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The biggest thing that separates a noob from a pro in war zone solos is positioning. So in today's article, I'll be breaking down a 12-kill solo win and showing you exactly how I won. So here we're jumping out of the plane, and I'm actually chasing this person, and I'm going to land right on them. It's a new strategy that I've been using that warms you up, but it doesn't really give you any money.

It depends on where they land. Though this enemy player could go after a contract, if you like going after a contract, you should probably do either a bounty or an Intel. They're really good. Let's see, he goes to that blue building there, and there was actually another person that landed with him, so pushing that right now would not be smart.

I've got no plates and no gun, so I decided to go loot this building over here on the left and hit the medical cabin. I actually have a self, which is actually a very nice find at the start, and then I also hear a bit of a box on the roof, so go open this and get myself a sniper, which is not really that good, but I do find a pull as well.


Wanted, go inside; you can see right there. I should not have won that there, but the pistol at a specific range is kind of OP. see there's another guy there and the Most Wanted there's actually a few people here so I decided to back off there's no point pushing that especially with zero plates so I go loot these buildings up, here so plate a strike a n there on the ground the strike a nine is one of the best SMGs at the moment find a scatter of mine so I threw that at the door there as well and that the medical cabinet there was rather disappointing there's still one more box here on the roof so I decided to go hit this still basically no plates which is rather unfortunate find a singular plate there which is not great this guy, there I beam him a little bit break his plates and here I just decid okay do I want to go push this or not and I decide I'm thirsty for blood I've recently been going after a lot more kills while trying to win as, well, a lot of.

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Footsteps i strike as well that he walks in here, and I decimate him at close range. He maybe didn't see me on the stairs there, but maybe it got him disoriented because a strike was coming in. It's kind of hard to see, but there is still the most wanted area in this area. I found myself a HRM and an XK stalker, some of the better guns in the game at the moment.

See, on the right-hand side there, I'm actually talking with the person who's actually up top here, but you guys won't hear that because I'm recording this afterwards. I decided to run back because I need to go find myself some plates I've got. None; they're shooting up there. What I want is, I believe, dead, or at least it's finished.

The box just came in; here it is, and I get a singular plate. I kind of wish there was a bus station here, but there's nothing nearby—no boxes. No loot, so use M. Happy Cent that I picked up, and the guy is still in that building. All dolphins dive over and get to this little bit. I probably shouldn't have climbed up this hill because the guy does look at me.


I almost died there, and maybe fighting this guy with no plates it's a bit of a stupid idea but this have probably also does have plates so, like we just won that up sensor there's an ammo box medic vest there's a bit of stuff here no plates once again though like this whole early game I had no plates whatsoever so maybe pushing all these fights was not the wisest idea but I did come out on top right here I jump off the roof and I'm going for the load out drop it's right over here in the open but before that got to find some, plates I I'm not too sure if I actually find some here I've recorded this earlier.

Today, yeah, one, actually two plates, and since I have that perk package, I have tempered it, so I'm full plates now, but if I get shot at, I don't have any spare, which is rather unfortunate. Yeah, so the loadout that we're using is the HRM 9 and the XR stalk, which I picked up right here. I'll show the loadouts on screen as well.

We're also using the slider hand perk. Mountaineer Quick Fix and High Alert, which I believe are two of the better combos you can use at the moment in war, zone, buy myself a bit of a UAV, pop this as well, and some plates. You pretty much need double time to move around the map; that's like a mandatory perk.

new update

Mountaineer allows you to drop from a higher height and not take as much fall damage, which is really useful. Quick Fix allows you to heal immediately as you begin placing, and high alert Just because it's solo, there's a lot of rats, so if someone looks at me. I'll get an immediate highlight on the left or right-hand side of the screen if there's a person looking at me, which is really handy.

I jump up here, and I actually didn't know you could actually jump up this. The more you know, yeah, there's a lot of jump-up spots on the OAC stand that you'll learn over time. I hit the heartbeat sensor, but there's no one here. I see a guy down there, and I believe it was a vehicle or something, but I get precision air.

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Stract, I keep getting sniped at from somewhere, West; I did not see a sniper glint or any of that, and I did see a person parachuting over as well, so I got to keep that in mind. Looking at the circle and seeing where it goes, there's one guy there on green ping, and you can see the circle pulls; a bit more south, I see the guy running there under the bridge as well.

Well, and here I decided to head back towards Circle. Let's see up here to the left, there's someone doing an Intel contract on the roof, and he is on the heartbeat. Center, so I hit the bomb drone. This is the one spot where using a bomb drone is actually a really smart idea, and I don't believe this hits the person, no i s exent and being pushing him.

I maybe shouldn't have done this, but I hit him a few times, but he breaks me as well. So I push back down, and you can hear the footsteps. The guy's right above us on the roof. We're on a UAV, and there's another guy that begins shooting at the guy on the roof. You can see the dot on the map there as well, so maybe the person who was pushing up from behind us popped the UAV.


I'm not too sure there could have been someone further back or even at the station. I hear the footsteps, and I immediately do a bit of a drop, shot, and I take this guy out, and the person on the roof jumps off, grabs that buggy there, and just begins driving back, probably the smart play, but Maha and I get a ping here on the left, beautiful down right.

There, that's why you use the XRK Sniper. Resort's a really good sniper rifle, but it doesn't one-shot snipe across all the ranges, which is rather unfortunate, but I think that'll be quite overpowered as well. The cat is definitely a much harder sniper to use. As you can see, I think that building there in green is kind of where I want to go.

This video is a Warzone Solos guide on how to improve your positioning to get more solo wins in Warzone! I'm going to be breaking down my own gameplay, a 12 kill solo win and showing you my thought process. This includes where I landed, my loadout HRM-9 XRK Stalker, perk package, how to get kills, and tackling the endgame.
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