News - How To Solo Tombstone Glitch 100% Everytime. Easy" Warzone 2 Zombies (full Detailed Guide)


I'm going to show you how to hit the solo Tombstone duplication glitch 100% in every single game on all platforms. Set a tombstone to use those items in every game that you play. Keep all of your gear on your character, including your grenades, field upgrades, and most importantly, your weapons. As you can see here, I am equipping my 3-hour weapon to prove to you that this works every single time, back to back to back, completely solo.

Let's get right into this. To start, I'm beginning without a tombstone on my map and no duplicated items. I loaded into the game with all the items that I wanted to save on my tombstone. If you have a tombstone on your map already, then just go and take everything out of it so that it crumbles. Now the first thing is to go and buy the tombstone perk and go over to the building next to the bad signal portal.

For this next step, you're going to need to have at least 1, 000 points that you can pay for the portal to teleport you. Using this glitch, you'll be able to save all of your money besides the $1, 000 that we need to pay for the portal, and I'll show you how to get Max money while keeping your tombstone at the end of this article.


At this point, we are all set for the actual glitch process, but I'm first going to show you what we're going to do. That way, the timing becomes very easy. Yes, there is timing for this glitch, but if you follow all of the steps that I'm about to lay out for you, it will not even matter, and it's so easy.

Besides, if you want MW3, Camos hard-unlocked bot lobby schematics, the nuk skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts, you can go to Mitch Cactus, Com. So this is what it will look like after you teleport. You're going to turn to your right, follow my path along the cliffside, and run over to the edge of the map.

This rock that I'm aiming at right here is the edge of the map. You will want to wait here after you use your map to vote yes to teleport. You will stay in this spot until the number on your screen shows a six, and then you're going to go out of bounds, and that will eliminate you. Trust me, this is super easy to do, and I will show you that I have plenty of time to do this, so back at the portal, you're going to enter the code that I have on screen for you right now and then activate it so you can teleport.

how to

You're then going to follow my path by running up these stairs and going over to the roof. You're then going to sprint to the edge of the building and fly towards the bad signal portal, which we will then activate. You're going to start the countdown and then follow my path into the building. As you can see, for this first run, I'm not using anything special to make this faster.

I want to show you that it is still possible to do with just my fists, but later in the article I will show you how you can do this much faster to give yourself way more time, so continue following my path, and after you go up these stairs, you're going to then enter the portal, and like I showed you before, you will turn to the right and then follow alongside the cliffs over to the rock on the edge of the map.


To give yourself the most time for this, you can open up your map to vote. Yes, when the timer on the left-hand side of your screen says two. Now this will start showing the teleport, timer you just want to hang out by this rock until the timer shows us six right as it does you're just going to go out of bounds and then you're just going to wait until it eliminates, you once you see the eliminated screen you have now set your Tombstone since you died with the tombstone perk active your screen will then go black and at this point for all platforms, as long as your game says dark ether zombies in the top leftand corner of your screen you can then simply quit your game completely, as long as you saw the eliminated screen and it says dark ether zombies in the top left you're going to force quit your game entirely and you have now hit the glitch perfectly.

Now reload your game, and inside your gear, you will have all of your items in your inventory, your gear on your character, and your weapons. I still get a lot of comments about the stash glitch, so I want to clarify this one last time the stash glitch is patched: you cannot put any of these items into your stash past the 10 out of 10 limit.

solo tombstone glitch

As you can see, I get stopped when my stash shows 10 items. If you cannot bring out all of your items from the game, then your stash is over the 10 out of 10 limit. Let's say you have three items missing from your inventory. That means that the number where I'm showing you says 10 out of 10 for you would be 13 out of 10.

You need to then delete three items from your inventory so that this number shows 10 out of 10 again, and then you will be able to bring out your full inventory. From the game, whatever number shows on your screen out of 10 is what you're going to delete, so make sure it says 10 out of 10 items. In your next game, you will have your tombstone in the graveyard.

I still have my three-hour weapon, and all of the items in my inventory are now duplicates, so I'm free to use them however I want. I suggest putting a tombstone can in your save tombstone so that you can just drink the tombstone perk right away, since all of these items are duplicates. I can now use them and play the game completely normally, so I can go for mission challenges or just do camos on my guns.


Then, at the end of the game, when you want to get ready to set your tombstone, you will go over to your tombstone and take everything out of it so that it crumbles. Now you have all of the items in your inventory that you want to save in your next game, and you have the tombstone perk equipped, so we are good to go for the next step of the glitch.

Go back to the same building with the portal, and this time I'm going to show you me doing it with the scorcher. Which is super fast. You will enter in the same coat as before and just follow exactly where I run. You're going to go over to the roof, sprint off the edge of the building, and fly over to the bad signal portal.

You are then going to charge up your scorcher, and right before it launches you, you're going to activate the portal to give you plenty of time to do the following steps, so just fly over to the doors on the roof and then go back over to the portal, and then you will spawn by the cliff and just run over to the same rock that I showed you before.

tombstone glitch

You were going to pull up your map and vote. Yes, when the timer says two, and then you're going to wait out of bounds until the timer says six. As you can see, I have so much extra time doing this, so the timing is so easy to get. If you just follow all of the steps that I've shown you at six, you're then going to go out of bounds and just chill out of bounds until you get eliminated.

This is how to NEVER miss the timing on the solo tombstone duplication glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies.
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