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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ersan and our first ever spectator game. So we're going to fly out of bounds and lose our goog. Actually, we're going to win our goog. I'm going to win this game because anybody who dies this early is bad at the game. Lord Ases, come on, literally the freest kill I've ever.

Gotten close, that wasn't close, that wasn't close at all. All right now, we're going to go get ourselves killed again, so it'll give us a random person to break you into how I do. As I play through it, let's just see what people are running, what they're liking, where they're positioning, what angles we can find, and what we can learn here, folks.

As you know, maybe we'll have a good couple Chuckles at some people's gameplay, although we've been running into a lot of good players as well, so I'm always fingers crossed for a really good player. I want to learn something, and I'd love to learn something beautiful. This guy already looks cracked, and he's running the akimbo pistols, which I'm assuming are going to be nerfed, but regardless.

fast squad

I've done a couple game plays with this and already got some wins, and I still want to talk through some. Strategy literally, it was like. Should I even do this if people are going to be running it? But I think we can still look at it from that perspective, and he did get the stronghold as well.

Of course, he got his free load out of the strongholds. I don't know what you guys thought about the stronghold change. I've talked to a couple of my buddies about it, and my personal thoughts are that now strongholds are no longer guaranteed, so it's just like a random event, but I feel like it's spread out where everybody goes in the game; there's not this one Central.

funny moments

Hot Drop anymore, like we had back, everybody would go Superstore; even a Caldera, everybody would go Peak up at the top of the map because you could rotate out of it obviously into Almaza; those hot drops were all the strongholds. Yeah some people maybe went up to the top Center area as well I like that in general though the strongholds was where the best players would go because you can secure the key go to the black site strongholds now when you leave them so this guy left the stronghold it doesn't even it's not active anymore so anybody can go there and knows that nobody's there as well which is another side benefit if you're ever running around and you see a, and think how's this not been you captured yet in the past you'd capture it you would hold it for an extended period of time or you know you'd hold it until somebody else claimed it, this case now it just leaves he's got one on him here and he's running with the bass B this thing they also did Nerf but the damage profile on it is still insane.

I've been running it quite a bit with sniper support, which is mainly what I do. This is actually probably the better way to do this, even when I was running the pistols. In these kimbos, I was running pistols with snipers, and I've actually gotten two pistol-sniper solo wins. Now, at this point, it's almost half the wins that I've gotten personally, though I kind of like it, especially because it's only 100 players.

modern warfare 3

I'd rather have you know more opportunities around the map to go to different places. I do think it would be nice, though similar to how Al Mazra had this one area that was a super hot cash spot where there were like tons of registers in this burger shop northeast of the Almaz skyscraper building.

I feel like it would be cool to have a little bit more of a hot spot here, and I still feel like we don't have that, but it seems like it's more intentional this time around, and even in the way that the developers talked about this in one of the meetings that I got to go on and listen to prior to the game coming out, they were saying that they wanted to increase the midgame and the endgame pacing, and look at that both shotguns sliding right into each other.

I mean welcome to the war zone. I do kind of wish the Black Site was better, though I've captured it twice now, and whenever you get it, it's not the biggest UAV. The Black Site also doesn't seem to ever be where the end game is, which in the past it was almost, Not almost always, but a lot of the time it was at where the end game was.


I haven't seen it once in an end game now. Maybe that's for the better, but it would be kind of nice. If you do find the blacksite key, I don't typically go for it. It's the same thing with the big game bounties. If I ever find a big game bounty and I pick it up. I almost never complete it because it's usually off on the other side of the map because it marks the person with the highest kills, and I don't know if that's just part of it being harder to rotate on this map versus Caldera, when of course we last had that in the game, or if back then it would still give you somebody who was closer to you who had high kills.

I feel like it should be at least like who has the highest kills within a 500-meter radius. You don't have to go to the other side of the entire map. Here's a footstep inside. This is the black side he's going for. So, of course, that's just AI. This is going to kill the Jug, so, fast, he's going to kill.


He's got to just kill it, though once he opens it, other people are going to know it pops down from a UAV with nothing on it. Just use your pistols. Man, your pistols will annihilate this thing. Shotguns in general go absolutely ballistic on the Juggernaut, which is another thing I do want to actually try running.

new map

It's just like a proper shotgun; this guy can just tap it with a pistol, just do it, and just send it. You got this. Do not die capturing a black spot for the love of everything. Another thing I always noticed with these in the past was body shots didn't really ever see Mor to do head shots on the Juggernaut, but you got you got time like he should just peek it for 2 or 3 seconds, put as many bullets as he can in because that's the windup once you hear the wind up finish on the jug then you take cover you don't want to keep shooting while The Jug starts spraying you got like a 3C window pump as much damage pull cover if you want to do it you know with normal gun strategy, there you go are SEC cluster mine helped a bit so that's going to give him an instant death here comes a shot I just did this don't be like that no my God my guy my God, yeah see that's the other thing if you're doing a black site you got to be very fast with it, in general like everybody's going to know where you are once you open that all right well now we're falling with shirt RI and you can tell people know what they're doing in this Lobby we are in an insane one every single person we've seen has the, pistols.

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