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A quick intro to worst to best

A quick intro to worst to best

The XRK Sniper is a new sniper rifle introduced in season 1 of Modern Warfare 3. In this worst-to-best review, we're going to deep dive into its stats to see just how good of a sniper it is. After that, I'll be rating the XRK Sniper out of five stars, and I also have some class setups for you to try out.

Stats - damage & range

The XRK stalker has a 50-cal bolt action that is most comparable to the FJX Imperium. Like the fjx, it will one shot to the ENT higher upper body up to its first damage fall off at 48 M. Beyond 48 M, the one-shot area shrinks to the chest and upper arms. This makes the XRK stalker reliable in close to mid-range combat for quick scopers while also being consistent for traditional long-range sniping.

If you happen to need two shots to kill the XRK, this is the second slowest firing bolt action currently in the game, only beating out the victus X XMR. The in-game stats State The fire rate is 50 rpm; however, this specific stat tends to not be accurate for both actions. The actual fire rate is 39 rounds per minute, in comparison to the FJX fires at 44 rounds per minute.

The XRK also has access to several ammo types, including explosive rounds, which are needed for one shot in modes with armor such as War Zone. I feel it's worth mentioning that bullet penetration doesn't seem to be so great on this sniper. I haven't done a test for this, and there aren't in-game stat numbers for bullet penetration, but I've experienced several instances while I was leveling this weapon up where I've seen someone behind a shootable wall, and I thought I could easily get the kill, but I ended up with a hit marker instead.

Stats - accuracy & bullet velocity

Stats - accuracy & bullet velocity

As for accuracy, the XRC stalker boasts a nice 860 M/s bullet velocity, making it the fastest in class for Modern Warfare 3 snipers. Flinch received in delt is average; idle sway is average; and recoil is similar to the cat AMR. It doesn't kick too much, but it also doesn't completely reenter after each shot.

If you fire without making any adjustments to your aim whatsoever, your crosshairs will slowly drift upwards over time. This is very minor, and I wouldn't call this an issue with the nature of how bolt actions work because you will constantly be adjusting your aim as you rechamber in between shots, so chances are you probably won't even notice this.

Stats - handling & mobility


Handling can make or break this specific sniper, so pay attention to what I'm about to say. The XRK defaults with five in the mag and a slightly slower than average reload speed of 4.3 seconds. There are options for seven and even 10 round mags, which is kind of rare, but keep in mind they will slow down your reload speed even more.

Sprint to fire speed is slightly slower than average at 283, milliseconds, but most importantly, aim down sight speed is noticeably slower than average at 690 milliseconds. The only sniper with a slower aim-down sight speed out of the 11 options currently in the game is the cat. AMR, however, has access to some great ads and improved attachments that can reduce your time down to 410 milliseconds if you opt for an optic instead of a scope.

Even with a scope, the XRK with the right attachment, which I'll be sharing shortly with my class setups, can aim down sights faster than the FJX Imperium. Attachments put the XRK right below that meta tier of sub 400 millisecond snipers, which is absolutely fantastic. The last stats worth sharing are our mobility stats, where the xrk stalker has a slightly above average ad strafe speed, although this average is kind of skewed because all Modern Warfare 2 snipers have significantly slower mobility stats than Modern Warfare 3 snipers. The XRK sits exactly between the cat AMR and the Longbow in terms of strafe; the other movement speeds are all average and on par with the Longbow and the KV inhibitor.

Class setup suggestions

Class setup suggestions

If you are a quickscoper, your class is going to look a little something like this. You can swap the ammo and the bolt with a lighter optic, or if you'd like to maximize aim-down sight speed, the factory grip only gives you a 1.9% boost to aim-down sight.

Personally, I find the faster fire rate more valuable when I'm trying to be a bit more aggressive with the sniper. I also prefer a scope in this game, and that frees up an attachment slot to allow me to boost bullet velocity and make the sniper a little bit more versatile. If you're using the XRK for traditional sniping, you can try out this class that boosts range and bullets.

Xrk stalker rating & review

best attachments

Velocity : Overall. I would say the fjx Imperium is actually better than the xrk stalker without any attachments, but with optimal attachments, the xrk becomes really good; it becomes what the fjx aimed to be before it got nerfed with carry forward into Modern Warfare 3. The XRK stalker is similar to the MCPR 300, which is a really great sniper, but the XRK has a more forgiving one shot up close, and because of that, my rating for the XRK stalker is four out of five stars.

It's a great addition to the Modern Warfare 3 lineup because, so far, it's lacked a normal bolt-action sniper that you can quick scope with. The XRK stalker is exactly that. This weapon is really good and borderline; it gets five out of five stars. It's really hard to get five out of five stars for me, and what would nudge this into that five-star category is if it had a bit more forgiving one-shot area in close range or at distance either, or you could also use a bit faster ad speed, a faster fire rate, or some combo of those.

best sniper

The fire rate actually holds his weapon back a lot and is quite annoying because it's not fast enough to keep up with the ad speed. This results in an awkward feeling when you see ads after firing, but you can't fire yet because you're still rechambering. All in all, the XRK is a great weapon, but it has a little room to grow to be the best of the best.

If you're curious what the best of the best snipers are or how the XRC Sniper compares to the entire sniper lineup. I encourage you to check out my worst to best snipers, where I ranked all snipers from Modern Warfare 3, including the Modern Warfare 2 ones from Wars 2. That article is on the screen for you to click on now.

Review of the new XRK Stalker bolt-action Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and Warzone. This video includes all the important stats, attachments and optimal class setups I've created after unlocking Gilded and Forged camo.
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