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It ain't a bot lobby, man. This is meos, and this bp50 cast has to be the best setup for the small maps for the small match marer pit in Moder Warfare 3. The mobility in this thing you can slide CLE you can move you can duck you can SL you can do whatever you can even take your enemy's girlfriend with this weapon this weapon is insane and only the real OG's know that this weapon was in Van Goed AKA Vanguard, give a thumbs up if you believe slh did a great job with that house so with the bp50 i a ZM 35 compensated flash hider it's really good for recoil control fire and aim stability and it shortens the radar ping so it's hard for enemies to track you in the mini map the Norman d41 short barrel for great Mobility hit fire spread as you can see here, and you can see the ads speed of Sprint to fire speed also greatly improve as well, which is really good.

The brw and bassed angle grip are also for hip fire spread, recoil gun kick tactical stand spread so you can be strafing a 45-round mag, and the hunter, Tac, home to improve the hipfire. This build is perfect for hip-firing and strafing. I've been cropping out, showing you guys just where I get the kills, and bringing some of those clips into the intro.

Just give me feedback. I really would appreciate it. I'm trying to make it more entertaining and more worth your time. I want to play around with different kinds of editing, and so far, I do like this editing. It follows a lot more of the format I've seen, like one of my favorites. YouTubers are away or braiders, where they just crop out the portion where they get kills and any part where they're looking for people, just crop them out.


I find it odd that you're just watching someone looking for people. And I just realized I'm really late to using the BP50. I believe this weapon came out in season 2, and we are now in season 3. I remember seeing clips of it in season 2, and it was completely broken. I do believe they added a Nerf to it, but I still do think it's one of the most OP weapons in multiplayer.

You can definitely use this as a strafing build only in tactical stands, and trust me, people are going to struggle to hit their shots and hit you, but the base camo challenges for the BP50 are just 50 kills, and then you get 50 kills while aiming down sights. The third base challenge is 15 head shots, the fourth, and the last base challenge is 25 kills, while attacking stands super easy.

Just play naturally and use this build for all of the weapon challenges. I guarantee you you'll get Interstellar Guilded Forge with this setup, and look at that for gold, you need to get 10 kills while strafing is easy, and for Forge, you need to get three kills with one magazine. 15 times; that's why you need to use a 45-round mag, and for prices, you need to get 15 double kills around attack stand boom.

assault rifle

If I remember Vanguard, it was an okay weapon; it had no recoil; it was a laser, but at the same time, a lot of the weapons in that game were just beaming like bad boys. I actually locked into cell and prices in this game playay, and I didn't even realize it until after I was editing, and I also dropped the double nuke.

And if you guys have seen some other content creators or leaks that are coming out on Twitter and YouTube, there's certain weapons coming back in the next few seasons in Modern Warfare 3, and I'm super freaking hyped, so the two weapons that were leaked on coming out are a Spas 12 and a K98. So with the Spas 12, you have another shotgun; it is what it is.

I'm sure it's going to be broken when it first comes out, especially when the market part comes out and gives it incendiary rounds. Boom, that [__] is going to be broken, but the car8. That's what I'm super excited for. I do wonder if it's going to be as broken, or, I should say, as fun to use, as it was in Model Warfare 2019.


In the original rebirth and the original for dance, whereas in one shot to the head in War Zone and, you know, two shots to the body. I wish it was like that, but seeing how Sledgehammer is going and how they've been nerfing all the snipers lately and making them move slower. I have a feeling it's going to be more of a marksman rifle, and I believe it's going to perform similar to how the Longbow is performing right now in terms of ads.

One shot to the head and upper torso, and I believe everything else is going to be a two-shot. You know now that I'm thinking about it, it could be like the Kar98 that was in Van Goed, AKA Vanguard. Kar98 in that game was terrible; the ad speed was slow, and there was so much idle. Sway, And a few days ago, I did unlock Interstellar on the sniper.

battle rifle

I definitely have to try to get a nuke; it's going to be a little harder being a sniper. I'm definitely going to get that new game. I already have some insane clips and collateral I got from it. I might make it into a short article, trying to make it like a mini-montage. So that game is coming out.

I'm working on bioluminescent again, so I'm starting that journey soon, and then, of course, going for the Modern Warfare 2 zombies Grand Weapon Mastery so then I can be a x 4 Mega Weap Mastery. Grandmas Champion of the World, so I was already doing research for the Modern Warfare 2 bioluminescent grind and for the weapon mastery for Moder Warfare 2 weapons.

It's Reddit that the attack V, and I believe it locked me 76 to our glitch so you can unlock bioluminescent. But they won't track kills on bioluminescent, so just reading that saved me probably 2–3 hours, which I'm not excited for. Grinding for 51 weapons for a new camo is not an easier part, in my opinion; it's the part where you have to get 3, 000 kills with each weapon, so having 51 weapons and getting 3, 000 kills per weapon will be difficult.

best load out

153, 000 zombie kills, which is absolutely insane. And I might take my time on this, but definitely do a passivity focus on the DLC, Weapons, as they come in the new game modes. I think this will happen once I get good footage. As you know, Multi is getting a little bit stale. 10 vs 10 is getting a little stale, you know.

Hop in; let me do some zombies. Do a few weapons at a time. Definitely not going to rush it, because after rushing it all, you got really just ground-war multiplayer. I guess I'm not a huge War Zone fan though, just because there's so many hackers and people always reporting and falsely accusing, and that's the last thing I need right now to get Shadow banned, and then boom, everything would shut down, especially with all the time and effort put into these weapon camos and Grand Masters.

It's not worth it. And an update on the channel, guys. The article views have been climbing up too. I mean, my last two articles got close to 500 views. My shorts have been making it 500 views and over; likes have been there. The reactions and comments from you guys are there, so the support is definitely there for you guys.

This class set up used is perfect for camo grinding as is it all you need for all the base and mastery camo challenges. Insane movement, TTK, and minimal to no recoil to shred enemies.
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