News - New Warzone 2 Zombies Money Duplication Glitch & Tombstone Glitch. Keep All Items (full Detailed Guide)

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This is the brand new unlimited money and item duplication glitch that is super easy to do. You will be able to duplicate Max money and duplicate items to keep your Tombstone, and the best part is that this works on all platforms. In my previous money glitch article, you had to die and lose your large bag, armor, and weapons, but in this article.

I will show you how you can do the new way to keep everything while duplicating items and essence. This is super easy to do, so first you're going to load into the game and bring a weapon and items that you want to use to help you farm money. If you don't have a friend that has Max money to drop for you, then you and your team can Farm contracts are all games to get a lot of points.

If you are very efficient with your squad, you can get up to 150, 000 points for each player. If you have two teammates, this can be done even better, but you will need at least one to help you duplicate money, so towards the end of the game, after farming all of your points, you and your teammates will drop all the points to one person.


If you guys have a tombstone set up already on your map, then you must crumble it and take everything out of it before this next step. If you don't have one, that's fine, but whatever is in your inventory at this point is going to be what will be saved in your next tombstone. You must have the tombstone perk equipped before this next step, and it is very important to remember that you will only drink the tombstone perk once per game.


When you do this, you are going to drink the perk before you get down at this point, only for the sake of the article not being like 17 minutes long. I'm going to get dropped 500, 000. Points and that's the amount that I will be duplicating but if you're playing with two other people then you will be starting around with like 300K, and it would only take like two or three games to fully dup to Max Essence for all players, now after you have all of your items and you have been dropped all the points by your team you're going to make sure that you do not have a self-revive and you're going to down yourself by any means, you must then fully bleed out and then plea for help you will then be revived and now you have set your Tombstone so you can drop all of your items to your friend so they can now set their Tombstone with those items as well if they would like it's really up to you however now you are going to drop all of your money to your other teammate and they will do the exact same process that I just showed you so that they can set their Tombstone with the same amount of money as you revive them You can get MW3.

money duplication

Camos hard-unlocked bot lobby schematics, the nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts. And 5 when your teleport timer is counting down, however doing this the way I'm about to show you will give you plenty of time to do this making it very easy and it'll all make sense in just a moment so now at the portal you will enter the code that I have on screen for you and then you're going to run to the roof of this building you're just going to follow my path and then jump off of the building towards the bad signal portal and fly towards it you are then going to charge up your scorcher, and right before it launches up you going to activate the bad signal portal and then fly back over to that door that we just came out of on the roof from there you're going to run down the stairs towards the teleport, portal and once you relocate, you will then run just like I showed you towards the rock on the left you will open your map to vote Yes, when the timer on the left of your screen says two, this will give you the most time possible to set up for the out-of-bounds timing.

As you can see, I'm just sitting here waiting for the six to show from the teleport timer, and now I can go out of bounds. Like I said, this is very easy as long as your game has shown you the eliminated screen. You can quit your game when it says you're in the dark ether with zombies in the top left corner, like I'm showing you in this example.


You will now reload your game, and your character will have all of its gear, weapons, and field upgrades. You may have noticed that I am missing my items, but if you recall from earlier, I dropped them off to my friend so that he could set them up in his tombstone. On this particular run, I did not duplicate my items, but that's only because I chose to drop them; however, all of those items are still saved in my tomb.

And if you didn't drop them after being revived, then you would have all of them on this screen as well. Now you will load into your next game, and your tombstone will be wherever you died again. You must buy the tombstone perk, or if you duplicated a can, then you can use that. However, it's very important to remember that you will only drink the tombstone perk can once, and it must be done before you do the plea for help process.

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So now go over to your tombstone and take everything out of it so that it crumbles. you will see that you have the same amount of essence that you had before and you have now successfully, duplicated your money because your teammate also has that money in their Tombstone, so from here you're just going to repeat the entire process so one player will then give all the points to the other that player will now down themselves and fully bleed out after they plead for help and are revived they can now drop all that money back to the other player since their Tombstone is now set that player will now do the exact same plea for help process and they have set their Tombstone, as well and now duplicated the money once again for your next game, again for the sake of the article I started with more money so that I only had to duplicate my money once and then in my next game I will now have Max money in my Tombstone.

Now again, the final step in duplicating money is to leave your squad. From here, you're going to go over to the building next to the bad signal portal to do the exact same solo Tombstone duplication glitch that we were doing before. From here, you're going to enter the code that I have on screen, and then you're going to run over to the bad signal portal.


Earlier in the article, I showed me doing it with a scorcher, but that is not required, and this time I'm going to do it just by running, so you can simply follow my path. You will still have plenty of time to do everything you need to do, so you're just going to run straight into the portal after teleporting.

Again, you will run to the edge of the map by the rock that I showed you before, and you're going to vote. Yes, when the timer says two, you will then wait to go out of bounds at 6 seconds from the teleport, timer for a 100% success rate, and then wait for the game to eliminate you. I want to mention this once again because it's so important that you only buy the tombstone perk before you plead for help and not when you're doing the portal method.

This is the BRAND NEW UNLIMITED MONEY ITEM DUPLICATION GLITCH in Mw3 Zombies! This is super easy and you will be able to KEEP all your items, gear, and tombstone! Tis works on ALL PLATFORMS with EASY timing.
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