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A lot of people have been struggling with glitching their Tombstone to duplicate items, so I'm going to show you how you can always have Max points and Op items at the start of all of your zombie games, how to duplicate items so you can fill your stash up to 240 of the most rare items in the game, and how to save ultra rare schematics to your craftables while also being able to drop them to your friends.

Normally. I try to make my articles as quick and clear as I can to not waste your time with a super long article, but this article is going to be a full, detailed guide to make sure every single person watching this will be able to do the duplication and glitch without fail. I've had my glitch in Tombstone for weeks now, and this is how you can do it.

First, fill up a large backpack with items in your inventory that you want to duplicate. I recommend that you set up your tombstone with the items that you see here so that you can be absolutely stacked in every game that you play. However, anything you put in here will be able to be duplicated, so if you need more golden armor, for example, you can bring more of those in to fill up your stash when you duplicate them.

For this article, I'm going to use the schematics to show you not only how the glitch works but also how you can save them so that I don't have to switch my Tombstone. By the way, if you want to get free drops for all of the most rare items in the game, then join my Discord, which is linked down. Below in the description, we have over 7, 000 members giving away anything you could want, including Max money, like you saw me grab from my tombstone.

If you currently have a tombstone and you want to set a new one with different items, then simply take everything out of it so that your tombstone crumbles once you have all the items that you want to duplicate. Plus the money that you were dropped, you need to then have your Tombstone perk, and this can be gotten from the perk machine, the Wonder Fizz.

The Easter egg or a perk can be any way of obtaining Tombstone. Next, you need to find a suitable spot on the map to set your tombstone. I like using this roof located here on the map because the zombie spawns push out like four zombies, and they have to climb up to get to you, so it's very safe.

You can also use this crane that's right next to the building for mobility, so you can just fly to the Act 4 portal very easily. You can also get to this spot quickly from whichever side of the map you spawned by using the other cranes or the highway that wraps around the entire map. Make sure you do not have self-revive equipped, or this next step will not work.

Next, you can just jump off of the top of the crane and land on this roof to down yourself when you do hold to bleed out so that the plea timer shows up on your screen, and from here you're going to press the start button and then leave the match from the menu. Simply load up a new game if you are setting your tombstone.

When you aren't playing solo, then all you have to do after you down yourself is wait until your screen switches to spectating, your friend, and then leave the match, just to be very clear this is a solo duplication, glitch unless you are getting items dropped for you like you saw me get at the start of this now when you load into your next game you should see the tombstone icon on your map from the one that you just set make your way over to your Tombstone, and hopefully you guys get a close spawn once you at the tombstone take everything out of it so that it crumbles.

I recommend you keep a large backpack saved in your Tombstone so that you will always have one if you happen to lose yours because you will lose the gun backpack and armor satchel you have when you leave the game in the previous step. However, losing those items doesn't actually matter because now that your tombstone is set, you can always use the items in it if you want and spend the points when following the next steps.

Your tombstone will now last forever. I'm first going to show you how to duplicate the items in your tombstone, and then I'll show you how to keep your tombstone on the map so that every game you play always has your items and Max Money for you to use. So to duplicate the items, the easiest way is to activate Act for Mission before you load into your game so that the bad signal portal spawns.

If you play on a PlayStation or PC, then this is the best option for you to duplicate. Fly from the crane where I told you to set up your tombstone, and by doing this, fewer zombies will spawn and mess with you while you're waiting for the portal. Once you get to the bad signal portal, interact with it and open your map to vote yes to teleport.

I highly recommend that when you are duplicating items, you do it solo because using the portal will pull all of your teammates in with you when your screen turns purple with the portal animation, quickly closing your application. Xbox and Playstation players, just close your game exactly like you saw me do here.

If you play on a PC, use Alt-F4 to close your game. If that doesn't work, then try using the task manager to force close your game during the portal animation. If this still doesn't work, then try using the task manager when your screen turns black at the end of the portal animation, unfortunately.

It is hard for me to give you an exact time for a PC because everyone's PC is built differently and has different components. After you have fully quit your game, just reload it, and then when you go into zombies, you'll see that all of the items that you put in your tombstone will now be in your inventory.

This next step will not work for schematics. Because you cannot store them in your stash, however, I will show you how to save them in just a moment. First, this is how you would force all of the items that you just duplicated into your stash to total over 200 items. Press swap on the items in your inventory, and go to either the Rewards or the Purchase tab.

Select anything in these menus, and it'll bring that item into your inventory, forcing the duplicate item into your stash to unlock rewards. You must do the story missions for zombies, and the purchase items can be gotten from the battle pass. Never ever bring these items into your games, or you won't be able to use them to swap.

from here You can swap out the rest of your duped items with rewards, and you have now duplicated your items and stored them in your stash. To get your rewards or purchase items back into your stash, all you have to do is press unequip on them, and they'll get forced right back in. You don't have to swap them out or anything.

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