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This is your ultimate solo guide to the brand new bad signal mission and dark ether bounty in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. If this article helps you out, please drop a like, as this is no easy task, and I'm fairly certain that making this has started turning my hair gray, but without wasting any more of your time, let's get into it.

First things first, you should load out what the things are you should be bringing with you on this mission for the gun. The wsp, swarm with the aftermarket, part seems to be the main player right now that a lot of the community is using for bad signal. I do have to say a huge thanks to fellow zombie creat donuts for putting me on this gun, as without it I'd be in shambles.

Now if you're already stacked to the teeth with high-tier loot and all the perks you could want, then just skip to the time frame on screen for the rest of you. I want you to make sure that you have Tier 3 armor and a large backpack. You can get these from Bounty Rewards Mer strongholds, have guaranteed Tier 3 armor in the safe, and you can also buy them from St.

in the high threat zone for 10, 000 points each. I've already mentioned what gun I recommend you use, but there is also the MCW that I've seen a lot of people using if you want to use that, plus if you're comfortable with other weapons, just use those, but do a USB swarm. This is something that I would still recommend, but now let's talk about Rarity and Pack-a-Punch.

At minimum, you should be taking an epic-tier weapon into the dark ether zone. Epic weapons give you 150% extra base damage, and legendary weapons give you two. 100% so make sure you have some ether tools lying around. If not, don't worry; ether tools are a pretty common reward from contracts, especially in Tier 2 and high threat zones.

Just focus on Bounty contracts, and you'll get one soon enough. Packing a punch is a no-brainer. Get to level three use your ethereum crystals if you have them or do a bunch of contracts until you can afford to buy it there is a pack-a-punch inside the dark ether as well it's located right in the middle of the map that you'll absolutely run past pass at some point so don't worry about not being able to find it for perks there is no harm in grabbing them all they all cost 2, 000 points which is 18K, if you're going to buy all nine but once again you can get them from contract rewards they spawn very frequently in caches located in infested strongholds, you also have Acquisitions, if you have them unlocked not to mention the free perk Easter eggs scattered around the map for the field upgrade guarded frenzy is great as it will refill your plates when activated and armor plates will be a necessity when you're in the dark e so getting some for free is always great healing Aura and Tesla storm are also strong candidates as for tacticals lethals and killstreaks.

Just take what you want, right? When you load into the raid, you will have the standard 60-minute time limit to get fully set up for the bad signal mission, so take your time and use all your acquisitions. Perks: weapon upgrades, so your backpack is now empty. Do a couple of contracts to end some points so you can buy any outstanding.

PKS or upgrade your guns depending on what crystals you brought in. While you are getting those things. I want you to focus on getting as many plates and self-revivals as possible, which is where the large backpack comes into play depending on how confident you are in your own ability. This is where you can decide how much of what to bring in, but I would recommend taking three self-revivals so one is equipped and two in your backpack.

These are pretty common rewards from contracts, and you can also buy them for 5K from buy stations and then fill the rest of your bag with plates. I don't care what loot you may have found unless it's the best of the best. Fill your bag with plates and snacks. Nothing else, so when you have all your Ps, a maxed-out weapon, and a full bag, it's time to head into the bad signal mission, which you can find here.

It will be marked on your map as one of the X4 missions with the star. But really, what is going to happen when you reach Xville is that an ether worm is going to spawn, and this guy is difficult to kill. Do not think this is going to be an easy fight, like at the end of Act 3, when this worm is stronger and way more aggressive.

I cannot stress this enough, but once the worm has spawned, get the hell off the beach. Do not stay there; do not go back there once you leave unless it's full ammo or to get him to stop hiding on the ground, which we'll talk about in a second, but other than that, do not even think about fighting this guy on the beach; he will kill you instead.

What you are going to do is retreat to this bathroom building that is going to be your little safe haven; it's going to protect you from all but one of his attacks, which is where he shoots out those little orbs. Other than that, he cannot hit you completely. Safe from the worm there may be a time when he makes his way over to you on the road but don't worry go into one of the rooms and stay there until he leaves yet again he cannot hit you the only attack that will get you is the orbs, which you can easily shoot and destroy so to deal damage to this guy you want to be aiming at these glowing purple sections on his body they are the weak spots and that is where you'll be dealing the most damage just focus on those and watch out for when he's going to attack so you can get behind the building the only attack he'll do when you're up there and he's on the beach is his laser ability and the orbs.

You'll know the laser is coming when his body starts to light up like lightning so get behind the building and for the orbs, he'll basically let out like a roar so watch where the orbs go stay behind the building and just wait for the orbs to come to you where you can shoot and Destroy them there are going to be times where he goes on the ground this can be very annoying to deal with don't worry you can see where he's going by just following his Trail and you can also shoot him doing this will cause him to resurface, where he will usually shoot out some of those orbs so keep a lookout for where they go as they do hurt when they hit you he will also go underground, to heal you'll know this is happening when the purple ring appears and you need to disturb this process or he will heal a good chunk of his health you can shoot or throw grenades thermites and whatnot at this ring that will get him to resurface.

Here it is, your Full Solo Guide to the brand new bad signal mission and dark aether contracts.
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