News - New Solo Tombstone Gltich. No Scorcher Warzone 2 Zombies Solo Tombstone Duplication Glitch After Patch

after patch

I'm going to show you the brand new solo Tombstone duplication glitch that is super easy to hit every single time. This new method does not require that you use a scorcher, so everyone watching this will be able to do it, and like I said, this is super easy to do. This new way allows you to duplicate your entire inventory, including your weapons, large bag armor plates, field upgrades, and both your tactical and lethal grenades.

This is absolutely broken and is the easiest method since the underwater glitch was patched. We are so back, so drop a like on the article, subscribe for more of the best full-detailed guides, and give a huge shout out to Silent N for finding this glitch. Let's get into it first. You want to put all of the items that you want to duplicate in your inventory.

Now I highly recommend that you put a tombstone and stamina perk can inside your bag so that after you do the dupe once, your life will be much easier. In each game you play, you're going to have these two perks equipped for the glitch to work flawlessly. Now load into your game, and you're going to need to get at least 5, 000 points.

duplication glitch

I would recommend you get a decent amount before trying the glitch so that when you want to keep doing it game after game, you have points saved up in your Tombstone. The points that you have will be saved in your Tombstone, but you are going to need to spend 1, 000 points on every game that you play while doing this glitch.

Next, you're going to need to buy the tombstone perk and the stamina perk. Both of these are required for every game that you play while doing this glitch, but like I said, you can just put the perk can in your inventory to make it much easier for you. Once you have these two perks, at least 1, 000 points, and all of the items that you want to save in your tombstone, you're going to make your way over to the bad signal portal.


On your way over to the portal, you can get MW3, camos, hard-unlocked bot lobby schematics, the nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts at Mitch {580}. They're 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code gray for 5% off. Now before we activate the bad signal portal there's one more step you need to do and I'm going to walk you through the path that you are going to take because timing does matter but if you follow everything I'm showing you then it'll be very easy for you to do so we are going to run from the bad signal portal towards this building through this Gap in the wall and then into the first double doors, then you're going to keep running forward through the second set of double doors through the courtyard and then make your way over to these next double doors, once you enter you're going to make a quick right and then a hard left to go up the stairs now you're going to stay to the left and at this window there will be a portal and this is where we need the 1, 000 points Now the code that we are going to enter is very important, so I'm going to slow it down for you and put these symbols on screen so you can screenshot them so that you know exactly what to enter.


Before you use this portal, you are going to shoot the symbols in this order: dinosaur and hook. Make sure that you shoot these symbols in the correct order and be careful because two of them kind of look like dinosaurs, so shoot the right one like I'm showing you on the screen. This will then activate the portal, and now you're going to make sure that you are far enough away from the portal so that it doesn't teleport you in immediately.

Next, you're going to activate it, then quickly jump down, and then go through the reverse of the path that I just showed you that we got here. From now on, you need to quickly go over to the bad signal portal and activate it, and then come back over to this teleport portal. This is why having the stamina perk is absolutely necessary, and of course the tombstone perk because we are setting a tombstone.

Make sure that this whole time while you are running, you are running with your fists out to be much faster. As you can see, I have now activated the bad signal portal, and now you need to sprint back on the same route that I showed you over to the teleport portal. Just follow my exact path, and you'll be good to go.


This is very simple and easy to do, but you just need to be very fast while doing it. If you follow exactly what I'm showing you, you're going to get the timing right, and you're going to run directly into the portal on the wall, which will teleport you into a small building. When you arrive, you're going to quickly hop through this window and run towards the edge of the map, like I'm showing you here.

You're going to open up your map and vote. Yes, when the timer on the left hits two, you're then going to keep running with your fists out into the out-of-bounds area, and this will time your death with the portal animation. You will then be forced to quit your game as soon as you see the eliminated screen.

Now you're just going to reload your game and get back into the lobby. This process is much easier than the last one that I posted, and if you are running with your fists out and have stamina up, you should get the timing for this every single time. I want to mention that I play on console, so I cannot test this on PC, but I imagine that it works the exact same.


However, PC players could test this with lower-tier items just to see if you can duplicate. When you reload your game, you will see that you have all of your items in your inventory now in your gear, and you have kept your weapons, backpack, and everything else, unfortunately. The stash glitch is still patched, so you cannot add any of these items back into your stash, but you can now load them into your next game, and your tombstone will be at the graveyard.

From here, you can use all of your items since they are all saved in your tombstone, and now all of the items in your inventory are duplicates. This is why I recommend that you put the tombstone and stamina perks in your inventory. Now you can play out your entire game with these duplicate items in your inventory, and you can work on challenges or camos for your weapons.


Towards the end of the game, you can go back over to your tombstone in the graveyard and take everything out of it so that it crumbles, and then make your way back over to the bad signal portal to repeat the process. Make sure that you activate the teleport and portal every single time before you go to the bad signal portal.

As you can see, I'm taking the same route as before, and it's good to practice this so that you never miss the timing. So again, you're going to shoot these same three symbols in the same order that I showed you before and then quickly get over to the bad signal portal and activate it. Then you're going to immediately sprint back towards the building to go over to the portal on the wall using the same path.

This is the new EASIEST SOLO Tombstone Duplication Glitch In MW3 Zombies.
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