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So I've finally done it, guys. We're going to come into Modern Warfare zombies, and we're going to defeat all eight bosses in a single game without going down one time completely solo. We're going to take on the Storm Caller, and we're going to defeat the warlord, a mimic of a disciple, a Mangler, a mega-abomination.

Then we're going to defeat that red worm solo, and then we're going into the dark ether, and we're going to kill the worm that is in there. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. I cannot thank you guys enough. Now, a big part of what's going to make this challenge easier is the loadout that we're bringing in here right now, the vr11.


Insane against bosses so that's going to be the main thing that we're going to be using throughout this entire article the scorcher is really just to get us around and collecting those USBs for the red worm fight now what I would suggest you guys do is go to one of these two locations and take a look and find out where all of these USBS are going to be spawning, we are on a little bit of a time limit and we need to get the rest of our perks and just kind of get ourselves prepared for this red worm fight so knowing where exactly these things are without having to guess is going to be saving us a bunch of time I am going to throw up this map on the screen right here in case you guys don't know where these rooms are also it's going to show you where all of the USB locations are going to be at and also where all of the red worm locations, can also spawn in and what do you know while we were flying around grabbing our USBS.

Our very last USB was actually spawned right next to the storm caller, so we're going to go ahead and get him out of the way really quick now with the storm caller and the vr11. You might be hitting this guy, and it might feel like you're not doing a lot of damage to him, but just be consistent. Make sure that your shots are actually landing that guy right in the head and clearing away the rest of the zombies so we can't be sucking up a bunch more life, but with the VR1, it should only take a few shots, and this storm caller should go down and he will drop you that gold skull, which is worth $5,000 at The Bu stations.


But with this storm caller out of the way, let's go over and deal with Doabe. Now that we have the scorcher, it's really easy to just boost right up into the sky and get up into her spot. Now this is the one boss that is a little bit interesting, because we're actually not really going to use the VR11.

So now I couldn't get any more Bounty contracts to spawn in the red tier zone, and I figured if I were to go back into tier 2, where there are Bounty contracts, those usually spawn in manglers. And mimics and stuff like that, so we only need manglers and mimics left. We're going to go out there and see if we can get an hvt on one of those, and also.

I just thought. Hey, we can stop off at this stronghold right here and we can kill a mimic this way, and what do you know from grabbing this hvt, contract? We ended up getting a mangler, which is absolutely perfect. That is what we need now. Maybe it was just my shot and me not hitting this guy directly in his cannon or in his head, but it seemed like it took quite a few shots from this vr11.


Even up to Pap Three to kill this guy, which honestly really goes to show you that the HVT manglers can be insanely tough in here. Finally, with this mangler done, let's retrack. We got the storm caller done, we did doabe the warlord, we got a mimic of a disciple, a megaabomination, and a mangler, and we're sitting at all six right now.

All we need to do is go fight that red worm, and then go into the dark ether and fight that worm there. Here we are, at the red worm fight. The gas is closing in and covering up those extractors, so we're going to need to insert those USBs. And before you guys come over here to do this fight, I would highly advise you to be completely set up and ready for this thing number one.


The golden armor and the ethereal blade are definitely not needed, but they're going to be extremely helpful because you're going to be overrun by a lot of zombies and just mimics. And a lot of everything that's going to be thrown at you all at once while you're trying to fight this thing having all those little things at your advantage are definitely going to be helpful especially when it comes to be trying to find armor also be sure to bring in a durable gas mask because the regular ones are going to break, way too fast now you can refill, them at the ammo stations there's going to be two of them right here at the fight but still I would be safe and bring in a durable, also bringing over sentry guns are going to be a big help for you guys as well make sure you set up at least two of these things I think you can have a maximum of three I think when I tried to put down a fourth one of them would break so those guys will definitely be helping you out with not only damaging the red worm but just clearing out a lot of those zombies and bosses and everything else that's going to be running at you and if you don't plan on going into, the dark ether, or doing anything else after the red worm fight you really don't need to bring in a scorcher.


Actually. I would have preferred to have like a regular gun; that way. I could get rid of those like little Wiss and things that are going to be coming at you, but as you guys can see here, you definitely don't need to have a regular gun. I was able to do this with no problem, but yet again, like I said, I did have the ether blade and the golden armor, which helped me out tremendously.

Here I did also bring in a dog bone that I was going to use just as an in-case, like a cushion in case, run out of my self-revives, but very surprisingly, throughout this entire run I never went down once. I was actually really surprised. I figured, at least during this red-warm fight, I was going to go down once.


I kind of felt like I was there a few times, but, you know, I was always able to pull myself out of it. I think two of the biggest things here are to be just continuously moving and shooting that red worm whenever. You can always watch your gas mask to make sure that it doesn't get too low and that you refill that at the ammo stations, but as long as you guys just keep moving in like a circular motion, it doesn't matter.

You can go clockwise or counterclockwise. Just as long as you don't back up in a straight line or run forward in a straight line, I think that's kind of where people mess up. Also, don't be afraid to use your decoys that you have on you; you have those ammo replenishing stations that you're going to be using to repair your mask anyway, so you're not going to be running out of decoys.

Today we beat all 8 bosses in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies in a single game completely solo. This was a crazy game of zombies. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost.
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