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This is Meos, and I'm bringing you some nice, almost double MGB gameplay with the XRK stalker. The new DLC sniper that came with season 1—I believe it's a really good sniper. I prefer this over the cat AMR. Has a faster, more expensive fire and equal damage. It definitely has shorter bullet velocities and damage range compared to the cat, but the multi-spare is way better.

I really struggled to get a nuke with this gun. I've tried multiple games, and I've always died because I missed a shot, and then someone quickly turned on me, so it took a few hours to get this game going. What do I mean by lobby search? I mean, going through the lobbies and checking out people's names, you can tell when people are sweating.

If they have, you know the smiling, smiley face. I believe it is again a letter in a different language. If they have YouTube, they do. They have lived. If they have TTV or something like that, some people are just fakes, and they don't even actually do that, but you can gauge through the rest of the name, or they have something like, you know, like.


I say, methos plays or methos sweats or something like that. You can just tell when people are sweating if they're sweating, and you just back up before the game starts, so it's not too hard. I encourage you guys to do that. I know a lot of people. I was like that before. We're impatient and just wanted to go through the games and unlock, you know, weapons, level up, complete battle passes, and get the weapon camos, but now it's not even worth it because if you Lobby search, spend an extra few minutes, and go through the names and even the levels, then you'd have way more fun during that game you get, you would have a lot more kills, and you would unlock stuff faster, so it balances out at the end.

I encourage you guys to do that. That's what I find to be the only legitimate way to come to SVM. I mean, there's some days where I have games and every single game a lava search just sweats. You know, a lot of people are also turning off crossplay. Good thing, I mean, for me at least, that crossplay is only an option for PlayStation.


A lot of sweats are on PC, and they don't have that option. So in the chances of you also being in shadow ban if you're a good de player or a lot less if you're on Playstation because they know you can't be downloading cheats or using, you know, malicious software. I'm sure you can. I'm sure there are people out there who do, but you probably need a jailbroken device or something.

But it's a lot harder to get on the PlayStation 5, and speaking of the PlayStation 5, you also have to think about whether crossplay is off if you're playing with people who have PS4s, which are still over a decade old. So you have four times the frame, I believe 120, and they have 30 frames per second, so a lot of the time their screen is not even rendered, so you can quickly turn them on.

That's a guaranteed kill. Not only that, but if you get the PS5. Dual Sensing Edge, which is like the pro version of the controller, where you have paddles in the back, you can customize the trigger response for, you know. R1. L1. R2, and L2. It's a $200 controller that's definitely worth it, and what I really liked about it is that you can replace the joysticks, so if you get stick drift, you can just change the joystick.

battle rifle

Kind of complex, while if you have a scuff or, you know, battle beaver. I haven't seen them on a lot of the websites, but you know, my friends have them, and if they get stick drip and you're pretty much screwed, you pretty much have to buy another one. I know the return process is a little bit more complicated, so it's just not worth it.

You can probably weigh 20 to 30 bucks in the new joystick complex, and boom, you are good to go again. So by turning off crossplay plus all the Christmas mobes plus having 120 frames per second versus a PS4 30 frames per second plus a dual-sense Edge controller, you're pretty much set up for success.

Anyway, the XRK stalker camo challenges are to get 50 kills, and then you have to get 50 kills shortly after advertising. Then get three kills with one magazine 10 times, and then get 15 one-shot kills, and then from there you can go for guilded, which is getting 10 kills while focusing down sights.

best load out

Forge gets three operated kills with one magazine 10 times; get 15 operated kills shortly after sprinting for prices, And for Inetta, just complete the 36 Price Camo Challenges. So you can definitely use this to replace a cat AMR sniper if you guys want to. This gun was a lot easier to use in the cat AMR sniper, especially if you want to rush and snipe and be a part of the Phas Clan.

I do wish that they would buff in and add faster ads and timing—not as fast as a longbow, because it gives less hit markers but a little bit faster—just to add another gun in the mix where people can go for clips and montages. I think it would be a very fun gun to use, especially for larger maps where you tend to get a lot of hit markers.

So far as you guys can see, I'm using the price camo, and I'm completing that over-weapon mastery challenge for that gun right now as we're talking. I believe I'm like 100 kills away, and then there are the Priceless Camo challenges, and then after that, I have to get the 400 kills for Interstellar to finally be done.


And do you guys typically use small maps to complete the ultra weapon mastery if you guys are completing it, or do you guys like to have fun and play with different game modes and different maps in ground war? Maybe I should do that just to keep the game from being stale. And in Moder Warfare 2. I completed the camo Ultra weapon Mastery challenges for each weapon pretty much just a shipment, so I was getting the th000 kills for 51 weapons, so 51, 000 kills just in shipment.

It was okay; it was fun; I still enjoyed it, but in this game since shipment is pretty much the same, I might just go play some meat or rust or even the larger maps just to keep it more fun. This year, how I will be switching it up is that I'm going to be completing two guns at the same time, meaning that I'm going to go for 100 kills with one weapon and then 100 kills for the other one to complete gilded, and then 200 kills with Forge with one gun, and then go back to the other one, and vice versa, until I complete it.


There are going to be weapons from different weapon classes. Last year. I just kind of grinded and completed a whole thousand kills straight, but it becomes very boring fast when somebody does weapons I don't like with weapons that are meta weapons are easy to use, so maybe like an AR with a knife or a shotgun with an SMG.

Discussion on how to lower SBMM in a legit manner in Modern Warfare III.
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