News - Buffed" Quick One Shot Xrk Stalker Class Warzone 2 (best Xrk Stalker Class Set Up) Warzone 2


This is me. And GL, we have a little community going where, as you know, we all love Call of Duty and you guys are enjoying the content. I am one sub away from 100 subscribers, so this is a huge milestone for me and for many. It can sound like a little bit, but 100 people—that's a lot of people who subscribe—that's, you know, almost a whole lecture room if any of you guys are in college, and I was looking at my YouTube analytics and most of the people watching aren't even subscribed.

The people who subscribe, or probably make up like 10% of the views, are just people you know who do not subscribe, but they're returning users watching the articles, but they're not subscribed, so if that's you, please subscribe. Other than that, I'm bringing you the XRK stalker gameplay, Honestly, this sniper got massive buffs on aim-down sight speed and mobility overall.

It's a lot faster, and now they even have a no-stock option. I was using the glass view optic for this game play because it was one of the weekly challenges where we needed to quickly scope plus use a glass view optic. For this game play, it was one of the weekly challenges where we needed to quickly scope plus use a glass-view optic, so I wanted to do a two-on-one, so that's what I was using it for.


If it were for personal preference. I would just use the regular iron sights that they added to the game to look like the ballista from BO2. I believe, and honestly. I wasn't expecting a nuke, especially with this sniper with a long well. It's a little easier getting a nuke, but with the stalker.

It's a little bit harder, but once I saw I got an advance go, it's time to cook, so I started cooking, and then near the end of the article, you're definitely going to cringe because I wanted to do another challenge, which was getting hit-fire kills with a recommended battle rifle, and the only recommended battle rifle was the worst one, which is a sidewinder.

Man, that gun is just a dog. There's no build that you can use to enjoy it. I'm still working on a weapon. Mastery, So I was using that, and you're going to see I died a lot, and for everyone saying I get bought lobbies, you'll see I don't get bought lobbies. These people were just [__] on me, but I mean overall.


That gun setup was trash. I'm not even going to show it. I will show you the XRK stalker setup. And if you guys are curious what camoo that is, that is a serpentinite, Serpentine KN serpentin, however you say it from zombies. It's equivalent to the price of this cam, but for zombies to the Moder Warfare 3 weapons, I think it's a good-looking camo.

I do wish it was brighter; instead of a forest green, it would be like a neon green. I think having it bright would, you know, be way more appealing, and if it were animated a bit faster, just to kind of enjoy it, but I like to switch up the camel and what you see. I would have used Forge Gilded.

Priceless, or Salad, but I do have the weapon Mastery already unlocked for the XRK stalker, so that is why I'm not, and for you guys wondering what my progress is on that. I believe I am 27 out of 36 guns right now. So I finish the ARs, not the DLCs for the ARs. I finished the subs. I finish the shotguns; I finish the snipers; I finish the pistols; I have to do them; I'm deciding if I'm going to do a knife or launchers.

battle rifle

I might just do DLC weapons; they still track according to a lot of people, and they will kind of go from there. I don't know if you guys saw in today's update that there was a Warhammer event going on, and it's all four events, but when the mastery, or. I should say, the completion of this event, is a weapon, especially with a dog [__], build no camo, nothing, it's not even worth it.

I mean, I will go and continue to complete it just to be a completionist, but I'm expecting a little bit more. The only thing I really felt intriguing was that I believe they added a skin for the stun grenade, so I'm not sure if it has any special effects when you throw it or if it pops up and blinds the opponent in some way.

I'm not aware of that yet; I haven't unlocked it or used it against it, but I guess we'll see. I think soon they should start adding throw KNE skins or the KNE effects. I should say, like, if you guys remember mod Warfare 2019. They had the electric one; they had the fire one. I think they definitely need to add those; I think it would be a very nice touch for it.

best load out

And I see right now that a lot, I believe it is the Wp9, called the R Storm, you need 5.48, 500 XP. That's over half a million XP. Do you guys know how long that takes if I'm fragging out dropping a new dropping 100 kill gamep playay that gives me roughly anywhere from 15.20, 000 with double XP? So you know how many hours you would have to put in just for this?

I think they need to either slash that in half for even more than half or they just have to add better rewards to make it worth it. Add operator skins, add flashy operator skins, and add weapon vaults. They should implement it in this manner, where you complete a battle pass or, you know, the weekly challenges.

On top of the universal camo that you unlock, they should definitely add at least one weapon. You know, make it for the WSP Swarm. Even though it's an ugly-looking camo, at least for some people they'll like it, but at least every single attachment for that might be overkill. I know people are going to say, but you know there's like 50 red dots, scooters, and sights, and then there's like 10 stops and like 30 grips.


I get it, but since they're a billion-dollar company, they can do it, especially since they probably have a code that already automatically does it; it's probably not even someone sitting there doing a camo for each single one of these parts. I do hope, though, that they remove all Mod Warfare 2 weapons.

In the surprise update, I know some of you guys do love the mod Warfare 2 weapons, but come on, that's got to go; it's getting too repetitive. I'm getting tired of dying from this shotgun. I believe it's the Lockwood from Modern Warfare 2, where there's an attachment where it shoots two shotgun shells at once, and that [__] is OP even though it was OP in the war zone.

I believe they nerfed it the most. It's still broken. Someone can shoot you from 10 to 15 meters in one shot, and you're dead. I'm going to be trying to make a article for every single weapon that I do a lot of weapon mastery for, just for you guys to see different kinds of setups. I do like the XRK stalker; I believe it's for me.


Multiplayer is the second-best sniper in the game, but enjoy the class, Setle guys, so you guys can see the perks that I use for this class setup. So for the barrel, I use a Harley LKP short barrel for the improved mobility and speed of the FSS Olav laser, for the same reasons as the Jack Glass as an optic.

This is the BUFFED One Shot One Kill XRK Stalker Class set up. Let me know how it is guys.
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