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I got a little surprise for you on this game, folks. If you already read the title or saw the thumbnail of the article, I'm sure you guys are excited. If you're watching this live over with me on Facebook, you guys will find out when I pick up the loadout and I'm either going to Rage or I'm going to be I'm going to hit something fun, we're going to hit something good.

There was somebody shooting second floor everything into the ground. It's kind of like being monitored by a bank of librarians. I think it's good that they need to do these things. It's like so dominantly crazy powerful; it just makes it one. I would rather have a game where I can run a bunch of different weapons and load outs, because that's how I prefer to play it.

I know a lot of people like to just have one gun; that's the most overpowered thing they the only thing they. I'm blowing my whole load. That's fine, though I'm not even worried about it. It still has a backup secondary in the tank. Bounty averted; the enemy is no longer tracking you. Same thing with sniping, right?

To me, only having one sniper in the game to me, it kind of stinks. I like to have. I like to just build bunches of different guns, bunches of different even variations of those, even the bass that I built, like I built that in four different ways. Why not have the option to use different weapons?

cod mw3

Oh, Gu, you got a load out drop inbound. I tried to weapon-inspect, and I thought I accidentally opened the door. I didn't even realize I was an enemy at first glance. I don't really want to shoot unsuppressed and give my position away to anybody else who got gas moving in coming by. Who saw it here?

It is Man the McPr. Now that I have not used this, this is my first time trying it on the new map. Bullet velocity is so freaking slow on this thing, though it is going to be bad. Of course, we have to have the explosive rounds in order to get one tap, so one of the only other snipers that can one tap is obviously the Imperium, and the Vicus can also one tap if you put explosive rounds on it.

fast squad

I've always preferred the MCPR over those two, though in this game we only get one new additional one-tap sniper, but it is the dream one-tap high velocity. One tap, and that's the dream that we've been waiting for. The beauty of MCPR, though, is the insanely fast aim-down sight speed of 10 rounds and the very fast time between shots, so while it's much harder to use, you can put a lot more shots down range, and it also allows you to counter vehicles.

I have not run into anybody using this thing yet. I have picked up an Imperium floor looter. Wait, is that a guy? nice This guy at least had some stuff; he was running the Imperium. I love it. The good thing is that I've been practicing for the last year with this thing, so at least I know how to use it.

We already have a durable one as well. This is going swimming, see, but I cannot penetrate walls with this thing at all, although with the Spire Point rounds you can't really pin either, so that was a 99 M shot at that range. I already have to put a drop on it. That's why I didn't get the one tappy.

funny moments

I had to put it a little bit higher over his head. 200 meters out is very hard, especially on the move, but you know if you're good enough, you get it done. In, mostly, it's a skill issue, but like, how great is it that even though we still have the MCPR or we still have these old guns in thingame, obviously they just added another XMR XMK?

Whatever sniper rifle I got, it maxed out; it can't one tap head shot anyway. Same thing with the long bow; these other ones aren't worth using pretty much at all, especially when you have things like the DMR in the game, the Interceptor Marksman rifles, and such, which of course did see a slight Nerf.

My guess is they're still going to be good enough, and the rate of fire is so fast you don't have to deal with the sniper. I guess you did it; you got at least a 20-round mag, like I don't. I know high value. Target, located in Get Gas, is moving into a new safe zone located I mean, supp when you're sniping this close range, though it doesn't, Guy.

modern warfare 3

It's weird that I only got cold-blooded for a UAV and then seemed to go away, but see, even though it may not be like this is the absolute best way to play the game. I want more ways that are viable to play the game in it, and that's what's kind of exciting about even using this thing, right? It's like you have another way to play the game, at least not on a UAV, and I want to stay as quiet as I can relative to the rest of the fuel.

At this time, I do love this McPr optic. I like having the red dot in it. Zone copy that long 31 is on station strike, inbound one less to worry about but stationary targets even like that from far ranges with drop that's not hard right that's just knowing the ranges of where the drop starts on the guns that's what I've been working on practicing for all the you know for the sniper build that we've been running now with the cat the hard thing is the shots with lead but even on those ones you still have 10 rounds in a much faster rate of fire with an even faster reload to where you just keep putting pressure out even if you don't get the kill it's pressure, that was the effect of what I used on the last sniper It's not going to be quite as flashy.

modern warfare iii

I think for some of the kills, but still very good. I do have double UAV with this proxy top five; that's big. Please be advised that UAVs are exiting the AO; they're still up at the pool, so they don't really have to come down here. The top three mosquito drones are up too. One more UAV I could pop shot went out, one V okay, this ain't good anymore, so if I call in this last PA, he's going to know where I am exactly, so we want to use that for a finish if I can get the knockup.

Top Gas is moving into a new safe zone, located near all enemies; actually, never mind, we don't need it. Call it whatever. Hold on tight. Here comes the snap now, but not as much. Use the opener when you get it, and the speed of the MCPR. Man, that felt very good. If you enjoyed it, give it a like.


I'll show you the build at the end here. Niely, Yeah, baby, and what did I tell you? You said this was going to be a good gun in my article just a couple of days ago, but the bass B was way too strong, sure enough. Fortunately. I guess we didn't run into the bass B even there; if they did. I just head shot him out of the game, but we got a nice light Barrel Sonic suppressor movement for that optic as well as a 50-round magger.

On our side, this is not the swarm; this is just the other, wasp n. Of course, I misspelled this meat instead of meta; this is the nil s. I was thinking of using the new suppressor, but the Sonic L has less bullet velocity, so I get 30 more m/s off of this one damage range, which is not super important, but it does hurt the aim downside speed, so I am going to try out the Sonic suppressor L.

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