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So Rebirth Island drops tomorrow, and I'm about to give you guys some sauce by giving you the top 10 meta loadouts to use on day one for Rebirth Island. Hey, all I have to say is that I know the script. I know what's going to get buffed, nerfed, and all that nonsense, so hey man, listen up now. I'm just playing with you guys, obviously.

I don't know what's going to be buffed or nerfed. I will say though. I do have a good feeling on what's going to get buffed just based on the current state of the war zone meta and just knowing what guns are good and bad right now, but let's go ahead and get into it, but do me a favor, man, drop a like.

If you guys are excited for Rebirth Island, so for Loadout number one, you know, I just had to throw this in here. I know this is the current state of the War Zone meta, and obviously, everyone wants these guns nerfed. They're going to be on the top priority list of Nerfs, and they're going to be coming in season 3, so these guns are probably going to be unusable.

But I will say Raven software does a terrible job of nerfing guns, buffing guns, and stuff like that, so they're either going to be good or they're still going to be good. Who knows i have a stem and a throwing knife for all my class setups. Obviously, you don't have to copy exactly what I have here.

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You can run whatever you want for these things, and you could really say the same thing for the perk package, but I truly think these are going to be the best perks for Rebirth Island, so we have Mountaineer and Double Time. Quick Fix and High Alert: You can probably switch high alert with Flex. I do that from time to time, or even ghost.

You can even switch Quick Fix for Tempered. It's really all personal preference, and you know your play style, so obviously mess around with all that stuff. For the class setups, we have the Ram 7 XRK, Core Mark 40 heavy barrel cast break muzzle brew, heavy support under the Barrel 60 round drum mag, and the HS 3.4 pad.

Here is the HRM 9 setup. I'm rocking, so we have the Z35 compensated flash hider, 490 barrel folding stock, and 50 round mag in the DR6 hand stop. Now for the next loadout, we have the MCW and the AM9. Now that the MCW has received a pretty significant buff in the most recent update, the only problem this gun has really had is the damage.

hrm 9

It just lacks damage range and bull velocity, in my opinion, compared to other better assault rifles like the Ram 7, but if this thing received a buff in the season 3 update, man. I could see this being a top three, you know, top two AR in the game, and yeah, man, it's got no recoil, just a really easy gun to use, and honestly.

I'm praying for it to be meta because I actually enjoy using this gun, but then for the AR9, this thing has always been a solid SMG, option for Sniper Support AR Support whatever you want to use it for, it's really good. It's got great damage range; it kind of reminds me of the bullfrog. From War Zone 1, here's the attachment for it.

We have the ZM-compensated flashhider DR6. Hand stop under Barrel 50 round mag. Nadar model 2023, optics in the buffer tube for the MCW. Here are the attachments for it. We have the spirit fire suppressor MCW Cyclone long barrel Coro eagles eye optic ruin heavy support and the 60 round drum magag.


Now for loadout number three, we have the Hoger 556 assault rifle in the Striker 9 SMG. The Hoger 556, right now in the current state of the war zone, is a top-three assault rifle hands down. No doubt the only problem with this gun is that it kind of lacks damage; it's kind of like the ACR. But it does a little bit more damage than the ACR, but it's a really easy gun to use, as you can see from the lack of recoil coil on this build.


This thing does get buffed like a little bit in the season 3 update, and I can definitely see it being the top assault rifle in the game, and then for these Striker 9s, this thing has always been good. The only problem with it is that I can never find like this is the best class setup to make for it so I feel like this is the best class I have found, it's a movement build and as you can see the iron sights I'm rocking iron sights on this thing it's not the prettiest thing in the world but it does the job and obviously if you guys you know want to rock an optic you could probably switch out the stock attack and put on an optic or replace the rear grip for an optic you guys can go ahead and pause the article and take a screenshot Here's the class set up for Hoger 556: we have the Jack BFB muzzle, the Cheerio six-match barrel bruin heavy support under barrels 40 round mag, and the Coro eagleye 2.5x.

Optic, so for loadout number four, we have the SVA 545. And the striker, SMG, is just the striker, not the striker 9. This thing has always been really good. It's just that it kind of lacks damage like the other assault rifles. It's kind of weird, man. You kind of see a pattern with the assault rifles; a lot of them just lack damage and bull velocity.

If we're ranking the best assault rifles in the game right now, we have the ACR, Hoger 556, and the SVA, which is right below it, but this thing is really easy to use; there's no recoil. As you can see, it's got a fast fire rate, so you could probably build this thing as an SMG as well, but for the SVA class set up, we have the Precision Barrel Jack glassless.

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Optic demo 650 grip 60 round mag in the brew, and heavy support, and then you guys are going to go ahead and pair up the SVA with the striker SMG. Now this is one of the better SMGs in the game, and this setup in particular is a movement build. I do have another setup for this striker that caters to more of that, like a campy sit-on-rooftop play style, which is totally fine.

For me personally. I like to move around on the map being aggressive, so that's why I'm showcasing this class setup first, but as you can see, man, this class setup is super fast for the campy sit-on-rooftop-play style class. You guys are going to go ahead and remove the stock and put on the ZM compensated flashhider, and you guys will see this thing is a lot easier to control.

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The iron sights are not as Bobby as the other class it up. You know you can pick and choose what classes you guys want to go ahead and try out, but for me personally, I'm rocking the movement built on the striker. Now for loadout number five, we have the Bruan MK9. I had to throw an lmg in there in the wp9; SMG now the bruan 9 right now is the best lmg in the game.

I don't see a lot of people rocking it, but man, this thing just rips, and if this thing received like any buff in the season 3 update. I could see it being the best gun in the game the CES break muzzle The XRK Horizon V2 barrel, the brewing and heavy port under the barrel, and the Coro Eagle eye 2.5x.

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