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In this article, I'm ranking all the battle rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from worst to best, including the ones from Modern Warfare 2. Worst to Best is an ongoing series I'm doing for every weapon class once I unlocked the forged camo and have a considerable amount of experience with each weapon.

Let's get started with the worst battle rifle at the number eight spot. That weapon is the Lochman 762. This is a one-out-of-festival weapon, absolute garbage. If you thought the Sidewinder was the worst weapon in the game, you obviously haven't tried the Lockman 762. The semi-auto time to kill is below average for some reason; the full auto is respectable and actually amazing at long range, but good luck.

Landing any of your shots in full auto has the same intense recoil as the Sidewinder does, if not worse. The Lockman 762 is inconsistent; it feels like a hit-marker machine. There's nothing really else to say about this weapon; it's easily the worst battle rifle. Next up at the number seven spot is the S-14.


This is also a one out of five star weapon, which is a shame because this was really good in Modern Warfare 2, and I believe I had it ranked at best for that game. First things first, this weapon is absolute garbage in full auto; it can take between 7 and n shots, starting at 32 M. Now, this is likely due to a bug.

The tacv actually had a similar issue that they fixed at the beginning of season 1, but I don't think fixing the bug will help this weapon. Much like in semi-auto, the So4 has the fastest time to kill on paper, with the potential to outgun every other battle rifle, but that just doesn't translate in game.

It has the potential to get a three-shot kill, but I feel like it rarely happens, and I end up losing a lot of gunfights with the So4. Part of this, I think, is due to the first few shots having some pretty aggressive recoil that didn't exist in Modern Warfare 2. It also has noticeably slower strafe speed, like actually the slowest in the game.

I can confirm that it's slower than the LMGs and has the slowest handling speeds that get even slower when you start using recoil-reducing attachments. It's, I mean, easier to use in the lock, but this is still a horrible-feeling weapon that is a struggle to use. At the number six spot, we have our first Modern Warfare 3 rifle.


The, Sidewinder, As I shared in its worst-to-best review article, I think the Sidewinder is a two-out-of-five-star weapon. It has a lot of drawbacks and is difficult to use, but we can't ignore its ability to twoot to the head, which gives the Sidewinder some value. I mean, the lockman 762 can't even do that.

The Sidewinder only requires three shots to kill, too. I mean, it has a slow fire rate, so it's unforgiving, but if you land your shots, it can be a competitive weapon. Compare that to the Lockman 762, which takes four shots to kill with the same amount of recoil. I think this is the perfect example of a bad two-star weapon.

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It's bad, and it's hard to compete with, but it's nowhere near trash one-tier like Theo and Lockman are. Sliding in at the number five spot, we have the Cronin Squal. This is our first three-out-of-five-star weapon. It's not bad; it's not necessarily good. It's pretty average. Now this is actually underpowered in full auto; it's the slowest killing battle rifle within 30 m, and you feel this slowness in the game.

Beyond 30 m, the Cronin Squall starts to stand on its own, but predominantly, you're going to want to use the Cronin in semi-auto. In semi-auto, it's a three- to four-shot kill, and within its max damage range, you can get a respectable 200 to 90 millisecond time to kill. I don't really have much else to say about this, so we're going to move on to the number four battle rifle, which is the MTZ.

762, from Modern Warfare 3. I've rated this weapon three out of five stars in its review article, and everything I literally just said about the Cronin Squall applies to the MTZ 762. These are two very similar weapons; the only difference is that the MTZ kills faster and has a little more recoil. Unlike the Cronin, the MTZ is a bit more viable in full auto.


The MTZ's four-shot Max damage range is more than double what the Cronins are, and you can land your shots anywhere on the body at long range. On the MTZ, you can land your shots anywhere in the upper body for a quick 333 millisecond time to kill where the Cronin is limited to the chest up. Also worth mentioning is that the MTZ is more lethal in semi-auto compared to full auto, so it's a decent weapon if you'd like to learn more.

I'd encourage you to check out its individual review article because we need to move on to the top three weapons. I told you at the beginning I'd point out where the weapons worth using are, and actually I don't think I did that because I cut that out of the script, so at this point in the article, all the weapons we've discussed so far I wouldn't even consider using at this point in the game.

However, these top three weapons are not only worth giving a try; they happen to be top-tier weapons. At the number three spot, the third-best battle rifle is the TAC V for Modern Warfare 2. I rate this weapon four out of five stars. It's an extremely good weapon, which is ironic because the TV was at the bottom of my list when I started working on this article.

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This weapon had damage inconsistencies, like the 14 does, but they were buffed in season 1. Before the buff, the tacv could take upwards of seven shots to kill. The buff only applied to full auto. Semi-auto can take up to six shots to kill, and you can get a five-shot kill in its Max damage range, so as of right now, don't ever put the TAC V in semi-auto because then you'll be wondering why it's at the number three spot.

Full auto absolutely slaps with the TAC V; it deals incredibly well. Consistent damage: it will be shot anywhere in the body for a 315-millisecond time to kill up to 36 M, which is impressive. Beyond 36 M, it's a five-shot anywhere in the body, killing in 420 milliseconds. I don't like to compare weapons outside of the weapon class we're focusing on in these worst-two-best, but you put things into perspective.

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The TAC V is essentially a faster-killing MCW assault rifle. The TAC V is just going to have naturally slower handling for a battle rifle, plus it has a slower fire rate than the MCW, meaning the TAC V is going to be less forgiving if you miss a shot. It has relatively low recoil; there's a bit of pull, but it's very smooth and easy to handle.

It also boasts the fastest reload in class, which I have to mention is just great. You need to give the TAC V a shot. The runner-up battle rifle coming in at the number two spot is the ftac, Recon. In Modern Warfare 2, this was a five out of five star weapon, but unfortunately, in Modern Warfare 3, it dropped to four out of five stars.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Battle Rifles including MW2 weapons based on their stats AND my experiences unlocking Forged Camo.
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