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This is how you can unlock the gold camo brand new schematics and fill with rare items in the new dark ether while keeping your tombstone with all your duplicates and items, as well as your maximum money. The best part is that you can do this completely solo or with a squad if you choose. I'm going to give you a full, detailed guide on how to do this, but I'm warning you now that this is a more advanced glitch because the timing is a little tricky to get down, so make sure you watch the entire article, and I'll show you exactly what you need to do to start because this is an advanced guide.

I'm assuming you already have a tombstone on your map, so you can go ahead and use the items that you have in your inventory to get set up for this. You're going to take everything out of your old tombstone, and what you now have in your inventory is what will be saved in your future tombstone for your next game.

I have the new schematics saved in mind, and I'm going to show you how I would unlock them. I also equipped a gun that I do not have the gold camo unlocked on yet, so I can prove to you that I am unlocking the gold camo while keeping my Tombstone. As well. I would also recommend that you put two Elder sigils in your inventory so that you can duplicate one of them after this, but for the article.

dark aether

I only brought one, and you will need one for this in order to activate the dark Ether. Portal is now going to give you a rundown of the whole process so you know exactly what to do, but also so you can practice this at least once before trying it. That way, you can do this perfectly. The only two perks that you will need for this are Tombstone and Stamina Up.

You don't need any other perks because you're going to lose them when going into the dark ether. Stamina Up will help you, so I recommend that you go ahead and grab it to get as much help as you can get. Next, you're going to fly over to the main building in the Tier 3 Zone at F5. While flying over there you can get MW3, camos hard unlocked bot lobby schematics the nuk Skinner even instant delivery on pre-made Accounts at Mitch cactus.

Right before you launch from your scorcher, you're going to charge it up twice and then pull your parachute. From here, you will then cut your parachute to charge it again to then fly back over towards the teleport, or portal, like I'm showing you here again. I highly recommend that you do this at least once with a practice round; that way, you know exactly what you're going to do, like I'm showing you here.


You will then go into the teleport portal, and when you spawn on the other side, you're going to sprint to the edge of the map along this cliffside. This rock that I'm aiming at is the border of the map, so when the timer on your screen shows a six, you would then need to pass this point to get out of bounds.

So now for real, this time you're going to enter the code that I have for you on screen right now and then activate the portal, then you're going to run outside and charge up your scorcher. Twice and then pull your parachute; you will then cut it and charge it again to fly over towards the dark Ether Portal.

At this point, timing isn't exactly crucial, but it will be once you activate it, so you need to make sure you do that practice run so you get everything perfect and know how to land right at the teleport portal. When you were at the dark Ether Portal, you were going to get as close to the activation as possible, Prompt as possible, and you're going to charge up your scorcher.


You want to hold down the button to use your elder sigil literally the moment before you launch that you activate it in the air to give yourself the most amount of time. You're going to keep holding the charge down so that you go up twice, and then you're going to pull your parachute. You will then cut it and then charge your scorcher to around 60 to 70 to launch forward, which will get you right over to the teleport.

Portal, if you notice that you are not going to get there in time, you can cancel the vote, and it'll give you your signature back so you can go ahead and try it again. You're then going to go quickly into the teleporter, and then when you spawn on the other side, you're going to sprint over to the edge of the map, like I showed you before, if you want to open up your map to vote.

Yes, at the latest possible time, which would be when the two turn to one on the timer. Then you need to get out of bounds when you teleport. The timer shows a six on your screen. As you can see, I'm getting there right in time, so it is possible, but like I said, you need to practice this before because it is tricky.


If done correctly, you will start to teleport, and then an illuminated screen will show up on your screen. This means that you have now set your tombstone, so all the items that you had on your character before you started the teleport process will be saved in your new tombstone for your next game, as well as your points.

That also means that after all of these black screens, when you spawn into the dark ether, all the items that you have on you are now duplicates, so you can go ahead and use all of them to help you farm contracts or do whatever you want inside of the dark ether. You'll notice that you lost all of your perks and money since, on the normal map, we died, so you'll have to be careful of that, but it's actually not that bad in here.

new schematics

You will need the 100 kills for the gold camo inside the dark ether, because if you did it on the normal map, the game would think that you actually died, so as long as you upgraded your weapon It's actually quite easy to just train zombies and get your kills. There's a lot of open space that makes this pretty easy to do, and as you can see, I'm just farming up the zombies so that I can get my gold camo.

Now, if you don't have your schematics unlocked yet, then you can go ahead and do the contracts and hopefully get lucky to get the schematics. To drop for you, I only got an elder signature from this contract, which I did, but honestly, I used one to get in here, so I didn't actually mind that I got one depending.

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can farm kills for your camos and do contracts for schematics. Or if you already had the schematics in your inventory from your Tombstone, At the end of your time here, you can just make your way over to the xville, on the mountain side of the map. If you already have the schematics and just want to unlock them, then you can just fly straight here after you go into the dark ether and not waste any time.


Either way, no matter what you are doing, you will then go and fill and just leave the game completely normally. This is going to unlock your camos and the schematics that you have on you, as well as the rare items that you got while inside here, but we also already set our tombstone, so that'll be at the graveyard when you spawn in your next game, as you can see after I am filling.

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