a disciple here in Tier 2, and we're single.

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And I just wanted to show you like, this was a bit of a fight but I could tell I was doing some decent critical damage every time I was hitting the critical hits on it so this is definitely something that's viable in tier 2 disciples can be a real pain in the butt to deal with mags of holding as you can see, is just absolutely astounding to help out with you know bounties and things that are bullet sponges, inside of tier 2 obviously tier 2 Pack-A-Punch would have made a lot easier work of that disciple inside of tier one but we did manage to get rid of it with only Pack-a-Punch and I picked up tombstone Stone out of the deal so I was pretty happy about that, so the next thing left to do was to go and Pack-a-Punch the weapon to tier 2 now on the way I came across a Mangler just an elite in tier 2 I wanted to show you guys how strong it was he just erased him and then just a standard disciple inside of tier 2, crowd control single pack-a-punched in tier 2 with this wsp Stinger as you can see.

It's definitely not a problem whatsoever; we got a lucky nuke there to clear up the Lash of the zombies, and we finished off the disciple there, so it's definitely something single-papped in Tier 2 that you can run. However, once you get it to pack two inside of tier two, you start to see how much stronger this weapon really is, so we went off and grabbed another Bounty inside of tier 2; it took a hot minute to find one, as they were being picked up, but we grabbed a mimic and looked at the difference, like just holy smokes in tier 2.

Pack-A-Punch legendary with cryofreeze that mimic had no chance, the tier 2 Bounty got a quick revive count out of there, which was nice, and the double armor, which I didn't need, so lastly, we need to go and put on Triple Pack-a-Punch and head over to tier three and grab ourselves a bounty contract and see how well this triple Pack-a-Punch.

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Legendary cryofreeze and Stinger handguns work inside of Tier 3 with the Bounty contracts, being much beefier and stronger inside of Tier 3, so we went and picked up one, and it was a disciple, so this was a good opportunity to kind of show you guys just how strong this weapon is and just how viable it is inside of Tier 3.

We have a whole bunch of zombies coming at me while I'm trying to deal with this disciple. We got armored ones in there, and we took advantage of the Ether Blade to help clear out some of the zombies. The mangler was honestly the biggest pain in the butt with his blast; he just kept taking off so much shield health that I focused on him first.

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I got rid of him, and then the attention I diverted straight to was our Bounty contract, which was the disciple. I was melting the decimal, but when I wasn't. It certainly wasn't doing much in the way of damage so I feel like critical hits with the wsp Stinger inside the tier 3 is definitely going to make this thing even stronger it's definitely viable for sure and the nice thing about it being a handgun is you do have that movement speed you can certainly run around really quickly with your handgun out so you don't have to be swapping weapons all the time which can be a bit of a struggle, sometimes in tier three when you're dealing with your Bounty and you've got the sheer volume of zombies coming at you to try and you know maneuver around them if you've got a you know an lmg or something that hampers your speed so it was nice to have the pistol, finished them off there with the ether blade.

So I took out a tier 2 disciple or a tier 3 sorry disciple with our WSP, 9 stinger, and triple packed with K freeze. Now the next thing to do was to go ahead and grab another Bounty contract because what I wanted to show you guys was a mega-abomination and just how strong the WSP is. Sting, your handgun is against the mega-abomination.

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There's an elemental pop can there, and I probably should have grabbed it. I didn't realize it till I jumped up the window that I didn't have elemental pop, but you know, it is what it is, so we picked up our next contract here, which was a mangler, and I was shocked, like I was absolutely wrecking this guy.

Grab a jug and don't go down. In this new series I will be going through all the MW3 MW2 weapons as well as after market parts and kits then reviewing them for the MWZ mode inside of your modern warfare III game. Today I cover the WSP Stinger Handgun, let me know your best weapon builds in the comments. New Updated Season 2 Zombies Meta.
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