News - Disable Fidelityfx Cas Warzone 2 Right Now. There's A Better Alternative

Intro & explanation

Intro & explanation

Fidelity the FX cast is an amazing setting within Warzone 2, but you actually need to turn it off. There's actually a much better hidden alternative method built into Nvidia's GPUs to sharpen your game that does not affect FPS and gives you a sharper image. Overall, you can see that Fidelity FX cast does look great, and I'm glad that we've got a sharpening option built into the game, but it can affect FPS, as you can see here with a significant jump in fps from just turning it off, so we need a better alternative before we look into my alternative method, which is not Nvidia filters, by the way, if that's what you were thinking, but actually something else you need to do in your game to disable Fidelity FX cast.

The whole thing is going to look blurry, but don't worry; we'll have it fixed up nice and good soon.

How to get free cod points!

best warzone 2 settings

Before we jump into the thicker bit, my partner Loot Boy might just have the right loot pack for you. What's lootball? you ask. Well, Loot Boy is one of the best ways to get your hands on COD points from their premium loot packs.

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best warzone 2 settings for low end pc

You could earn anywhere between 513,000 and COD points. Let's see if we can get lucky. Let's buy them now. So pack number one, let's open it up. Four full games and a thousand loot coins Next one, actually two thousand coins, this time a mobile game, and three more PC games We'll fast-forward now, and I'll show you the cool stuff that I get.

Hey there, here we go! Ten dollars' worth of COB points literally come from one pack of this game. Embers is actually meant to be really fun as a co-op game, so I just got that as part of a pack as well, and that's pretty awesome. Tools up! That's another really fun co-op game that I've actually wanted to play with my friends for quite a while, so we got ten dollars' worth of COD points and then we got a bunch of games overall totaling 186 dollars' worth.

As you can see, the gold cards from the packs are full-steam games or steam credits, so that's absolutely awesome. With every bundle of 10 loop hacks you purchase, you'll also automatically get the black market bonus, a loot pack containing a cheat. Chips you can exchange for a prize of your choice at the loot boy Black Market Blue Boy also features the free chat radar to find new friends and teammates for Warzone 2. You're just going to head to the redeem code area in the app after you've signed up to get yourself started, which is a very important point before we jump into setting up the sharpening with the Nvidia settings.

Recommended nvidia driver (useful, not required)

Recommended nvidia driver (useful, not required)

The current recommended Nvidia driver, which is from Activision themselves, in the PC requirements for Warzone 2 on this website is 526.86.

That's what I'm currently doing, although it's not 100% necessary. If you go and get the driver, you'll be able to follow along with this and actually do all the sharpening without it.

Show hidden sharpen setting

The sharpening setting we're going to be enabling for Warzone 2 This is actually a legacy Nvidia setting that used to be in the Nvidia control panel by default but got removed in a fairly recent GPU driver update.

To access the Nvidia control panel, just right-click on your desktop and then go to "Nvidia Control Panel." It will open up, go to the Manage 3D Settings area, and there'll be this setting called "Image Scaling." This is not a very useful setting to change; we want to get back an old option called "Image Sharpening," which got removed, and luckily with a small bit of registry editing, we can get that back.

Close the Nvidia control panel, Go to your search bar and type in "reg edit." This will give you access to the registry editor. Open this up; it can look a bit daunting. It can feel like I don't want to change anything in here; it feels like it's going to break anything. Don't worry; nothing can break in here as long as you follow along with what I tell you to do.

You can either hopefully copy it up here, or it will take you to the right area. If not, you just start from the root folder up here and you click through the folders eventually to get to this one, which we're in now, which is where we're going to be changing the setting from within this folder, we've got all of these different d words, which you can change the value of the one we're looking for is enable gr, 535.

Simply double-click on this, and the value data will be set to one. All you need to do is set this to zero click.

Enable image sharpening in nvidia control panel

Enable image sharpening in nvidia control panel

OK, you'll see it's now set to zero over here, and then you just click the x button and you're done with registry editing if you've done it correctly when we reopen the Nvidia control panel we should now see image sharpening in the global settings rather than image scaling. Hopefully you can see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022; if not, click Add; it might be on your Recently Used list, you can sort by A to Z, or you can go to Browse and find the exe and add it in manually any of those ways.

Once it's on your list and you've got it selected here, you're going to select image sharpening, click where it says off, and then click on the default settings of 0.5 sharpening and 0.17 ignore film grain.

Fix graphics bug (don't skip this!)

Fix graphics bug (don't skip this!)

Now it would be awesome if that's all we needed to do, but what you'll find is that if you jump back into the game and go to one of the lobbies or even try and jump into a game, there'll be a ton of weird graphical bugs happening with your game. This is because the setting that we just changed is a kind of driver shader level, and it causes these weird bugs with Warzone 2.

However, it's very easy to fix. Make sure the game is closed, and then you're going to need to navigate to wherever you've got Warzone 2 installed. The simple way to do that on Steam is to right-click on the game, go to properties, then go to local files, and then click browse. If you're on Battlenet then there'll be a similar option that you can use to get to where you've got it installed, but I don't have it installed there so I can't show you that once you're in here, go to the Shader cache folder.

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