News - New Updated Solo Duplication Glitch Warzone 2 Zombies After Patch (full Detailed Guide Xbox/pc/ps5/ps4)

after patch

This is the new, faster, updated version of the solo Tombstone duplication glitch after the season 2 patch. After reading the comments on yesterday's article. I'm going to show you how you can optimize the duplication glitch to make it much faster and give you extra tips on what you can do with this solo glitch.

First, you're going to want to load up your inventory with any items that you want to duplicate, and you'll be able to keep your large bag and all of your gear while doing this, so you'll be able to bring nine items to duplicate. I highly recommend you bring a tombstone can and Scorch your case so you can save it in your tombstone, because this will save you so much time when duplicating items later on.

In the article, before we start, I'm showing you the amount that I have in my stash, which is 153. Cactus, Com they are 100% legit with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code Gray for 5% off. The bad signal portal will spawn for every player, even if you haven't beat any of the ACT missions.

duplication glitch

As long as you start the Act 4 bad signal mission before every game that you play, if you've already beat it, then the bad signal mission will just spawn and the portal will be there for every game now. At this point, anything you have in your inventory will be saved in your Tombstone and duplicated, so if you want to change your Tombstone items later on, you can put different things into your bag before this point, and those will be saved.

Also, the amount of essence that you have on your character before you activate the portal will be saved as well, so you can keep a Max Money Tombstone while doing this glitch. Now that you're going to activate the portal, immediately run into the water and stay underwater so that your breath meter goes down.

With this new method, you can have a self-revive while doing this, and it won't mess up the glitch. You're going to need to stay underwater until your breath bar turns red, and as soon as it does, you're going to quickly pull up your map and vote to teleport. Again, at this point, the items in your inventory are what will be saved, including your essence.


If done correctly, you're going to die as the portal animation starts, and it will say eliminated. With the portal in the background, at this point, if you play on the console, you are going to force-close your game when you see the portal animation. Behind the eliminated screen, however, if you play on PC, then you're going to need to wait a little bit longer for the black screen to show after the portal animation ends, and then you are going to alt-f4 your game to force quit your game.


PC players you need to make sure that you pay attention to the portal animation because as soon as the purple portal stops that is when you're going to force close your game keep in mind that the dying screens from being eliminated, will be showing over the portal animation the mission screen or the XP will start to tally so you need to pay attention to the screen in the background and when that one switches from being the purple portal and turns to black or something other than the portal animation, that is when you alt at for your game now when you reload your game you're going to go into your gear and you will see all of the items that were in your inventory are now there and you can simply press unequip on all of them to force them into your stash and as you guys can see now my stash is at, 160 when it was at 153.

At the start of this article, as you can see. I left my Tombstone perk in my gear, and this is very important for you to save a lot of time when duplicating your items since all of the items in my inventory before I activated the portal are what are saved in my Tombstone. If I don't add this perk to my stash, I'm free to use it in my next game.

This is why I also did not put the scorcher in my stash, so if you have a scorcher case to duplicate, then put it in your tombstone as well. When I load into my next game, you can see that my tombstone has spawned at the graveyard since we died underwater. Each time you do this, your tombstone will spawn there.


To duplicate items, I need to go over to my tombstone to crumble them, and I didn't put the scorcher and tombstone perk in my stash. I'm free to use these items in each game that you play. To continue duplicating, you are going to need to set a tombstone every single time, and that is the process that we do at the portal underwater.

So if you do not have a tombstone perk can in your inventory at this time, you will need to go and buy it from a perk machine again and do that every game that you play while duplicating. There isn't any timing for using the tombstone perk, so you can get it before or after you crumble your tombstone.

It doesn't matter as long as you don't die with the tombstone perk active. You'll be fine by not saving the perk can and scorcher in my stash. I can then use those items to speed up the process dramatically, and when I get over to my tombstone, those items will still be in there for me to duplicate.


Using this glitch, you are going to lose your insured weapons; however, if you are using a tombstone can and scorer from your tombstone in your stash, then you don't even need to bring a weapon into the game when duplicating items, so you'll be completely fine. You don't need it because you can just fly over to your tombstone, and you don't need a gun to go ahead and buy the perk from a perk machine and do contracts or anything like that.

So now I can go over to my tombstone and crumble it by taking everything out of it, and since I have the tombstone perk already on, I'm free to go over to the bad signal portal to repeat the process. It is very important for you to remember that this is a duplication glitch, so you cannot use the items after you crumble your tombstone because we have to set a new tombstone each time underwater.

The items that you have when you go underwater are what will be saved in your tombstone in your next game, so if you use some of these items, they won't be there the next time. However, I have a workaround for you: you can use all of the items and play out your game normally. Just to be clear about the glitch.


I'm going to quickly go over the steps at the portal again and then explain how you can keep a tombstone but also have all of your items in your inventory so you can use them and play a normal game. You are going to activate the portal, then go straight into the water, stay underwater, and your breath meter will start to go down.

As soon as it turns red, you are going to pull up your map and vote to teleport. This will then kill you. As soon as the portal starts on the console, you will be forced to quit your game as soon as you see the portal animation, and for PC players, you will need to wait to quit on the black screen after the portal animation.

This is the NEW Updated SOLO Duplication Glitch In MW3 Zombies! This is much faster and will help you duplicate all your items much easier.
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