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Here's another article, so in today's article, I'm going to show you how you can find the three new schematics easily and solo, so let's talk about what you want to take in. Obviously, you need an elder's signature. So you want to take that in, and I'll go over the class setup that I recommend and that I was using.

If you don't know already, the Jack Purifier at the moment is absolutely destroying bosses and overall zombies in Modern Warfare Zoo, so you can only use it on an AR, so I chose the MCW because they did buffs and we could use it on whatever you want, so obviously you want to have the Jack Purifier.


I was running the kamur black Iron just for like the Sprint of fire and the aim walking speed, the Regal heavy stock to help with the recoil and the 60 round drum but here's where it gets interesting so I was running the tplo clear shot site now the reason I'm running this is I'll just go onto the fire range real quick just to show you guys so obviously you got a thermal optic, now the only thing we're going to use this for is when you get the mega Abomination contract now it can spawn any sort of down here it could be any of them but more often than not it's a mega and if you've done this already or you haven't done it already he's down in the fog surrounded by a ton of zombies so the easiest way I found to do it is to stay back find him with the, thermal.

Kind of nag him a bit until he runs up to you. And then obviously switch to the flamethrower and just melt him, but the good thing about this side is that if you want to use your AR as well, you still can, because you can just switch to it and you have a reflex. So this is the side I recommend for whatever other AI you choose to use, but if you want to copy that class, then that's it.

Obviously, you want to take in decoy grenades, throwing knives, and ethers because you're solo. The other thing you're going to want is you're going to want to have a legendary ether tool, or at least an epic. You want to pack as many of the perk cans as you can, but if you're limited, then obviously the priority ones are Juggernog.

new schematics

You're going to want stamina up, speed caller. And probably. PhD Flopper, just because of all the fire at the bare minimum, you want them, but the more, the better, and then if you can, and I have plenty of articles showing you how to get these easy as well, you want to put on the golden armor plate.

The Ether Blade, because it's going to help a ton in there, especially solo. And you want to bring the dog, Bone. The dog Bone's going to help as like a tank when you're in there, especially when you're doing something like the Outlast contract where you're in the little room and all the zombies keep coming, and you got to get it to 100%.

The dog will actually act like a tank and aggo all the zombies from you, which will make it much easier. As for the items in the game, we're going to need to get you a few self-revivals because you're solo, and then you want to take in at least three Casmir because you're going to use them for the last contract, but the more you can get, the better because they come in really handy.


Also, if you can, you can bring in a sentry gun if you find one or if you want to buy one of them, because that will also really help in the allas contract as well. So now that all that boring stuff's out of the way, let's get straight to the article, right? So let's go ahead and try and get these schematics; this is what I'm taking with me.

He's Casmir Sentry Gunself. Perfect, all right. We're going to head straight to this. I'm going to show you why I brought in the thermal, which makes it a lot easier, especially if you're solo. As you know, he spawns down in the fog, and it's really hard to see, but with the thermal, we're going to be able to bait him up and then use the flame varal to finish him off all right, so we're going to head over to these.

Park all right once you're on the roof of the car, Go this way up here; you want to go to this ledge, and you go to the top, grab the last, and contract. We haven't got schematics yet, which is disappointing, but that's like the luck of the draw. I guess it is RNG. This is where we're going to use our casmus.


The last one is all right, so we got our casm on. Make sure we have our flamethrower just in case. I don't think we'll need it, though we're just going to use casm. Let's head that way. I got a 6. Schematic All right now, we got to Exel. Hopefully, I can find a rift. It's easier to see where it is, but it's normally up here somewhere.

It's all right, so it's up. Here's going to. Hurry, all right. So the EXO's right, here, go ahead and ex; unfortunately, we didn't get any schematics, but like I said, it is RNG; unfortunately, you aren't guaranteed to get them, but that is the easiest way to complete all three. Solo in my opinion, so from that run we actually did get a schematic; we got the blood burner keys, but we did three contracts, and that's the only schematic we got; we actually did get a couple of mags of holding and actual keys for the blood burner as well, so like I said, it is RNG; you could do all three and get nothing, but in my opinion, that is the fastest way to complete it.

I really appreciate it, and as always, I'll catch you guys in the next

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